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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ch. 33

Trina, now fully dressed in a very casual t-shirt and shorts, paced her bedroom in hopes of hearing how things were going between Jon and Kendall.

‘Dear God, she’s going to let have him have it.’
She thought.

She continued to race through the bedroom feverishly.
‘I don’t want her too. He and I are fine now. More than fine…Geez, what the hell is taking them so long?…One of you? …Both of you?… Hello?'

Trina’s concerns about Kendall combined with happened between she and Jon earlier this morning made her a nervous wreck.

So preoccupied that she didn’t even hear Richie knock or open the door.

“Hey darlin‘, what’s up?” Richie said.

Trina ran over squealing as she leapt into his arms.

“Oh my God Richie!”

He let out a huge belly laugh.

“Hey, guess you heard about Miss Kendall?”

Trina was beaming. She let him go and began to pace the floors once again.

“How’s it going downstairs?”

Richie beamed. “I’m sure it’s fine. Kendall can hold her own. Not like I have to tell you that.”

Trina laughed. “True.”

“She’s a great lady.” Richie said.

Trina eyes widened. “That she is. She’s always been there for me. Ever since we were little, whenever we needed one another. When it mattered, the two of us would stop whatever we were doing to help out the other. That's just how we are.”

Richie nodded his head in agreement.
“Like Jon and I.”

Trina shook her head.
“Very much so. By the way, he and I are fine. We talked last night.”

“Good. I’m glad. Maybe now he can concentrate on healing up that voice so that we get can back on the road.”

Trina nodded. “I hope so. I guess he’s got a few more days of this and then he gets another check-up, followed by voice therapy if all goes well at the doctor’s.”

“He looks so much better. Rested.” Richie chimed.

“He’s getting plenty of that. Juanita’s made sure of it.” Trina said.

“Poor thing. He must be driving her nuts.” Richie said.

Trina snickered. “I could have sworn I caught her drinking the other day.”

Richie laughed. “She’s been known to take a swig or two when things get crazy.”

“She’s a sweetheart. I think she needs me here more than he does.”

“I don’t know…He cares about you darlin'. Very much. The things he does for people he loves are immeasurable. It’s when things are over that he’s done with you.”

Trina looked concerned at him. Richie continued.

“I don’t mean to scare you Trina because I think there’s something real going on between the two of you. I’ve seen it. Especially with what he did to get Kendall here. I’m just saying to take things one day at a time. The two of you are both intense people. Don’t push or pressure him. Do exactly what you’re doing now for him.”

“I’d say the same to you with Kendall, but would also add, listen to her because she’s wise beyond her years. Have fun, but above all, treat her well. She didn’t have it easy growing up. My family back home is like her adoptive family. I think of her more like a sister than my best friend.” Trina said.

Richie gave Trina a serious look. Trina replied.
“I would tell you, but I’d prefer to let her tell you. It‘s her story to tell.”

Richie nodded.“Okay.”

The two didn’t hear Kendall and Jon walk in the room.

“What’s all this heavy talk?” Kendall said.

Trina went over and hugged her. Jon and Richie chuckled.

“Nothing. Richie and I were just-” Trina said. Richie interrupted.

“Talking. About absolutely nothing.” He told Kendall warmly.

“Good because I want to change and go out.” said Kendall.

Trina looked at her watch. “It’s late morning.”

“So? I’m sure these guys know of some places to go. I want to celebrate my new job.” Kendall whined.

“Dear God. Let’s go. She’s sounds like a freakin' puppy.” Trina joked.

Richie snickered.
“Nice day out. Up to going to the beach?

Trina looked at Jon. Suddenly the color from his face was gone. She walked over to him.

“What’s wrong?”

He held her hand. He mouthed the words. “Voice… People.”

Trina dismissed the thought. “Oh that? No worries. I think Richie, Kendall and I can cover for you.”

Jon shrugged “Huh?” he said.
Trina and Kendall looked at one another and smiled. Both ladies replied together.
Anticipating the worst, Jon rolled his eyes. He couldn't help but to wonder how this day would wind up.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ch. 32

Excited about seeing her best friend, Trina sprung out of bed.

As she lay in her bed, the clock's red numbers flashed 9 a.m Before she went into the shower, she went over the day's schedule.

Pay some bills… Call editors for some last minute edits on Skid Row story…Lunch with Kendall…’ She thought as she got up and went into the bathroom.

‘Wait a minute…Why didn’t Jon tell me that he was hiring Kendall? Who else knew? How long did they know? ’

As Trina showered, her natural curiosity couldn’t help but overwhelm her with different thoughts and feelings she was having for Jon.
How did people manage to keep that secret from me? I‘m the one who usually does stuff like this. Didn‘t they know I‘d be over the moon for Kendall. God, I missed her. I can‘t believe he did this for me. What do say? What do I do? Man, I have so much to tell her.’

As the last of the soap suds went down the drain, Trina quickly grabbed a towel from the shelf and wrapped it around herself.

Scanning the bathroom for her lotion, she realized she had left it on her nightstand, as she walked into the bedroom there stood Jon holding the lotion in his hand.

Seeing him there at first startled Trina half way back into the bathroom. Jon snickered.
“Oh my God!” She told him as she walked by him grabbing the lotion.

“Geez Jon every hear of knocking?" She asked him sarcastically.

He shook his head “No.” Trina rolled her eyes. She smiled as she walked over to the foot of the bed and sat down.

“So what brings you up here this morning?”

He passed her a piece of paper. It read, 'I have a surprise for you.’

Trina smiled at him as she began to put the lotion on her legs.
“If it’s about Kendall, I already know. Thank you.”

Jon watched her continued to put the lotion on her legs.

‘She’s got great legs.
’ he thought. ‘Wait a minute. Why isn’t she flipping out about me seeing her in wrapped in only a towel?’

Trina looked at him and continued to smile.

‘How did she know about Kendall? Did Richie tell her? Paul? Kendall? It was going to be a surprise…’

Confused, he looked at her with a blank stare.

Trina laughed. “I supposed you’re wondering how I found out? Kendall told me yesterday to cheer me up. I was feeling little homesick combined with a touch a writer’s block.”

“And me.” He mouthed.

Trina signed. “No. Not upset at you. I was feeling frustrated and helpless because none of us could help take your condition away. I needed a perk and she delivered like she can only do.”

Jon leaned against the bathroom door and grinned. He mouthed word “Happy?”

Trina leapt off the bed and into his arms.
“Happy? Very! Thank you Jon. Kendall’s so talented. You won’t regret it. She’s a CPA you know. She really smart. I did say she was talented right?”

Jon began to laugh.
He nodded his head ’Yes.’

Trina hugged him. Her blue eyes danced with joy as she looked him. It then hit him…

‘She was it. No fling. No fuzz. The real deal. That's all it took. Not a ring, not clothes or money, just being around her friend. Her excitement is so electric that I can feel it. Dear God there is no turning back.’

Without thought, his lips gently brushed hers. The last time she hesitated and pulled away from him. This time, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

His hands instinctively went around her waist, secretly taunting the towel to come off.

Their lips continued to welcome each other for several minutes. Each one enjoying the long awaited taste of the other. They became unaware of everything around him. So much so that the two of them never even heard Juanita yelling down the hall telling them that Kendall was here.

Wondering where Jon was, Juanita decided to knock on Trina’s door and let her know that her best friend was here.

“Trina darlin? Trina?” Juanita yelled opening the door.
Her eyes widened as she saw Trina wrapped in a towel with her arms wrapped around Jon.

Jolting the two of them out of their unison, both turned towards Juanita looking surprised.

Juanita gave the two of them a devilish grin.
“Ahem, sorry to interrupt, but Jon your 9 a.m. appointment is here.”

Jon turned to Trina wiping a strand of her damp hair away from her face. Trina smiled.

“Better not leave Kendall waiting. She hates when people are late." She told him softly.

He nodded. Even though he was happy Kendall was joining his staff, he didn’t want to leave Trina. Not now. Not ever. His fingers ached as he gradually pulled himself away from her.
Jon mouthed the word. “Okay.” Slowly, he walked towards the door. Juanita followed.

‘I don’t want to leave. All I want to do is Stay. Stay with you.’ he thought.

He glanced at her once more as she sat on the side of the bed and waved to him.

The minute he and Juanita left, Trina fell backwards on the bed. She was stunned as went over the last several minutes in her mind.

‘What the hell just happened? I’m supposed to be focusing… What am I doing?’

Jon walked quickly down the hall. Juanita followed behind him, all the while attempting to grab his attention to what she just saw.

“Jonny.” She said.

Jon let Trina’s words infuse his system. He would not let her down, he couldn’t hear anything else. He’d do whatever she wanted. She was all he cared about right now.

“Jonny!” Juanita stopping dead in the hallway.

Startled back into reality, Jon turned towards her. He shrugged his shoulders. He mouthed the words. “What?”

“Mind telling me what was going in there?” Juanita asked.
A devilish grin peered at Juanita. He mouthed the word. "No."

Jon winked at her as the two of them waltzed into his office. Waiting nervously for them was Kendall, who looked quite professional wearing a pink skirt with matching jacket. Her blonde hair swept in a ponytail framed her face perfectly.

On her other side was Richie who seemed just as nervous as Kendall.

Jon smiled warmly at Kendall as he down at his desk across from her.

“Hi Jon.” Kendall smiled. Jon wrote in his notebook for a minute and passed it to her

He wrote, ‘Don’t be nervous. I just want to talk you before you start.

Kendall passed the book back to him.
“Okay.” she said.
Jon looked at Richie and Juanita oddly. Curious as to what his glance was about the two of them couldn’t help but to ask “What? “ at the same time.

Jon wrote one word in large letters in the notebook. He smiled as he popped it up so that the two of them could see it plainly.

He wrote, 'Scram!'

Richie’s smile turned grim. Juanita rolled her eyes.
“What?” Richie asked. Jon simply pointed at the sign and grinned even longer.

“Why are you surprised? At least we don’t have to see him write another novel about the inner workings of Bon Jovi and how we’re a family and don’t talk to anyone that is not a part of the family.” Juanita quipped.

Jon rolled his eyes and wrote in his notebook for a minute. He passed it to Juanita. His note read,
Don’t you have something to do?’ he quipped.
Juanita propped down the notebook.
“Well, obviously you were a little too preoccupied with your houseguest for me to do my job which is following you everywhere.” She teased.

Kendall and Richie’s eyes widened.
“What is she talking about?” asked Kendall

Jon shot a sheepish look at Juanita. He could feel his heart nearly beating out of his chest and his face feeling flushed. Juanita laughed.

“I have done my job. Now I’ll go.” She said walking out.
Richie brows lifted. He was now curious as to what Juanita was talking about.
“What is she talking about?”
Jon waved goodbye to his friend. Richie rolled his eyes.
“Guess that’s an I’ll know later?” Richie asked

Jon nodded yes.

Meanwhile Kendall couldn’t help like Richie to be curious over Juanita’s words.

Before Richie left, he turned to Kendall.
“You’re in good hands. This will all be fine.” he reassured his softly.

“Thanks Rich.” She told him as Richie exited the room.

For several minutes Kendall watched as Jon wrote into the spiral notebook. He passed it to her and smiled.
She picked it up and began to read it. He wrote,
‘So glad that you’re coming to work here. Trina thinks the world of you. I understand that you’re a very talented person. I can’t wait to see what you can do for us.’

Kendall smiled slyly as she gave him back the notebook. “Thanks Jon. I appreciate this opportunity.”

Jon quickly wrote in the notebook and passed it back to her.
It read, ‘She’s happy you’re here. She knows.’

“I told her because she was upset over how she was being treated by you and also because she was missing home.” Kendall told him.

Jon looked at her blankly.
Kendall smiled warmly at him.
“Jon, I’m not going to try to think that I understand one ounce of what you’re going through. But regardless of this, Trina’s my friend, my very best friend. I think that’s its evident that she, Richie and everyone here cares about you.”

Jon nodded. He mouthed. “I know.”

“I decided to take to job also to make sure that she’s no longer hurting because of you.”

Jon looked strangely at her, scribbled quickly in the notebook and passed it to her. He wrote,
'That's the only reason?'

She looked at him. He looked at her with a uncomfortable grin on his face.

“Ha! Ha!” she joked
Jon laughed. He wrote for a second passed it to her.
He wrote, ‘I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her Kendall. I care about her very much. I wouldn’t have fired my accountant after finding out you were a CPA if I didn’t care about her.’

Kendall eyes widened as she passed the notebook back to him.

“You did what?” she asked.

Jon shook his head. He began to write in the notebook again. He passed it back to her.
He wrote, ‘He was bitching about life on the road. He was never the touring type anyways. To boot, it looks like he made some big mistakes. I did him a favor.'

“Oh.” Kendall said.
He winked at her.

He wrote for another minute and gave it back to her. The note read; “She and I are fine. We talked. Everything is okay between us.”

“Good.” she said as she passed the notebook to him.

He wrote quickly and passed it back to her. Jon wrote, 'Now you can go after Sambora and get the bitch Ally out his life.'
Kendall laughed as she passed it back.
“I’m here to work, but you’re all right Bongiovi. Just promise me you won’t hurt Trina.”
Jon nodded as he wrote, ‘I promise. Now you promise not to hurt Richie and we’re even.’

“Even!” she said getting up shaking his hand.
Jon wrote in the notebook ‘Welcome to the family.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ch 31

Richie was at his home in Point Pleasant, New Jersey when the phone rang.
Since his relationship with Ally was over, he had some time to relax and recharge a bit.
He didn’t realize just how tired he has been from the constant schedule.
Mentally, all he knew how to do was play, rehearse, travel, sleep. Over and over again. Day after day, venue after venue.
As much as he loved performing, he realized that he was losing a part of himself in this process.
He missed his old friends and family. He decided that during this break besides gearing up for his own solo tryout with Mercury Records, he was going to entertain his friends.A lot.
Half in slumber and half buzzed from an afternoon filled with drinking margaritas to eventually plain tequila, he continued to let the phone ring as he lay in bed.
‘Who the hell is that?’ He thought as he tried to ignore the phone.
The young blonde laying next to him was becoming irritated at the phone’s consistent ringing.
Annoyed, she sat up and tugged at Richie.

“Baby, aren’t you going to get that?” She asked.

Groggily, he glanced at the phone and shook his head. ‘No.”

The blonde continued to look at the phone.

“Rich, c’mon now. You don’t want me to get it do you?” she teased.

Knowing how this person was. Richie jumped up, he slowly began to look at the phone and gather his thoughts. Several seconds went by when he decided to pick up the phone receiver.

“Hello?” He asked.

“Richie? Hey it’s Kendall.”

Richie suddenly jumped out of the bed and walked towards the window.

“Hey Ken. How are you.”
He now was wide awake.

“Good. Just wanted to let you know that Trin knows.”

Richie was trying to gain his thoughts together. He didn’t remember what Kendall was talking about.

“Knows what?”

Kendall began to laugh.
“She knows about the job silly.”

Richie now sat on the side of the bed wiping his eyes. He loved her voice, her laughter. The more she laughed, the more it soothed him, as he relaxed, his mind went back to the surprise Jon, Richie and Kendall had in store for Trina. He began to laugh.

‘I can’t believe I forgot that so fast.
’ he thought.

“I take it she’s happy?” Richie teased.

Kendall giggled. “To say the least.”

Richie snickered. “I’m happy for both of you. You’re a talented lady. I can’t wait to see you.” Richie said to her softly.

“Aww. Me too. By the way, thank you for telling me she was in Jersey. Was wondering why she hadn’t come home after hearing the news reports.”

Richie looked at the receiver. He couldn’t help but smile. He was oblivious to the person next to him. All he could think of was Kendall. He couldn’t wait to see her, talk to her, be with her.
The two had become very close since Trina took the reporting job.
Both loved their friends very much, but also found that they had a mutual love of music, family, movies.
Kendall coming to join the three of them would only make things better for Trina, but also make things better for Jon and better for him.

“No problem.” Richie said softly.

“I’ll be in Jersey around 8:30. I have to meet him around 9.”

“I told him I’d be there. You know as the ‘official notebook passer.’ ” Richie joked.

Kendall let out a huge belly laugh.
“Dear God, he’s driving Trina insane Rich.”

“Think about what he’s doing to himself. I don’t know if I could handle it.” Richie said.

“He’s a strong guy. He’ll get through this.” she told him.

“Sure he will and we’re all helping him even though he’s probably driving Trina and Juanita to drink every night.” Richie said.

“Yeah. You’re right. Better get going. Talk to you tomorrow.” Kendall said.

“See ya darlin.” Richie said hanging up the phone.

Angered that she had been ignored, the blonde walked over and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Who was that?” She asked.

“Not you.” he told her.

She looked at him strangely.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Like I said. Not you. None of your business.” he said.

Sadly, she looked at him as she tried to touch his shoulders, he brushed it away in guilt.

Knowing that her dreams of a future of him were disappearing as quickly as she met him, the girl got up, picked up her things and began to walk out of the room.

“She must mean something to you for you to turn on me as fast as you did.”
“She is.” Richie mumbled. “She is.”

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ch. 30

The next morning, Trina sat in her bedroom, working on some upcoming stories she had been assigned during Bon Jovi’s “hiatus.”

Stuck on a point she wanted to make while researching the band Skid Row, Trina got a call from Kendall.

“Thank god you called. I’ve got writer’s block.” Trina told her.

Kendall laughed at the receiver while also attempting to be busy at work.
“Good, so are you coming home soon?” She asked her best friend.

“Nope. I’m here in Jersey.”

Kendall gave the receiver a curious look, she then put it back up to her ear. Kendall had been talking a lot to Richie lately. She knew full well that Trina was in New Jersey. Concerned for her friend, she had to ask Trina for herself.

‘Why? Why go through all the trouble. For him? You barely know him?’

Trina told her about what happened over the last few days and Kendall acted surprised.
It still didn’t answer her question. ‘Why?’ She thought.

“So, now you’re staying with him?” Kendall asked her.

“Yes. Thank god I did. Jon’s driving Juanita crazy. He’s going stir crazy and to be honest, I think that I would going nuts if I were at home wondering how everyone was doing here.”

Kendall laughed. “I can only imagine. Is he trying to do other things?”

“I don’t know.” Trina replied shrugging her shoulders. “I saw Obie here earlier. I tried to tell Jon the other day and so did Obie, but-”

Kendall took a deep breath.

“I’m sure it’s hard for him. Working so hard on something that could be potentially taken away from you so easily…”

Trina interrupted. “And know part of it’s your fault. Why? Because he wanted to please everyone. Forget about himself.”

“To be a rock star…” quipped Kendall.

“He’s just grappling and juggling. Trying to hold things together. Ya know?” Trina told her.

“I know you’re helping him. Knowing you like I do.”

“I tried. Apparently my suggestions appeared to be too much for him to handle. Juanita though seems to think I got through to him.”

“I remember from reading one of your stories that he likes to have his hands in everything.” Kendall said.

“True.” Trina said.

“Don’t you think you guys pissed him off a little when you took whatever control he had away from him?” Kendall added.

Trina sat at the table in office. She looked at the blank sheet of paper in front of her.

'Maybe, but he would have been a lot worse to us if he didn’t want our help at all…Right?” she thought.

“Nah, he would have been even more angry than he was. At least I think so.” Trina told her best friend.

“You sure? And you coming up with a plan to cover everything up. Again it was something that he had no control of. Think about it sweetie?” Kendall told her.

Trina sighed. “I was only trying to help…”

Kendall reassured her. “Oh honey, I’m sure you were as everyone else was. Just give him time to let everything sink in for a bit and go from there.”

“You’re right.” Trina said. “Maybe he needs time. Kendall began to smile.

“Okay, on a happier note. I was talking to Richie and-”

Trina interrupted. “Ahem. Really?” Trina joked.

Kendall felt her face run hot. She turned around to see if her co-workers could sense her embarassment on her fair skin.

‘Phew. No one is paying attention to me. Good.’ She thought.

“Yes. Anyway, Rich told me that one of the band’s accountants recently left so there’s a um…position for me if I’m interested.”

Trina screamed.

“Oh my God!! Seriously?”

Kendall laughed out loud. “Yes. In fact, I have to speak with Jon for final approval and Paul’s already spoken to me about the position as well.”

Trina was surprised at all of this going on without her knowledge.

“Whoa, wait a minute. When did you talk to Paul?”

“He came to Philly before he left for home. I actually knew about what happened to Jon. Richie was devastated and needed a friend so I listened. He told me you were there and understandably bummed out. Then this position came up. It was all supposed to be a surprise but I wanted to give you the news now.” Kendall said.

Trina was beyond excited. She missed her friend terribly. They had always been there for each other good and bad. This would be no exception.

“This is so great. You’re a CPA. It’s so perfect!” She squealed.

“Finally, I’m able to use my CPA’s license for something and not wait for someone to either kick the bucket or retire around here.” Kendall whispered to her as one of co-workers walked past her desk.

Tears of joy welled up in Trina. If there was any other time she needed her, now was it.

“So when are you coming to see Jon?”

Kendall looked at the receiver calmly. “Tomorrow.” she replied.

Trina squealed again. This time so hard that Kendall had to take the receiver from her ear.

“Yeah. I thought you’d like that.” Kendall joked.

“Okay honey. Let me finish up here so that I can get out of here early.”

“Okay Kendall. See you tomorrow.” Trina said.

“Absolutely. Please, try to talk to him. Okay? Please. Be there for him.” Kendall said to her.

“I’ll try Ken. See you.” Trina said hanging up the phone.

During Trina and Kendall’s phone conversation, Jon had quickly slipped in and out of her room.

He had heard some of the conversation Trina had with Kendall. He realized that he did need to apologize for their talk not going so well a couple of nights ago.

He placed the note on her dresser. It was waiting for her as she continued to work through her block, eventually finishing her Skid Row piece.

The note stayed unnoticed on the dresser for a couple of hours as Trina finished out lining up her upcoming stories and speaking to her editors.
It wasn’t until she decided to go downstairs for dinner that she noticed the envelope titled Trina on the front.

The note read:

Trina, the other day when you talked with me about things needed to change, I realized how right you were. Did a great dealing of thinking and noticed that the John Francis Bongiovi that fought and worked hard for what I have is tired and for now a little broken.
Part of me is so upset that you saw me that way. I wanted you to see the fighter that was hungry for that record deal. Just like you were trying out for your position that night in Philly. I loved being with you as you cranked out story. That made us kindred spirits in a way. Thank you for not telling anyone mainly your editors about my voice. I realized that you could have but instead you went above and beyond to protect me. It meant a lot to me. So sorry for how I did and have been acting lately-Jon.'

Trina smiled as she took the letter with her downstairs. As she walked through the hallway, she noticed Jon sitting calmly in his office playing guitar.

Although he couldn’t sing a note, he appeared content playing an unknown song to Trina.

He was entrenched, his long fingers weaved through the chords with ease.

Trina stood at the door until he finished. She clapped.

'God, I hope he meant what he said.' She thought

“Very nice.” Trina said.

Jon nodded. He motioned for her to come in. She came into his office, she was amazed at how large it was.

It was full of pictures. Some were of him and famous people, but most of them were of people she’d never seen before. She presumed they were family photos, but couldn’t help to be curious how each person tied into his life somehow.

‘Wonder where I fit in?
’ She thought.

Jon watched as she continued to look around. She soaked in every picture, every award, platinum record. She stopped at the plaque he got for Slippery When Wet and smiled back at him. He smiled at her. He began to write in the notebook as she sat down across from. As soon he as was done writing, he passed to her.

He wrote: 'I take it you read the letter.'

She passed it back to him.
“Yes, I did. Apologies accepted.” She said.

He began to write again for several minutes. She tried to see what he writing, but couldn’t make out everything. He passed it to her with a deep breath. He wrote:

‘I don’t know where to start. You and Obie have my head spinning over how I was or I used to be. I see myself now with all of this. New house, new cars, new bike and I can’t help but to be proud of what I did.
On the other hand, I feel lost. I can write a song and instantly feel a connection to what I’m writing about. Lately for some reason, I can’t. In fact, I haven’t been able to for awhile now. Just seems lost

She passed the notebook back to him. Looking concerned she pursed her lips.
"You’ll find it again. Sometimes it’s good to leave something and then go back to it. No matter what, eventually it will all come back to you.”

Jon wrote for a bit. He passed the notebook back to her.

'When? And why did I lose it to begin with? Where did it happen?' He wrote.

She passed it back to him and shrugged. Trina replied.
“I don’t know. It’s up to you to find it again. All of us will support you, listen. But we can’t do it for you.”

He wrote for a moment. He passed the book to her.

'Trina, I can’t get rid of Doc. He made me. I tried to scale back as much as possible but people wouldn’t budge. The dates are iron clad.'

Trina passed the notebook to him.

“You’ll be fine. Just don’t talk before shows, after shows. Doc will get you a vocal coach. You’ll be able to do that.” She reassured him.

Jon sighed. He raked his fingers through his hair. He looked bewildered. He shrugged.

“Do you have to solve this today? You have several weeks to figure this all out. No one’s expecting you to fix this all overnight.”

He mouthed the word. ‘Thanks.’

“That’s what friends do.” She said.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ch. 29

Over the next few days, Trina kept a careful distance from Jon.

She acquainted herself with New Jersey life. She learned where the local stores, shopping malls and theatres were.

She loved it. It reminded her of own hometown. Everything was so close to Jon’s home, yet far enough from him to give him the distance right now he so needed.

His home was beautiful. Although sparse because of his ongoing touring schedule, she loved how open and airy the contemporary designed home was.

Juanita was a joy. It was clear that she cared more about Jon the person and not so much Jon the singer. Each day she learned something new about Jon from her.
Fresh from running errands, Trina went into the kitchen. She watched as Juanita took out two cookie sheets of chocolate chip cookies from the oven.

“Mmmm. Smells great in here.” Trina said as she walked into the kitchen.
“Well darlin, you’re just in time. You may want to take a couple of these before you know who realizes they’re here.”

Trina laughed. “Glad to see that he can eat solid food again.”

Juanita laughed. “I thought I’d have to kill a cow they way he ate that steak the other night. By the way, where were you at dinner?” She asked.

Trina sighed as she sat down at the counter. “I didn’t want to impose. I think I pushed it a few days ago when I talked to him.”

Juanita shook her head in disagreement.
“He told me a little bit about that. To be honest, whatever it was, he needed to hear it.” She said as she took a couple of cookies off of the cookie sheet and placed them onto a plate.

His assistant passed the plate to Trina. Trina picked up one of the cookies and took a bite. The cookie was delicious, chewy, rich. She especially loved how the the chocolate chips melted in her mouth.

“Yum!” Trina yelped.

Juanita smiled proudly as she poured her a glass of milk. She placed it next to Trina’s plate.

“Thank you.” Replied Trina as she took another bit of her cookie.

“He’s not God Trina. You didn’t overstep. In order for things to change, he needs to hear every now and then, a no to go with all the yes’ he hears on a daily basis.” Juanita told her.

“I suggested that he change things after the tour. I told him that maybe Doc didn’t have his best interest at heart.” Trina told her looking sad.

“What was wrong with that? Jon’s got to make changes anyway because of his voice. I would have told him that if I had the opportunity.”

Trina took a sip of her milk. “Yeah?” she asked Juanita.

Juanita nodded her head. “Absolutely.”

“So you don’t think he’s mad at me?” Trina asked

Checking to see if the cookies had cooled down a bit, Juanita began to place the cookies in two large glass cookie jars. She turned to Trina.

“Not at all. Trust me, if he wanted you out. He would have told me so. Well, he would have written it.” Juanita snickered.

Trina felt relieved. “Good. I’m worried that if he continues after this tour at the pace he’s going, he’ll do even more damage to his voice.”

“He will. You’re right.” Juanita told her.

“Think he’ll listen?” Trina asked her.

Juanita nodded her head. “Obie and Paul are in Jon’s office with him now. Maybe they're already trying to make changes.”

Trina continued to eat the cookies as Juanita began to clean up in kitchen.

She couldn’t help but wonder what and if was being said to Jon at that moment.


The three men were in Jon’s office attempting to spread out the remaining dates of the Jersey Syndicate as much as possible.

“No one’s budging Jon. Even the European ones.” Paul told him as he continued to look through the itinerary.

Jon pursed his lips in disgust. He was mad that no one would make any changes to the dates.

The fuckers were eager to add them, but now won’t budge. You’d think I’d made a deal with the devil. Shit! How could they not compromise?’ he thought to himself.

He took another long look at the itinerary with Obie and Paul. He shrugged his shoulders, took the pen and notebook from his side and began to write for several seconds. When he was done he passed it to Paul.

He wrote, ‘Nothing we can do. I’ll just have to be careful.’

Paul passed the notebook back to him.

“Now that we’re done with that. How are you feeling?” Obie asked him.

“You look good.” Paul said.

Jon smiled. He wrote in the notebook and passed it to his friend.

Jon wrote, ‘Feel good. Throat hurts every now and then but I feel so much better.’

“Trina keeping you company?” Obie asked.

Jon nodded his head. He mouthed ‘No.’

“What?” Paul and Obie said together.

Jon put up his hands. He began to write in the notebook again for a few seconds. When he was done he passed it to Obie. The message read,

It was my fault. She gave me some advice and I wasn’t that great to her. I wasn’t mean. Just not that receptive.’

“Why?" asked Obie as he gave the notebook back to him.

Jon wrote back to him.

To change things. Scale things back because of my voice.'

Obie laughed.

“Oh you mean like you were just trying to do now?”

Jon smirked at his longtime friend.

“She’s right. Now tell her she’s right and that you’re sorry.” Obie told him.

Jon put his head down on his desk.

Paul got up from his chair.

“Okay, my cue to leave. I’ll come back in a couple of weeks to check up on you. Try to behave will you?”

Jon looked up and nodded. Paul snickered. “These are going to be some fun weeks. See ya later.”

Jon nodded. He shook his head. He began to write in his noteobok to Obie.

Obie looked concerned as he watched him write. Before Jon passed the noteook to him. He took a deep breath.

“What is it?” Obie asked. Jon passed the notebook to him.

She makes me crazy Obie. I want her to be around; but then I hear Ally in my head telling me not to trust her. I feel all of this doubt, but yet she helps all of you with this crap and I’m so grateful. But that little voice in keeps saying. What if? Why is she really doing is?’

Obie rolled his eyes. “She told you. She cares about you. You’re her friend. Ally’s an idiot. Trina could have sent you, me and everyone else up the river. But she didn’t. Why the hell do you care what Ally thinks?”

Obie passed him the notebook. Jon wrote a message and quickly passed it back to him.

Jon wrote, ‘I don’t care about Ally. I just think I’m thinking about this too much lately. You told me to slow down with Trina and all I do now is wonder about how and what she thinks of me.’

Obie laughed as he passed the notebook back to Jon.
“You now have time to tell her what and why you’re feeling this way. You care about her. Tell her that. Sort all of this crap out and see where all of this goes.”

Jon nodded in agreement.

“Do you want her here?” Obie asked.

Jon nodded his head in approval.
Obie got up. He touched the blank sheet of Jon’s notebook that was across from him.
“Then tell her. Enjoy this time. It’s the longest break we’ve had in a long time. Everyone will be fine. You’ve worked so hard that I think you’ve forgotten that there’s more to life than the music business. All of us want you well and if it turns out that makes you a changed person well then so be it. People who know you, want you back. Find that person again. When you do, talk to Trina.”

Jon smiled at him.

“Don’t thank me. Don’t thank me. I love how you have to listen to me now. I’ll be even happier when John Bongiovi comes back because we have cars to build.”

Jon laughed.

“See ya tomorrow.” Obie said as he walked out. Jon looked at the plain sheet of paper.

Okay. What to write, what to write. What am I going to say to her?’ Jon thought as he took his out his pen and began to write.

‘Trina, the other day when you talked with me about things needing to change, I realized how right you were…’

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ch. 28

A few days later, Jon left the hospital with Juanita and Trina in tow.

Although he would listen to the doctors, he couldn’t help but worry about how all of this would end up.

Maybe it’s time to think of things besides music. Obie’s right. What else should I do? What else can I do?’ he asked himself.

In a rare moment for him, he was sitting on the couch of his media room with absolutely nothing to do.

He appeared well-rested as he was back on a regular sleep schedule. The effects from the steroid injections were also beginning to wear off.

Trina who was adjusting to her surroundings in both New Jersey and in Jon’s home, went into the media room where she saw him sitting there with a pad and pen blankly.

“What’s up?” She asked as she sat down next to him.

He shrugged his shoulders. He began to write in the notebook and passed it along to Trina.

He wrote, ‘Absolutely nothing.’

Trina giggled. “Is that bad?” She asked as she passed him back the notebook. He began to write, he looked up at her, sighed and passed her the book.

He wrote, ‘It is when you have people who are out of a job because they depended on me.’

Trina shook her head.

“I know. But if you’re not healthy or can’t sing a note, how are you going to help them?” She retorted as she passed him the book.

He scribbled out something quickly and passed her the book.

Jon wrote, ‘It wasn’t that bad.’

Trina looked at him in disbelief. She shook her as as she passed the notebook back to him.

“You’re kidding right? You hemorrhaged a vocal cord. You nearly killed yourself on those freaking steroid injections. Maybe you’re still feeling the effects from them after hearing that crap just now. ” Trina said giving him back the notebook.

Jon lifted his eyebrows as he began to write in the notebook. He passed it back to her.

It read, ‘I should have taken a couple of days off like the doctor said. But this? A freaking month of not saying anything? Maybe longer?”

Trina took a deep breath in anticipation for the venom that Jon was about to spew when he heard what she was going to say.

“I’m telling you this as a friend Jon, but this is of your own doing. You controlled this. You decided to go on when you weren’t ready. You helped set these dates up.”

Suddenly Jon’s eyes narrowed. His lips were a straight line. He wrote feverisly in the notebook. He passed it to her. In it he wrote;

'Not all of it! You don’t know what you’re talking about!'

“Then tell me. It’s not like we’ve got anything else better to do. I’d like to help you if I can.” She said as she passed the notebook back to him.

He wrote out of a few words and passed the book back to her.

He wrote, ‘You wouldn’t understand.’ Trina passed the notebook back to him.

“I bet you that I would understand.” She reassured him.

She leaned again the couch in an attempt to relax. “Try me.”

Dear God, I’m at the mercy of my employee. She’s not going to back down is she?’ Jon thought. ‘Great... Not like I have anything going on. Might as well just tell her and let her decide on who’s right or wrong.’ Jon thought.

He began to write about his voice problems beginning with the end of the Slippery tour. He had been touring for over a year. A combination of different time zones, lack of sleep and allergies was torture on his voice.

To manage the swelling of his vocal cords, the guys sang the high notes for him and Jon took steroid injections to bring down the swelling.

He continued to write in the notebook as Trina watched the words spill quickly from his pen to the page.

He wrote about how proud he was of the Slippery tour and how both Doc and his record label wanted to capitalize on the band’s success.

All parties agreed that Bon Jovi would release another album after a brief hiatus. At the time, it wasn’t really a problem for Jon and Richie because they had a ton of song writing ideas they wanted to expand on. But to be honest, they were tired. They should have stopped then, but everyone let them go on because it was in everyone’s best interest for them to write and release their current album on time and without a hitch.

As they started to mix the current album, the tour was already being put together. Granted, the tour started two months after the album was released, but Doc warned them that it’d be a long one due to such high public demand. As Trina read that last part she passed the notebook back to him.

She was upset at Doc and the other people around him who appeared to have very little regard for what was best for Jon and the band. They were being treated as a product. Not people. For someone who gave her an opportunity because he understood what it was like to fight for what he wanted; all of this was a lot to absorb.

“Okay I get it. But you could have set the pace. Why all of the dates? Some venues are going to be getting shows three times when we go back on the road.” She asked.

He smiled as he wrote in thte notebook and passed it back to her.

He wrote, ‘Without the fans. I wouldn’t be doing this. I love them just as much as they love us.’

‘I’ll say this again, without your voice or your health. You couldn’t do this for them. I’m sure Doc and others also saw the bottom line in all of this. But they also should have cared more about all of you instead of fattening their wallets.” she said.

Jon looked sadly at the notebook. He wrote for a bit and gave it to her.

Jon wrote, ’Dot was pressuring me too. She’d tell me people are depending on you. We got the house now. The guys all have houses now. Time to stop demanding what you’re going to do and not do and just go to work.”

Trina passed the notebook to him. “Dot fell more in love with the lifestyle than with you. Hell, you gave her designer clothes, jewelry. She rode in limos and flew in private jets. What lady wouldn’t love that? But at the end of the day Jon, if you don’t have the one thing or the things that have made you who you are; then what the hell are you? “ Trina asked him.

Jon looked at her blankly. She was right. He had let things go so far that he had no idea on how to fix it.

“While you’re on “vacation”. Maybe it’s time to think about running things differently after this tour is over. Your voice will need the break.” Trina suggested.

Jon wrote in the notebook. He passed to her.
He wrote, ‘Not so easy. I wouldn’t even know how to to begin. This tour isn’t over for awhile.’

She passed it back to him.

“Okay. Then maybe you need to start thinking about what you’re going to do after your singing career is over because this album/tour, album/tour thing is going to permanently damage your voice and then you’ll be left with memories of what it was like when.” She said getting up from the couch. Trina turned to him.

“Jon, you can either begin to find out who you are now, or continue to just being a part of machine that doesn’t care how sick or how broken you are. Remember the fighter? Think it’s time for him to make a comeback.” Trina said walking out of the media room.

He looked at the notebook. He wrote to himself ‘She’s right. But it’s easier said than done. I couldn’t tell Doc to stop. He’s helped make me and this band what we are. I just can’t turn my back on him.’

He continued to put his thoughts on paper.
No one’s ever told me what she did before besides Obie. Wonder what she thinks is in it for her?' He wrote.

Jon couldn’t help for a split second to think about what Ally had said about how little they knew about Trina.

Then he took a step back.
She could have told her bosses about all of of this and it would have been front and center in the music section. Think Jon….Think!’

Juanita came into the media room with a tray of soup and tea. She placed it down in front of him and sat down next to him.

“Thought you’be getting hungry.” she told him.

He looked at her for a quick moment. He began to write in the notebook for a minute. He passed it to her. Jon wrote,

How many more days of this? Two? Three?'

“Geez, you’re not counting it down are you? Three days Jonny until you can have solid food.” Juanita laughed as she passed him the notebook back.

He smiled as he rubbed his belly just thinking of his first dinner in a few days.

“I suppose you know what you’d like for your 1st meal?” Juanita teased.

He passed the notebook to her. She let out a huge belly laugh as she read.
‘Steak... Corn on the cob...Mashed potatoes...Salad... More steak... Apple pie.’

“I made two pies because I have a feeling the first is going to go during dinner. Maybe I should make three?” Juanita asked.

Jon nodded his head in approval.

Juanita laughed. “You got it. So, I saw that Trina was here. Keeping you company?”

Jon looked confused. He wrote in the notebook and passed it to her.

It read, ‘What do you think of her?’ Juanita smiled as she gave him back the notebook.

“She’s great. I really like her. She’s a lot like you in so many ways. She doesn’t back down. She loyal. Knows where she’s from.” Juanita said proudly.

Jon smiled.

He wrote in the notebook. He passed it back to her.
He wrote, ‘I like her too. Do you think I did the right thing by hiring her?’

Juanita passed him back the notebook. “Absolutely. Look at your shows. She apparently was a hit on the radio with Richie. People are looking forward to seeing her on the road so that she could add them to her stories and that's more good publicity for all of you.”

Jon took a deep breath and began to write. He passed the notebook to her. He wrote],.
Do you think she’s getting too close? Look at what’s happened.’ Juanita nodded and passed the notebook back to him.

“No. I don’t. This was your idea remember? She was trying out to be a music report for her local paper. You decided that you saw something in her that was even better and gave her an opportunity. Why? Because she’s a great writer. She’s so driven like you to succeed and get it right. That’s a good person. Look at Dot. Fame clouded her so much that she didn’t care if it killed you or not. She wanted what she wanted.” Juanita told him.

Jon nodded his head in approval. Juanita continued.
“Trina could care less about seeing when the next Gucci purse comes out or what label she’s wearing. She could have told everyone about your voice and she didn’t. Now, where the hell is all this coming from with you all of a sudden?"

Jon shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

“She’s a friend Jonny. If she talked to you and gave you some advice, try to consider it as if it were me or anyone else who knows you best.”

Jon looked at her blankly. Juanita got up from the couch and kissed him on the forehead.
“Before you begin to write another novel, I think you need to drink your broth and tea before they get cold.”

Jon snickered.

“Three more days Jonny. And while you’re waiting. Listen. Listen to all of us okay?”

Jon nodded. He picked up the cup of broth and rolled his eyes as he drank it down.

Juanita let out a huge laugh.

“God, there are times like this when I really love job. Today is one of them. ” Juanita laughed all the way out of the room.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ch 27

A couple of hours later, as everyone kept vigil in the waiting room, the doctors came out looking stone-faced.

Carol and John Bongiovi got up and went over to the doctors.

“Well?” John asked. “How did it go ?” he continued.

The doctors appeared to be hesistant as they looked carefully over the small group that was anxiously awaiting word of Jon’s condition.

Trina was a mixture of nerves and concern for Jon.

‘Why are they looking at all of us?’ She thought as she twittled her thumbs.

‘Why don’t they just tell us?’ she thought as she watched the two doctors continue to look at the group.

Something felt wrong to her.

The throat surgeon looked at them all. He smiled grimly.

“We got the edema and drained the fluid off of his vocal cords. He’ll have some swelling for a while but he should be okay for now.” The doctor told them.

“For now?” Carol asked.

“It is again crticial everyone that Jon not talk. We explained it to him before we took him down to surgery and I think he understands he could risk further damage to his cords if he attempts to talk.”

Carol nodded. “For a solid month right Doc?”

The surgeon nodded. “A month is minimum. Maybe a little longer. The good news is that the damage could have been much worse, the edema mainly affected his right vocal cord. So that’s why it’s just good for now that he rests and takes care of himself.”

“I’ll make sure he does that.” Juanita said. “By the way, y’all didn’t give him that notebook and pen yet did you?” she continued

The surgeon snickered. “No. We didn’t. He’s in recovery resting comfortably.” He replied.

“Can we go see him?” Carole asked.

“Sure. But just a couple at a time. The steroid injections also took a toll on him physically, he needs as much rest as possible. ”

“Okay Doc, thanks.” John said. “Carol, why don’t you and Juanita go first.” he told him.

“John, are you sure?” Juanita asked.

“He thinks of you as his second mother. Go, it’s fine Juanita.” John told her.

Escorted by the doctors, Carol and Juanita went into the recovery room where Jon was slept soundly.

The two ladies sat on each side of him.

Juanita smoothed back one of his long, brown strands of hair.

Jon slowly glanced at her. Groggy from the anesthesia, Jon’s eyes began to open, he turned towards Juanita. She smiled warmly at him.

‘Okay, what’s happened?’ Jon thought.

When he attempted to talk, a shearing pain rushed from his larynx up to his throat.

He immediately grabbed his throat.

“Oh no Jonny! Don’t talk darlin. No!” said Juanita.

Carold tapped his arm gently. “She’s right honey. You’ll do more harm to yourself if you speak.”

Jon was still trying to remember what happened as he began to focus on his surroundings.

‘I was trying to apologize…’ He thought as he looked at Carol.

She smiled tenderly at her son.

“You’ve just gotten out of emergency surgery. You’ve hemorrhaged one of your vocal cords.” She told him.

“It’s very important Jonny that you don’t speak. Your voice needs time to heal.” Juanita said softly.

Jon began to remember.
‘The bus…Everyone was so angry with me…I was trying to explain to them…” He touched his throat. Tears welled in his eyes.

Carol kissed his forehead.

“Listen, it’s very important that you do exactly what the doctors are telling you. The steroid injections have also taken a toll on your body. You need a lot of rest.”

Jon looked at her.
‘What if this doesn’t work? What am I going to do if I can’t sing? What about Giants?” he thought to himself.

“In other words. You’re mine for the next few weeks.” Juanita quipped.

Jon turned to her and smirked. Juanita laughed.
"See you’re feeling better already. We’re going to make sure you get some sleep, eat normally…sleep…Anything to get you better.”

Jon smiled weakly. At that moment Obie, John Sr., and Richie came into the recovery room.

“Someone I see is up.” John Sr. said to his son.

“And that’s our cue to leave. Better start stocking up on those spiral notebooks and pens. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of writing going on.” Juanita teased.

Jon smiled at her. Juanita winked at him. She gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“Okay baby. I’ll be back. Finish getting some rest.” she told him walking out.

Carol kissed him on the forehead.

“We’ll be back in a little bit.” She told her son. Jon nodded.

Carol followed Juanita out of the room.

“Now. Now. Now. We’re finally at a point where you have no choice but to listen to us.” Obie said.

Jon rolled his eyes.

“You can roll your eyes. But things are going to change Jonny.” Obie told him.

Jon looked defiant.

“Look at me all your want like that and I’ll extend this “safety issue”. You need a break. You’ve been wearing yourself out, not to mention driving all of us up the freaking wall. And I’ll tell you. No one else knows you’re here. Not your fans, the press, no one. Trina and Richie more than did their jobs.”

Jon looked sad as turned to Richie.

“I know you’re sorry man. All we care about right now is you. You need to rest your voice. Giants will be there for us when you’re better. Everything else will be too. The new single’s doing great by the way. No one has a clue man.” Richie reassured him.

Jon smiled at him.

“I can’t wait to hear you perform that new single for everyone at Giants. I hear that it’s doing great son.” John said to him patting him on the shoulder.

‘Why doesn’t anybody get this? What if this surgery didn’t work? What if after all of this I try to sing and I can’t? Jon thought as he shook his his head.

“What?” Obie asked.

Jon shrugged his shoulders in frustration and anger. He was helpless and still too groggy to put up an effective argument. Now wasn’t the time to deal with this.

Richie never had seen Jon like this before. He took a deep breath and turned towards Obie.

“Something’s telling me that this is going to be a long few weeks.” Richie told Obie.

“Good. Maybe our “brother” will realize that there’s more in life than the music. All I’ve seen him do over the last couple of years is write, sing and perform. I know there’s more to him and you than that.” Obie told Richie.

Jon narrowed his yes in anger.

“This is beautiful because for once you can’t talk back. You know I’m right because otherwise you wouldn’t be so pissed off.” Obie said.

Just as Obie said that, Trina knocked on the door.

“Everything okay in here? Jon’s not trying to kill all of you is he?” Trina joked.

Jon rolled his eyes and smiled. He never heard her joke that that. She was quickly becoming more and more a part of their world like it or not. He didn’t know whether to thank her or throw something at her for the way all of this played out. He knew it wasn’t her fault, however, a part of him didn’t want her to see him like that. Things were comfortable between the two of them before, now when she entered, he didn’t know what to think.

Trina smiled at him as she walked into the room.

'I know all of this is my fault. But why now? Why with her here?' he thought.

Trina walked next to the bed and sat down on its foot.

“You scared the shit out of all of us.” she told him.

Jon looked at her blankly.

“I know you were trying to tell us all you were sorry, however, I wanted you to know that everyone in this room loves and care about you. You’re going to be singing and talking and telling us all off in no time. The good news is that you’re fans have no idea that this happened to you so that means you’ll be able to rest without the worry of someone finding out .” she told him.

Even though Obie had told him the same thing only minutes before, Jon for some reason felt better when Trina told him.

He mouthed the words. “Thank you. I’m sorry. “ as he smiled weakly at her.

Trina smiled at him. “Okay. It’s over. Time to get yourself well so that you can make your dream of perfoming at Giants stadium a reality. “

He looked at with a curious look on his face.

Trina nodded.

“Yes. I’m going to help everyone out in getting you better. In fact, I’d thought I’d come and hang out with you and Juanita. Have a feeling Juanita’s going to need the help.” Trina grinned.

Jon smirked. Trina smiled and clapped her hands.

“Good! Then it’s settled. Can’t wait to see your house. It’ll be fun.”

Jon’s eyes widened.

‘They’ve taken over everything.’ Jon thought.

Trina got up and walked towards the door. Obie began to laugh.

“All right. I’m out. Got a both a story and a review to file. Be back later.”

Jon shook his head in disbelief.

Trina smiled. Proud that she finally got Jon to apologize and to acknoweldge that she was helping him, she turned to Obie and winked at him. She patted him on the shoulder as she walked out of the room and into the hall.

How was he going to react to not talking for several weeks? What if the surgery didn’t work? What would he do? This is all he knows.’ she thought to herself.

She forced the doubts from her mind as quickly as they arrived. Everything needed to be positive. Especially for Jon’s sake….

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Part III=Ch. 26

Part III.

I can still remember…when I was just a kid….When friends were friends forever…and what you said was what you did….1988-Blood on Blood…

Ch. 26

The band along with Paul, Trina, Juanita and Obie sat vigil in the emergency room of Hershey Medical Center.

Everyone was silent. Their faces told the story. It was a mixture of sadness, fright and guilt over what they had just witnessed.

The anger Richie, Obie and Trina had for Jon had melted into concern and fear for their friend.

Obie felt the worst out of everyone.

“I turned my back on him.” He replied, sitting next to Juanita. “This man is like a brother to me. He has never turned his back on me, but tonight I did with him.”

“You didn’t mean it Obie. Just like he didn’t mean to do what he did to any of you.” Juanita reassured.

“I couldn’t imagine what would happen if he couldn’t sing.” Dave said sitting across from them with Richie and Trina on each side of him.

Dave looked down on the at floor sadly. “We went to high school together. I never saw anyone who was as passionate for performing as him.”

Trina gave him a weak smile. “I didn’t know you went to high school together?” She told him.

Dave nodded. “Yeah. I actually met him after I heard he needed a pianist with a B3 organ, well I had the B3 and a van to haul all the gear in and that was that. I got the gig and the Atlantic City Expressway was on its way.” David told her. He smiled as he remembered all the fun they all had as teens.

“He was something then. Just like now. Man, he had the chicks in the palm of his hands, even then.” Dave added.
“Wasn’t too long ago.” Trina said. David shook his head.
“No, it wasn’t. As you’ve realized, he’s got that “it” factor. It makes you want to follow him. Do what he’s doing. When he found out that he got a record deal after Runaway was released, he asked me if I wanted to be a part of the band. I had a tryout coming up with Julliard and all I could think of is. ‘If I did try out and got in what would I be doing? And if I said no to Jon, what if I missed an opportunity to be a part of something great?’ Needless to say, this has been great. I believed in him then, and still do now.” Dave said.

Trina patted him on the shoulder as tears ran down Dave and Richie’s faces. Tico and Alec sat motionless. They were so concerned for their friend that they were speechless.
“Did anyone call Mr. and Mrs. B?” Richie asked softly. Juanita nodded.
“Yes, I did. They’re on their way.” She told him. Richie nodded.

“They’re going to flip!” Richie turned to Trina. “Carol especially.” He continued. Trina looked confused.
“Why?” She asked.
“They may like and appreciate this lovely life Jon has given them, but they’ll be upset to know at what cost. They would never want Jon to go to such extremes to give them and all of us the life we’re leading now.” Richie said.

“I see.” Trina said. “What are they like?” She asked.

“Good people. They’re like you’re parents, my parents. Kendall said you grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood? John and Carol along with Miss Juanita over there are cut from that same cloth.”

Trina looked over at Juanita and smiled.

“Good cloth.” Trina replied.

“Not good enough.” Juanita said sadly. “I told them both I’d protect Jonny.” She told Trina.

“Juanita darlin, you can’t protect what you don’t know. I didn’t know myself until the second to last night of the Slippery Tour on how bad his voice was becoming. I love him, but that’s him. He wants to make sure all of us and his staff are fine first, himself last.” Richie said.

Juanita sighed. “True. But-”

“There’s no but in it.” Dave interrupted. “He was protecting all of us. That’s just the way he is.” He continued.

“I just spoke to Doc. He can’t come back right away due to some problems with Motley overseas. He wants me to keep him posted. He’ll try to be back in the states when he can.” Paul said walking over to all of them.

“Great manager we have.” Alec said. “He’s more concerned over Motley Crue than the health of the lead singer of the world’s number one rock band. Give me a break!”

“What’s he’s going to do Alec? Seriously, all he’s going to do is sit here and wait. Why do that when he can help them out and come home. Then he can see what can be done.” Richie said.

“No one besides us knows that he’s here. Heather thankfully has nothing to explain to anyone. Everyone thinks right now that the band is taking a break until the catwalk issue is resolved.” Trina said.

“This could be a lot worse.” Richie agreed.

Alec shook his head. “Whatever.” He said looking down at the floor.

The tour doctor came in along with another doctor wearing scrubs.

All of them looked at the two of them with baited breath.

“Okay everyone. Here’s what we know. Jon did unfortunately hemorrhage one of his vocal cords. But believe it or not, it looks like the damage is minor. However, the swelling around the cords and the edema will need to be taken care of with surgery.” The doctor said.

“Will he be able to sing Doc?” Juanita asked.

The throat surgeon went over to her.

“We hope Mr. Bon Jovi can. But, I’m going to be honest. He’s going to need to rest his voice. Only time will tell how much actual damage he’s done to his voice. He’s been taking steroid injections on a regular basis for a while. The side effects from those injections on their own were enough this evening to admit him. He‘s pretty sick.”

“So what are you saying?” Carol Bongiovi said now standing next to the doctors. “Can our son sing?” John Bongiovi added.

“Not for a while. After this surgery. No talking, no whispering, clearing of the throat for a solid month.” The throat surgeon told them. “That will give his vocal cords time to heal. After that he should be fine to talk and optimistically after some therapy with a vocal coach then just maybe. He’ll be able to sing.”

Juanita ran over to her dear friend in tears. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry Carol. I didn’t know.”

Carol hugged her back. “I’m sure he didn’t tell you because he didn’t want anyone to worry. Juanita don’t you dare blame yourself.” She reassured her.

“Don’t you dare honey.” John told her as he put his hand on her shoulder. “Jon’s a protector of all and at times…listener of none.”

Juanita pulled away from Carol. She wiped away her tears and sat back down. “I could strangle him, if I wasn’t so damn scared.”

“I hear ya.” Carol said. “Doctor, when is the surgery?”

“We’re prepping him for it now Mrs. Bongiovi. We were hoping the two of you would be here in time.” He told her.

“We came as soon as Juanita called.” John said.

“We’re going to go and get ready. As soon as we’re out, we’ll let you know how it went.” The throat surgeon said as he and the tour doctor left the lobby.

“No voice for a month.” Richie said. “I don’t ever think I’ve even heard a day where he’s “not” speaking or singing.”

“His life is music.” Carol said.

“That house is going to be craziness.” Juanita said. “It was worse enough just earlier today with him and that notebook. He’s going to have three novels done in the first week alone! He’s going to drive me nuts!”

“I’ll help you Juanita.” Trina said. “He’ll need a friend to hang with and vent into that notebook.” She teased.

Carol walked over to Trina and smiled. “Hi, I’m Jon’s mother, Carol. And that’s my husband John Bongiovi. Are you Trina ,the reporter? Jon and Juanita has told us so much about you.”

“Hi there. And I’m sorry if what they said was bad.” Trina teased. “Nice to meet both of you.” She said extending her hand.

“Our pleasure.” Carol said returning the gesture.

“Dear God. He’s going to drive us all crazy ! I better get some shatterproof glasses and plates. ” Juanita said.

“Let’s hope that after all of this. He’ll be able to do what he loves. He’ll need our support through all of this. I couldn’t imagine being faced with not being able to do what I loved anymore because I’ve overextended myself.” Trina said.

“Me either. His mind must be racing with what if’s.” Richie said.

Minutes later, a gurney appeared with Jon sleeping peacefully in front of his parents as it was on its way to the operating room. Carol kissed his forehead and John pushed back his son’s long hair.

Trina looked back in the corner at how frail he looked. Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

‘What happens if he can no longer sing?’ she thought.

‘What would he do? Would he still play? Would he still want to? Would he write? How would he feel if he were writing and couldn’t sing the notes he was writing?’ She mind swirled as she watched the gurney roll into the operating room.

She hoped for the best…But why could her mind only focus on the worst?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ch. 25

-Hershey Stadium, Hershey Pa.

The band performed this show as if they were on auto pilot.

Although the crowd didn’t seem to notice, the band had covered all of Jon’s high notes.

Everyone watched nervously backstage, praying that no one would catch on to what was happening and praying that Jon’s voice didn’t go in the middle of the show.

Richie, after leaving Jon’s room earlier in the afternoon, had let Paul in on what was happening.

Despite, being angry at first, Paul understood that this break was the best thing the band needed.

He agreed to not let Doc know. At least for now. Doc was in the midst of some problems with Motley Crue and didn’t need this added onto his already full plate.

Trina was nervous. She hung onto every word, every song as if she were the one singing.
‘He was the doing the impossible for him. He was a taking a risk that he shouldn’t be taking. For everyone.’ She thought.

She continued to watch the performance backstage. Thoughts ran through her head.

‘Singing without a net. Any wrong sound or screech and that could be the end career wise. My god it’s both admirable and hopefully not the wrong decision…And I’m told I’m ballsy?!’

Despite her being nervous, she couldn’t help but to be angry at him for the way he had been treating her all day. She tried to make herself understand that it wasn’t her that he was mad at, but was having a hard time with all of this.

She thought they had found some common ground. Even becoming good friends. But the untrust he was feeling with her was becoming too much for her to handle.

Ally, who after setting up more meetings with her agent for most of the day, gingerly stood at the side of the stage watching Richie. As she passed by Richie, she snickered at Trina.

“Problems Ally? “ Trina innocently asked.

“Not with people like you.” Ally replied.

Trina’s blue eyes sharpened. “What’s that suppose to mean?” She asked.

“Congrats on making it to the inner circle. Not a pretty sight is it?” Ally snapped.

“Ally, do you always have PMS or is there actually a nicer person in there somewhere?” Trina asked.

Ally walked over to her. “What I’m about to say is nice. Stay the hell away from all of us. Leave now, before your na├»ve ass attempts to deposit a check it can’t cash.”

Trina retorted. “The last I knew Ally that this wasn’t Hollywood. Hell the brat packers don’t even run the show anymore in California. Your last hit was? When? My boss is Jon. If he wants me to leave then I go, if you don’t like that, well then go back to Hollyweird and be the queen of your damn universe!”

Ally laughed. “Tough one aren’t you? You and Miss Kendall better remember that pride comes before a fall.”

“And I’m so looking forward to your descent!” Trina fumed as Jon and Richie came off the stage. Despite their performance, the two of them could hear the women arguing from the side of the stage. Jon and Richie walked over to both of them.

“What’s going on?” Jon asked the two of them.

“Trina’s grown a set.” Ally snickered.

Trina was furious. She was done with her. She was beginning to think all of this was a bad idea. This isn’t what she thought it’d be.

“You’re such a bitch Ally! I’m going on the fucking bus!” Trina said storming out.

“What the hell? Ally, what’s going on?” Jon asked.

“You tell me and everyone else.” Ally said walking up to Jon. “She comes in with her friends, bats her blue eyes and wins you over in weeks. When other people get near you, you want no part of them. But yet you seduce and flirt with her. Manipulating everyone as you go. You do this so much that when something happens to you, she and everyone do and everything and anything in their power to cover your ass.” She scolded.

“Oh shut up Ally!” Jon yelled as he attempted to go onto the bus.

“What’s wrong Jonny? Truth hurt? I say let your voice go because Richie is ten times a better singer than you!” She told him.

Jon stormed towards Ally as if he was going to hit her and Paul stepped in the middle of them.

“Ally, I think after this break, you shouldn’t rejoin us. Jon, go see if Trina’s all right…Now.” Paul told him pointedly.

Ally turned to Richie. “And you! You’re helping out someone who didn’t even say thank you for covering up the abuse he’s done to his voice. Some friend he is. Priceless!”

“Get out of here.” Richie told her.

Ally snickered. “With pleasure. All you’ll do anyways is go calling Kendall to tell her what a bitch I am.”

“Out!” Richie said.

Ally walked out of the opposite end of the building.

Richie was speechless. He didn’t know what to say to Jon or Paul. Jon was livid.

“I’m sorry Jonny. I don’t know what-” Richie said.

Jon interrupted. “So do you think you’re better than me?”

Richie looked at him. “No. Jon stop!”

“Then why did she say that? Someone put it in her head.” Jon told him.

“Jon, Ally does and says what she wants. Just like Dot. Just like Trina. I can’t control her.” Richie said.

“You better. Because if you don’t, I’ll cancel the dates until you can.” Jon flared.

Richie glare went through Jon like daggers. “Excuse me? Don’t you ever give me an ultimatum Jonny. After all I’ve done for you. Believe it or not, I’m on your side. So is Trina. We just spent ½ of the afternoon proving it and I get this shit from you?”

Jon looked at him blankly. He knew that he had overstepped with Richie. Better for him to take it now rather than later.

Richie continued. “You know some of what Ally was saying was true. We bend over backwards for you. All of us do night after night and we don’t even get as much as a thank you from you. Before I say something I’m going to regret, I’m going on the bus!” Richie said storming out.

‘Oh God. What did I just do?’ Jon thought as he covered his throat. His throat was throbbing. 'What am I doing? They’re all trying to help but I just can’t accept it. This is my voice and my problem.'

His throat was really hurting him now. His time was limited. He needed to try to make this right before his voice went again.

‘God, my throat is killing me. It’s never hurt this bad…Oh my god!…Don’t clear your voice Jon. Don’t do it remember what the doctor said. Just let it hold so that I can apologize to Trina and everyone…Oh please…please.'

Jon was the last person on the bus. There was complete silence.

He looked over at Trina who was crying her eyes out while staring at the windows. He sat next to her in an attempt to apologize.

She looked at Trina arching her eyebrow. “What!” She yelled.

Jon sighed. He deserved the punishment she was about to dole out on him.

“Sorry about Ally. She had no right talking to you like that.” He told her.

“And you have no right treating me the way you have. Such a fucking hypocrite.” She told him pointedly.

“Go on.” Jon said.

“I felt bad for you. I knew something was wrong, but I said to myself. Okay, when he’s ready to open up. He will. I thought we were friends and had a lot in common. Obie, Juanita and the band all care about you, but you’re acting like a spoiled ass rock star that seemed to forget that there are others you that would be hurt if someone happened to you. Remember that? Guess I was wrong about you!” Trina yelled.

“Good for you Trina!” Obie chimed in as he sat across from the two of them. Jon quickly snapped his around to look at him.

“Truth hurting a bit? I hope to hell all of this is sinking in. You gave none of us a fucking thank you. Next time, I’m going to let Doc deal with you and let you suffer with the consequences. Tired of the temper tantrums. This day has been bullshit!” Obie said.

“Thanks Obie.” Jon said softly to him.

Obie gave him the finger. “Now I’m giving you the universal symbol. Whatever Jon. I’m tired. Wake me up when the stick is finally out of your ass!” He told his friend as he turned his back towards Jon’s face.

Jon’s look was empty. He knew he had messed up, but didn’t know how to fix it.
‘Shit! Great job asshole!’ He thought as he looked over at Trina who now had her back turned from him.

He then looked across to Obie who had also turned his back on him. At a loss, he tried to touch Trina’s shoulder, but she shrugged him off.

Suddenly his throat began to throb heavily as he tried to clear it, but the more he instinctively tried to clear it, the more it hurt.

‘Oh no. Not now. I have to make things right. No!’ Jon thought.

He began to cough as he felt fluid running down the back of his throat. He was petrified. He now felt that he was losing control of the whole situation.

What’s happening to me? This didn’t happen to me earlier this morning. Someone help!’ He panicked.

He was coughing uncontrollably now. Jon touched Trina’s shoulder once more in an attempt for help.

“Trin!” He muffled as the coughing continued.

Curiously, she turned around and saw him clutching his throat w/one hand and covering his mouth with the other.

She looked concerned as he began to gasp for air.

“What’s wrong?” She said.

Jon shook his head. He looked pale and scared. He took his hand from over his mouth and there was blood covering the palm of his hand and over his lips.

“Oh my god!” Trina yelled.

“Obie…Richie….Help!” She cried as she put her arm around him.