Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ch. 28

A few days later, Jon left the hospital with Juanita and Trina in tow.

Although he would listen to the doctors, he couldn’t help but worry about how all of this would end up.

Maybe it’s time to think of things besides music. Obie’s right. What else should I do? What else can I do?’ he asked himself.

In a rare moment for him, he was sitting on the couch of his media room with absolutely nothing to do.

He appeared well-rested as he was back on a regular sleep schedule. The effects from the steroid injections were also beginning to wear off.

Trina who was adjusting to her surroundings in both New Jersey and in Jon’s home, went into the media room where she saw him sitting there with a pad and pen blankly.

“What’s up?” She asked as she sat down next to him.

He shrugged his shoulders. He began to write in the notebook and passed it along to Trina.

He wrote, ‘Absolutely nothing.’

Trina giggled. “Is that bad?” She asked as she passed him back the notebook. He began to write, he looked up at her, sighed and passed her the book.

He wrote, ‘It is when you have people who are out of a job because they depended on me.’

Trina shook her head.

“I know. But if you’re not healthy or can’t sing a note, how are you going to help them?” She retorted as she passed him the book.

He scribbled out something quickly and passed her the book.

Jon wrote, ‘It wasn’t that bad.’

Trina looked at him in disbelief. She shook her as as she passed the notebook back to him.

“You’re kidding right? You hemorrhaged a vocal cord. You nearly killed yourself on those freaking steroid injections. Maybe you’re still feeling the effects from them after hearing that crap just now. ” Trina said giving him back the notebook.

Jon lifted his eyebrows as he began to write in the notebook. He passed it back to her.

It read, ‘I should have taken a couple of days off like the doctor said. But this? A freaking month of not saying anything? Maybe longer?”

Trina took a deep breath in anticipation for the venom that Jon was about to spew when he heard what she was going to say.

“I’m telling you this as a friend Jon, but this is of your own doing. You controlled this. You decided to go on when you weren’t ready. You helped set these dates up.”

Suddenly Jon’s eyes narrowed. His lips were a straight line. He wrote feverisly in the notebook. He passed it to her. In it he wrote;

'Not all of it! You don’t know what you’re talking about!'

“Then tell me. It’s not like we’ve got anything else better to do. I’d like to help you if I can.” She said as she passed the notebook back to him.

He wrote out of a few words and passed the book back to her.

He wrote, ‘You wouldn’t understand.’ Trina passed the notebook back to him.

“I bet you that I would understand.” She reassured him.

She leaned again the couch in an attempt to relax. “Try me.”

Dear God, I’m at the mercy of my employee. She’s not going to back down is she?’ Jon thought. ‘Great... Not like I have anything going on. Might as well just tell her and let her decide on who’s right or wrong.’ Jon thought.

He began to write about his voice problems beginning with the end of the Slippery tour. He had been touring for over a year. A combination of different time zones, lack of sleep and allergies was torture on his voice.

To manage the swelling of his vocal cords, the guys sang the high notes for him and Jon took steroid injections to bring down the swelling.

He continued to write in the notebook as Trina watched the words spill quickly from his pen to the page.

He wrote about how proud he was of the Slippery tour and how both Doc and his record label wanted to capitalize on the band’s success.

All parties agreed that Bon Jovi would release another album after a brief hiatus. At the time, it wasn’t really a problem for Jon and Richie because they had a ton of song writing ideas they wanted to expand on. But to be honest, they were tired. They should have stopped then, but everyone let them go on because it was in everyone’s best interest for them to write and release their current album on time and without a hitch.

As they started to mix the current album, the tour was already being put together. Granted, the tour started two months after the album was released, but Doc warned them that it’d be a long one due to such high public demand. As Trina read that last part she passed the notebook back to him.

She was upset at Doc and the other people around him who appeared to have very little regard for what was best for Jon and the band. They were being treated as a product. Not people. For someone who gave her an opportunity because he understood what it was like to fight for what he wanted; all of this was a lot to absorb.

“Okay I get it. But you could have set the pace. Why all of the dates? Some venues are going to be getting shows three times when we go back on the road.” She asked.

He smiled as he wrote in thte notebook and passed it back to her.

He wrote, ‘Without the fans. I wouldn’t be doing this. I love them just as much as they love us.’

‘I’ll say this again, without your voice or your health. You couldn’t do this for them. I’m sure Doc and others also saw the bottom line in all of this. But they also should have cared more about all of you instead of fattening their wallets.” she said.

Jon looked sadly at the notebook. He wrote for a bit and gave it to her.

Jon wrote, ’Dot was pressuring me too. She’d tell me people are depending on you. We got the house now. The guys all have houses now. Time to stop demanding what you’re going to do and not do and just go to work.”

Trina passed the notebook to him. “Dot fell more in love with the lifestyle than with you. Hell, you gave her designer clothes, jewelry. She rode in limos and flew in private jets. What lady wouldn’t love that? But at the end of the day Jon, if you don’t have the one thing or the things that have made you who you are; then what the hell are you? “ Trina asked him.

Jon looked at her blankly. She was right. He had let things go so far that he had no idea on how to fix it.

“While you’re on “vacation”. Maybe it’s time to think about running things differently after this tour is over. Your voice will need the break.” Trina suggested.

Jon wrote in the notebook. He passed to her.
He wrote, ‘Not so easy. I wouldn’t even know how to to begin. This tour isn’t over for awhile.’

She passed it back to him.

“Okay. Then maybe you need to start thinking about what you’re going to do after your singing career is over because this album/tour, album/tour thing is going to permanently damage your voice and then you’ll be left with memories of what it was like when.” She said getting up from the couch. Trina turned to him.

“Jon, you can either begin to find out who you are now, or continue to just being a part of machine that doesn’t care how sick or how broken you are. Remember the fighter? Think it’s time for him to make a comeback.” Trina said walking out of the media room.

He looked at the notebook. He wrote to himself ‘She’s right. But it’s easier said than done. I couldn’t tell Doc to stop. He’s helped make me and this band what we are. I just can’t turn my back on him.’

He continued to put his thoughts on paper.
No one’s ever told me what she did before besides Obie. Wonder what she thinks is in it for her?' He wrote.

Jon couldn’t help for a split second to think about what Ally had said about how little they knew about Trina.

Then he took a step back.
She could have told her bosses about all of of this and it would have been front and center in the music section. Think Jon….Think!’

Juanita came into the media room with a tray of soup and tea. She placed it down in front of him and sat down next to him.

“Thought you’be getting hungry.” she told him.

He looked at her for a quick moment. He began to write in the notebook for a minute. He passed it to her. Jon wrote,

How many more days of this? Two? Three?'

“Geez, you’re not counting it down are you? Three days Jonny until you can have solid food.” Juanita laughed as she passed him the notebook back.

He smiled as he rubbed his belly just thinking of his first dinner in a few days.

“I suppose you know what you’d like for your 1st meal?” Juanita teased.

He passed the notebook to her. She let out a huge belly laugh as she read.
‘Steak... Corn on the cob...Mashed potatoes...Salad... More steak... Apple pie.’

“I made two pies because I have a feeling the first is going to go during dinner. Maybe I should make three?” Juanita asked.

Jon nodded his head in approval.

Juanita laughed. “You got it. So, I saw that Trina was here. Keeping you company?”

Jon looked confused. He wrote in the notebook and passed it to her.

It read, ‘What do you think of her?’ Juanita smiled as she gave him back the notebook.

“She’s great. I really like her. She’s a lot like you in so many ways. She doesn’t back down. She loyal. Knows where she’s from.” Juanita said proudly.

Jon smiled.

He wrote in the notebook. He passed it back to her.
He wrote, ‘I like her too. Do you think I did the right thing by hiring her?’

Juanita passed him back the notebook. “Absolutely. Look at your shows. She apparently was a hit on the radio with Richie. People are looking forward to seeing her on the road so that she could add them to her stories and that's more good publicity for all of you.”

Jon took a deep breath and began to write. He passed the notebook to her. He wrote],.
Do you think she’s getting too close? Look at what’s happened.’ Juanita nodded and passed the notebook back to him.

“No. I don’t. This was your idea remember? She was trying out to be a music report for her local paper. You decided that you saw something in her that was even better and gave her an opportunity. Why? Because she’s a great writer. She’s so driven like you to succeed and get it right. That’s a good person. Look at Dot. Fame clouded her so much that she didn’t care if it killed you or not. She wanted what she wanted.” Juanita told him.

Jon nodded his head in approval. Juanita continued.
“Trina could care less about seeing when the next Gucci purse comes out or what label she’s wearing. She could have told everyone about your voice and she didn’t. Now, where the hell is all this coming from with you all of a sudden?"

Jon shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

“She’s a friend Jonny. If she talked to you and gave you some advice, try to consider it as if it were me or anyone else who knows you best.”

Jon looked at her blankly. Juanita got up from the couch and kissed him on the forehead.
“Before you begin to write another novel, I think you need to drink your broth and tea before they get cold.”

Jon snickered.

“Three more days Jonny. And while you’re waiting. Listen. Listen to all of us okay?”

Jon nodded. He picked up the cup of broth and rolled his eyes as he drank it down.

Juanita let out a huge laugh.

“God, there are times like this when I really love job. Today is one of them. ” Juanita laughed all the way out of the room.


Bayaderra said...

Second chapter!!!! Thank you for a treat!!!!
Jon, I think you can trust Trina, she seems like "good people". Open up and let her in....You may be pleasantly surprised!

Anonymous said...

Two chapters in a row!! Thank you, they are great, as always... can´t wait for the next one!! Laura

Sunstreaked said...

How cool is the relationship with Jon and Juanita? I love that!

Also love the little doubts in Jon's head with regard to Trina. I like twists and turns in a story!

Shelly said...

Aww thanks everyone.

More twists and turns to come!!!