Monday, January 26, 2009

Ch. 35

As a pleasant surprise, the guys decided to take the ladies through town on their bikes.

While Richie and Jon came roaring up Jon’s driveway with Harley Davidson’s in tow, Kendall squealed with joy. Trina, however, glared at the motorcycles appearing white as a sheet.

Richie got off his bike and walked towards the two ladies. Bewildered, Trina stared at Jon for several seconds.

“Ready to tour New Jersey right?” Richie asked.

Kendall jumped off the walkway to look at the bikes. “Definitely! These are beautiful!”

Kendall circled around the bikes, admiring their craftsmanship.

“I don’t know anything about them, but they’re beautiful Jon and Richie.” She told the both of them.
“Trina, come see. They’re gorgeous.” Kendall continued waving her friend over to Jon’s bike.

Jon sensed Trina’s hesitation and wondered if she had been on a bike before. She looked at him with both caution and pure nerves.

Trina shook her head. Weakly she replied, “No, that’s okay.”

Kendall and Richie appeared surprised.

‘No? Why? ” They both asked her.

Trina shook her head.

“It’s not my scene. They’re beautiful, but it’s not me. Tell you what, I’ll meet you guys there in a little bit okay?”

“Huh? Since when isn’t a motorcycle not your scene?” Kendall asked.

Richie looked over at Jon who was busily scribbling on a piece of paper. He passed it to Richie, who after several seconds began to laugh loudly.

“What did he say?” Kendall asked.

Richie looked at the note to laugh again.
The note read; ‘It’s not her scene because she’s never ridden on one.’

Trina narrowed her eyes at Jon and Richie who were snickering.

“Maybe I don’t like them. Maybe I think they‘re too dangerous. ” She replied.

Jon rolled his eyes as he scratched something else in the notebook. He again passed it along to Richie.

It read; ‘How can you dislike something you’ve never tried? Why are you acting like this?’

Richie passed the notebook back to him.

“Like what?” Trina said.

Jon wrote and passed the notebook to Richie. The note read;
‘You’re never scared. I’ve never seen you back down from anything. Why now?’

Jon looked at her with a peculiar look on his face. He couldn’t figure her out right now. It was hot, they all convinced him to go. He was now getting aggravated. All he wanted to do like Richie and Kendall was to go to the beach.

Trina sighed. She never seen Jon look at her like that.

Richie felt like he was in the middle. He gave Jon back the notebook. Jon wrote for minute and passed it back to Richie. Richie read the note.

You’re not afraid of the bike are you? Just who’s on the bike. Am I right?’

Richie turned to him. Jon arched an eyebrow. He mouthed the words.


Kendall, who normally would side with Trina regardless of the outcome, nodded her head in agreement.

Trina looked at the three of them defiantly.

“That’s not true!” She whined.

“Yes it is.” Kendall said. “C’mon Trina, it’s hot let's just go honey." Kendall continued.

Jon by then had written on the notebook in large letters that he held up.

The note read; ‘Prove it!’

Trina had to second guess herself for a second.

‘Was he right? I’m not afraid of him… Am I? Maybe I really don’t care for motorcycles… Dear God what an ego he has... Unreal!' She thought as she stomped over to his bike and took the extra helmet from Jon that he was now holding.

“Afraid? Please... Let’s go.” She told him putting on the helmet.

“I can’t wait till we can burn that freakin notebook.” She mumbled to him.

Kendall and Richie snickered as they watched Trina sit behind Jon on the bike.

“Are you done?” Jon whispered.

“You shouldn’t be whispering and for now, yes. I can’t believe you think I’m afraid of going on a bike because of you. You can be such a pompass ass sometimes.” she told him.

Jon laughed. “So this is how it is between us now?.”

“Oh shut up! You know it isn’t.” she told him

Jon laughed. “You and I are going to have so much fun.” He said hoarsely.

Trina rolled her eyes. “I’m so telling Juanita that you’re talking and then you’ll be pissed because the doctors will make you shut up for another few weeks and then bye-bye Giants.” She teased him.

Jon let out a huge laugh. He couldn’t believe how attractive she was when she was mad at him.

She doesn’t care who I am. She called me an ass and didn’t blink. Anyone else would have either not said anything or agreed with me. I really think she's the one.‘ He thought.

“Blah, blah, blah.” Jon snickered.

Richie and Kendall now fed up, were waiting on Richie’s bike. The two were stunned at their best friends‘ behavior.

“Are we finally ready to go?” Richie asked.

Jon looked at Trina who nodded yes. Jon rolled his eyes and nodded at Richie. He put on his helmet.

“Thank god! Let‘s ride.” Richie said putting on his helmet.

Minutes later the two bikes sped off down the driveway and began its journey towards the beach.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ch. 34

As the ladies prepared for their day at the beach, Trina couldn’t contain her excitement over her best friend being at her side again.

Ever so sarcastic as she exited the bathroom wearing shorts and a t-shirt, Kendall asked her friend, “Is that grin going to ever leave your face?”

Trina replied “No.“ as she covered up the black bikini she was wearing with the jeans and t-shirt she had on from earlier in the morning.

Trina continued. “I’ve missed you and I’m enjoying every minute of this. By the way, thanks for bringing my suit.”

Kendall smiled. “You’re welcome sweetie.”

All of the suspense regarding Jon and Kendall’s conversation was killing Trina. She knew him, she knew Kendall. Something had to have happened.
‘She better spill and now! I know she opened her mouth.’

“Okay Kendall spill.” Trina commanded.

Kendall, feigning innocence, looked over at her friend, smiled and placed a small bottle of suntan lotion in her bag.

“Spill what?”

Trina rolled her eyes.’ Is she kidding me?’ Trina thought.

“What happened downstairs? Was he nice, shitty? Both?”

Kendall walked over to the bed. She snickered as she sat down. She loved keeping Trina in suspense for as long as she could, but also knew when Trina found out, she’d be less than thrilled.

‘Better keep this going for a second longer. She’s going to hit the freaking ceiling when I tell her.’ Kendall thought.

She shrugged her shoulders and looked at Trina once more. No more torture.
“He was great.” Kendall said

“Yeah?” Trina asked.

Kendall nodded. “Yes, I really like him. He’s all right.”

Trina was relieved. “Oh good. I thought there would be World War III.”

Kendall laughed. “Nah. But I did tell him that I didn’t like how he treated you.”

The color quickly went from Trina’s face. “You didn’t?”

Kendall said. “Hell yeah. I told him that he wasn’t continue to do this to you when I’m here. ”

Trina’s eyes narrowed. “I knew you’d say something to him. You couldn’t stop could you.”

Kendall nodded. “Nope. Because if it were me. You’d be doing the same thing.”

Trina sighed. Kendall looked at her for a second. Recognized the glance and rolled her eyes.

‘I knew it.
’ she thought.

“I guess we’re even huh?”

“I guess so.” Trina said.

Kendall told her “Sambora’s a crazy one but yet he‘s also so-”

“Calm.” Trina interjected. “His loyalty to Jon impresses me everyday. They‘re brothers. You can see how close they are on the road. I swear they can finish the other one's sentences if you let the two of them talk long enough. ”

“Richie told me that he, Jon and Dave were all born in the same hospital by the same doctor. Did you know that?” Kendall asked.

Trina laughed. “No, but it explains a lot. That group is loyal to a fault with one another. Even as pissed as they were with Jon before his voice went, they couldn’t help along with myself to protect him.”

Kendall nodded her head in agreement. “I got that from our talk. He’d protect Richie and the other members the same way if the roles were reversed. I’m positive of it. ”

Trina smiled in agreement. “He definitely would. ”

“He cares about you lot Trina. Richie told me once that doesn’t go into things lightly. When he’s in a relationship, he’ll either jump in with both feet or not at all.”

Trina looked down at the floor nervously. “So, I’ve realized. Before you got here, one minute I’m thanking him for giving you a job and the next minute, the two of us are making out and all I have on is a fucking towel!”

Kendall began to laugh. “Oh my God! So that’s what Juanita was talking about.”

Trina looked at her blankly. “Huh?”

“She was doing everything she could to embarrass Jon.” Kendall began to laugh. She was happy for her friend.
“Oh my God. Good for you!” She squealed.

“For the record, he’s a good kisser. He apologized to me for all of that stuff before you got here. ” Trina replied.

Kendall was so excited for her friend. It had been so long since Trina had been in a relationship.
For years, Trina had focused a great deal of her time on getting her reporting career started. In fact, she was so focused that Kendall wondered if Trina had forgotten what it was like just to have fun with someone… No questions, no story, no research. Just fun.

“So?-” Kendall asked

“So what?”

“What happens now?”

“Take it one day at a time. We hang at the beach, we have a good time I guess. Before we go, I have to call in some edits for my Skid Row story, but after that, it’s day by day. ”

Kendall grinned. “Good for you! Good for him!”

Trina looked hesitant. “ I don’t know, but after this I don’t know if I can go back. None of this is like me to-”

“And that’s the best part. Because none of this is anything that you’ve done before. Go for it! Have fun. Have fun with him. He’s a cool guy. A cool guy that happens to be a rock star for a living. It’s clear you like him for him. And he’s likes you for you. Enjoy. ”

“I could say the same for you and Rich.” Trina told her.

“I don’t know what’s going on there. I love talking to him. We have a lot in common, and he’s funnier than hell. If something else is there, well then okay; if not, then that’s okay too.”

Trina looked concerned at her friend.
“It is? You’re not worried about Ally?

“He says he’s done with her. So I don’t know. We’re not in a relationship so it’s not like I can tell him to stop seeing and talking to the bitch you know?”

Trina nodded. “True.”

Kendall shrugged her shoulders as she let her hair down from its ponytail.

“Oh Trina, what are we going to do? I think these men are going to drive us crazy.”

Trina laughed. “I have no idea.”

“No idea about what?” Richie said walking into Trina’s room. Jon was behind him.

“I love how you and Jon never knock. What if Ken or I were naked?” Trina asked.

“Then there’d be no beach. I think the party would stay right here.” Richie quipped. Jon winked at her.

Kendall laughed. Trina got up and got their beach bag. She gave hers to Jon to hold.

“It figures. Why am I not surprised?” Trina teased.

“Why not?” Richie asked.

“Two beautiful women… drinks… beach…. sun…drinks.” he continued.

Jon laughed. He mouth the words. “So true.”

“Someone’s feeling better.” Kendall joked.

“Yeah right.” Trina said.

Kendall, Jon and Richie walked towards the door.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. I have to call my bosses for my Skid Row story.” Trina said.

“Well hurry up. Time is wasting darlin.” Richie said

Trina picked up the phone and called her bosses about the story.

Jon decided to wait with her as she finished .He watched her go over edit after edit.
She was talented and efficient. As quickly as she had dialed the phone, the editing session was over. He was blown away by her.

She turned to him and replied. “All done.”

Jon smiled. He brushed his lips softly on the top of her forehead. She couldn‘t help but to smile warmly at him.

She had no idea where the two of them were going, but she was certainly going to enjoy the ride.