Monday, January 28, 2008


Jon and the rest of the band were getting dressed for their performance. Their adrenaline was flowing as he and the guys heard the crowd trickle into the Spectrum. Jon had changed simply into a pair of black leather pants and a tie-dyed vest. To complete their regular before stage routine, he and Richie were finishing their vocal warm-up when Dorothea stormed into their dressing room.

She had also changed her clothes. Wearing a white mini-skirt with a body hugging green tunic, Dorothea was a pretty woman with petite curves and long brown hair. Her brown eyes that used to show warmth had lately become inattentive. Her personality had negativity these days that Jon couldn’t put his finger on. Lately she was angry. All the time. He didn’t know why, but he knew he needed to talk to her about it. But now wasn’t the time to do it.

“We’re getting ready to perform Dot.” Jon said.

“So? Richie, do you and the guys mind if I talk to Jonny for minute?” she asked.
”We go on in 10 minutes Dot. I don’t have time for this now.” Jon repeated.

“Well you can make time to bear your soul to a reporter you’ve never met before, but don’t have time to talk to me?” she snapped.

“Not now I don’t. What the hell is wrong with you?” Jon asked.

Richie, uncomfortable with the situation stood up and started towards the door.

“Where are you going? Jon asked.

“Out of here. She obviously has some stuff on her mind, so we can give her a minute to say her peace.” Richie said motioning the guys to follow him to the door.

The guys began to get up and follow Richie. Jon stood up and yelled.

“It can wait. Everyone get back here. We come here together; we all leave together. Dot, we’ll talk later.” He told her.

Dorothea glared angrily at him. She walked past the guys and stomped out the door. Richie was speechless.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Richie said.
”Today the interview with Trina. Yesterday it was because I made a doctor’s appointment. Tomorrow? Who knows.” Jon said.

“She’s been like this for weeks.” Richie said.

“I know. But I couldn’t tell you what it was because it changes every day. She started an argument with Trina earlier for no reason. “

“What was it about?” asked Dave

“Over how Trina was asking the questions. She literally was trying to tell Trina what questions to ask me.”
”Seriously” Dave asked

Jon nodded.

“Is she a reporter?” Richie asked.

Jon snickered. “That’s what Trina said. And to her credit, she held her own. She didn’t let Dot get to her.”

“Good for her.” Richie said.

“Maybe you and her just need to chill out for a bit. Get some space between you.” Richie continued.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should.” Jon said. shrugging his shoulders.

Doc walked in the dressing room. The guys looked at him and smiled.

“What’s up?! Ready to do this?” Doc asked.

Jon jumped up. “Yep. Time to rock this place up!” “

One by one the boys trailed out of the dressing room. At the door stood their tour manager Paul, with walkie-talkie in head counting heads making sure that no one was left behind.

Trina like other friends and family watched the band walk to the stage. Standing motionless next to Trina was Dot. Trina smiled at all of them as they walked by. Jon touched her arm and smiled back. Dot rolled her eyes and walked away.

“Gentleman! You know what I said to myself? “ Paul yelled. “I said “Self! What a great fucking day..For Rock and Roll! “ They all yelled as one by one the band went out on cue. As Jon waited for his cue, he turned and looked at Trina. “Have fun out there!” she yelled.

“I’ll talk to you later! Thanks!” he said running onto the stage.

The guys played for 3+ hours. The show was spectacular. Trina watched as Jon interacted in different levels with the fans. He played to some as he walked on a ramp, danced with others that he plucked from the audience. Trina was impressed at how he human he was during their interview and this larger than life showman at this moment.

Richie walked over to his side of the stage and interacted with the fans as well.

For their last song of the night, ‘Silent Night,’ during the intro, Jon made his way back to the front of the stage. Something suddenly gets thrown up at him, curious; he picks it up and begins to smile.

“What is it man?” Richie asked.

Jon’s eyes widened. “Oh my!” Jon said holding up a matching set of a purple bra and panties.

The crowd went nuts. Jon began to laugh. “Oh man!” he said.

“Hey Rich, take a look at these.” He told Richie, holding up the bra and panties for everyone to see.

On each cup the words “Fuck me.” And one the panties, “Jon!” Appeared in black marker. “Well…” as Jon read.

“Damn man, talk about being subtle.” Richie said laughing.

“This was all right.” Jon said. “I applaud her for knowing what she wants.” He continued. The crowd went nuts.

“But I have to say…I’m sorry baby.” He said putting his hand over his heart. “I’m taken.” He continued “But, you know what? Never say never! “He said with a wink to the girl. Trina couldn’t believe what she just heard.

Richie was stunned. He knew Jon and Dot were having problems, but nothing that would make him say something like this. Jon turned around to Richie. Richie nodded his head and re-lead the band into ‘Silent Night” Jon threw the bra and panties back into the audience and began to sing the song.

Meanwhile backstage Dot had watched everything from the side of the stage with tears rolling down her cheeks. “That motherfucker!” she screamed. “How could he?” she sobbed. Trina stood motionless. Doc ran over to her. “Dorothea, honey I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way we’re all thinking.” He said.
”Bullshit!” she screamed.

“I’m sure Dorothea it’s all a huge misunderstanding.” Trina said to her in an attempt to make her feel better.

Dorothea’s eyes flared daggers at her.

“What the fuck do you know about it? Or anything for that matter? Why don’t you go back to your little newspaper and tell everyone that Jon Bon Jovi is an ungrateful piece of shit!” Dot cried.

Doc escorted Dorothea back into his office.

Trina was speechless. Several minutes later as Jon and the rest of the band were done, Jon was acting as if nothing had happened. He attempted to talk about how great the band sounded, however, Richie, Trina and the rest of the band members stood in pure silence.

“What?” Jon said.

“What? What the fuck was that?” Richie asked. “What was what?” Jon asked.

“Never say never? You stand there and disrespect Dot like that.” Doc asked him.

“Oh that.” Jon snickered. “She had it coming. “ he said.

“I know you’ve been having problems with her, but c’mon Jon. She’s in my office bawling her eyes out!” Doc said.
Trina watched Jon’s face gradually turn from one shade of red, to another.
The jovial blue eyes she saw earlier had now turned into ice. He was furious.

“Who the fuck cares. Maybe she needed to realize that I may not be around her always.” Jon said.

“You don’t mean what you’re saying Jonny. For as long as I’ve known you it’s always been you and her.” Doc said.

Jon sighed. “Maybe it’s time for a change. Shit, I haven’t been single for a while. Hey Rich, need a riding partner?” Jon asked.

Richie had by then changed into his sweats and sneakers.

“Jonny, you know I would if I could. But Ally would have my head. Especially the way you and I are.” Richie said. “Before you do this, is there any way you can work this out with Dot?” Tico asked.

Jon looked surprised at his old friend.

“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you all hear me before the show and what she did to me and to Trina? The thing is this is now going on all the time. I’m tired of it. She needs to check herself!” Jon yelled.

He briefly glanced at Trina.

“Hey Trin, wanna go for a drink” he asked.
Trina’s eyes widened
“Mmmm, I have to get back soon. I have a deadline.” She said.

He reached out his hand. “C’mon don’t worry. I’ll get you back to the church on time.” He joked.

Trina watched everyone with cautious. She was hesitant, but found herself taking his hand and walking out the door.

The two went sprinted by everyone. As they went past everyone, Jon saw Dot out of the corner of his eye in Doc’s office. She sat face down sobbing uncontrollably. Part of him wanted to stop, but now he had nothing to say to her. He turned around and gazed at Trina who was still appeared stunned by this.

“Did you drive hon?” he asked her. Trina nodded as they exited the arena and into the parking lot. He glanced over and noticed some fans huddled in the rear corner of the lot. The last thing he wanted at this moment is to stand around and sign autographs. He put his head down and began to jog. Trina was a few feet behind him. “Okay, which one is your car?” he asked.

Trina quickly looked as around for it. “It’s the red Honda.” She told him.

Jon began to run. The fans noticed him and Trina in the parking lot and began to follow him.

“Trina, throw me your keys. Quick!” Jon yelled as she quickly took the keys from her purse and threw them to him. She was a couple of feet behind him as Jon got into the car. When he started the ignition, he looked up and saw them surround the car. A couple of them knocked on the window. Jon shook his head. Quickly, he let down part of the window. “Sorry guys got an emergency. I have to go now. Okay?” Jon told them. The fans backed off of the car. “Thank you.” He told them as Trina got into the passenger seat and Jon zoomed off.

She tried to catch her breath. Talk about being surreal. No one would believe this if she told them.

“Holy shit!” she said. “Do they always swarm you like that?”

“Yeah.” Jon said. “I’m used to it. They were nice kids. I would have shit a brick if I saw Elton or Bruce in the parking lot back in the day. Put yourself in their shoes.”

Trina smiled. “True! Kind of bizarre to say the least.” She said beginning to laugh.

“Yeah for them I guess it is.” Jon smiled.

The two of them were on the highway. With Jon driving for several minutes to points unknown.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ch. 5

“Okay Jon. How do you come up with some of the songs?” Trina asked.
“Some come from watching other people. Some come from my own him I could be going through at the time.” He said.
The two of them sat on the side of the stage. Trina couldn’t help but to look out at all the empty seats. In a few hours each and every seat would be filled with tens of thousands of people. She couldn’t imagine what it must be like for him and the guys. Jon noticed how she watched the view.
“It’s amazing isn’t it?” He asked her.
”How do you do this every night? Doesn’t seeing all these people staring back at you freak you out?” Trina asked.
“The best way we can. And no they don’t freak me out. All we can do is try to put on the best show we can. I do imagine myself in their shoes. I remember going to shows and being just as excited to hear Elton John or Elvis Costello play just like all of them are excited to hear me perform. I really try to interact with them as much as possible.”
Trina smiled. “That’s cool.”
“I used to think that was great when I’d see Southside Johnny or Bruce Springsteen give a fan a high-five or dance with a girl onstage. Make memories not only for yourself but for those fans too. Keep them coming back. “
”Gotcha.” She said.
“You staying for the show?” he asked her.
“Definitely.” She said.
“You’ll see what I’m talking about then. We have so much out there. Their excitement wants me and the guys to give them the best show possible.”
“Applause junkie?” Trina asked.
Jon nodded. “No. Not really. It’s more of seeing their reactions after hearing a song you’ve really worked hard on. Good or bad it’s a reaction. shit, if I got none, I’d be worried. “
”Writers love their feedback.” Trina said.
“They do. I love to tell stories. Just like you’re doing. That’s why I do what I do. It’s fun for me. “ Jon said.
“Do you ever see yourself not doing this? Let’s look into a crystal ball… 10 years from now.” She asked him.
”10 years? shit Trina. I can barely think of what I’m going to do tomorrow let alone ten years from now. The only thing that I can see is myself writing and recording. I’ll do that forever. Too many good stories out there to tell.” He told her.
“I agree with you on that one.” Trina said.
“You know the other day I was watching some guy in the park sitting on a bench feeding pigeons and thought. ‘ I wondered what he did today to bring him down to the park and feed the birds. Did he have a family? What does he do for a living? Does he have kids?’ So I wound up watching him for most of the afternoon and I swear he had this look of contentment on his face just by feeding these pigeons so I had to ask him. What made him sit here half of the day while everyone is doing their thing and just feed birds? And he said it was what made him happy. Since he didn’t have a family of his own. He loved to look after things. Animals, other people’s children, etc. “
“Caring for others.” She said.
“Yep. Gives him a purpose.” Jon said. “We all have that in us I guess. Something that drives us to go on when we don’t want to. Today for me, it’s the old man in the park; tomorrow it could be something else. “
“Well I hope I’m one of your purposes to go on.” Said Dorothea sitting next to them on the side of the stage. Jon smiled. “Sure babe.” Jon replied. “Trina Logan. Dorothea Hurley.”
“Nice to meet you.” Dorothea said extending her hand out to Trina.
“You too.” Trina said. Dorothea glanced at Trina’s notebook.
“So, you’re interviewing Jonny?” asked Dorothea.
“Yes I am.” Trina said.
“Pretty deep for an interview. Are you sure this is what people want to know about him?” asked Dorothea.
“Sure. It beats talking about the way he looks all the time.” Trina said.
“Jonny’s a good looking guy. But you have to remember you’re average readers are teenage girls. All they’re going to care about is what Jon looks like and what he likes to do when he’s not playing.” Dorothea said smugly.
“Selling his audience short aren’t you?” Trina asked.
“Trust me dear. I’ve been through these interviews before. As good as the reporters are, their editors windup doing a hatchet job because what they find is that no one cares about how these guys write a song. I’m sure you do and I do as well, but a 13-year old doesn’t want to hear it. “ Dorothea said.
“How do you know what my editors like and don’t like? Are you an editor? Or a reporter?” Trina asked.
Jon sat silent. He was interested in how all of this was going to play out. He wondered if Trina would tell off Dorothea or if Dorothea would win like she usually does with these types of things.
“No Trina. Obviously I’m not, but I’ve been around this game long enough to know what sells and what doesn’t and I really think-“
“And I really think you need to let me do my job as a reporter and let me finish this interview the way I want to.” Trina interrupted.
Dorothea snickered. “Okay fine. Oh and by the way Jon thanks for sticking up for me.”
Suddenly Jon’s blue eyes flared. “Is your name Heather Ross? Maybe the reason why I decided to do this interview is because of the questions Trina is asking me. Why don’t you go and mind your business. “ Jon said.
“What do you mean for me to mind my business? We’re a team; best friends remember?” Dorothea said.
“You’re out of line here. You need to let Trina finish so that I can get ready for the show.” Jon said.
Dorothea stomped off. Trina looked over at him. Jon rolled his eyes. “What was that?” Trina asked.
“Dot being Dot. I’m sorry Trina. She’s means well. But sometimes, she confuses being protective into becoming a controlling witch. “ Jon told her.
“If that’s being protective, I can only imagine what her being controlling is like.” Trina told him. Jon laughed.
“She really does mean well. Where were we?” Jon asked.
“If you can believe this, my last question was what do you like to when you’re not performing?’
Jon concentrated on the question. He was totally confused. “I have no idea. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and its such a habit that I have no idea.” He told her.
“No?” she asked.
“Nope. I’m always writing something. It’s like I have to. If I don’t, then what do I do?” he said.
“What do you like to do? Do you like cars? Books?” Trina asked.
“I used to build cars with my friend Obie O’Brien who’s now our engineer. But I haven’t done that in years. Books? It’s hard for me to read during a tour. I love to read, but what happens is that I get so caught up into the story that I forget about another luxury I love doing called sleeping.”
Trina laughed as she wrote down the quote. She closed her book. “Thanks Frank. Oh I mean Jon. “ she joked.
“Touché. Good interview. “ Jon said.
”Let’s see I’ve already talked to Richie and the other guys. Now you. Guess I’ll just watch the show and then get quotes from all of you on how you think it went if that’s okay?”
“Oh definitely. Philly’s such a fun town that I know. It’ll be a good show.” Said Jon.
Trina got up. She extended her hand. “Thanks again.” She told him.
Jon didn’t want the interview to end. It was refreshing for once that no one brought up his looks or what he wore for a change. She really seemed to care about what he thought and how he viewed things Guess they weren’t so different from each other.
“Anytime.” Jon told her. Trina noticed a brief sadness in his eyes. She held his hand for a moment. “Hey you okay? “ she asked.
Jon smiled weakly. He gently pulled her to him. Trina hoped that he didn’t hear how hard her heart was beating.
“Thanks for seeing me for me. “ he said as he bent down and gave her a peck on the cheek and walked out. Trina’s eyes followed Jon as he walked off stage. She had never seen him perform and was looking forward to it. There were clearly two personalities after hearing him just now. So which one would everyone see?


Philly Spectrum-1988

Trina was nervous as she drove to the Spectrum. Her notebook had tons of questions for all of the guys. She now had listened to all four album several times over. She was intrigued with their storytelling. Especially on “Prayer “ and on another song “Livin in Sin” taken from their current album.
Trina attempted to formulate the story in her head but her byline could not come out. “What if they all think that I’m some groupie?” she thought. “What if my story sucked?” she asked herself again. She took another deep breath as she pulled into the Spectrum. “damn it Trina get a grip! You didn’t do all of this research day and night for three days to blow this. You can do this. Just an interview.” She reassured herself.
Trina parked her car into the lot. She looked at herself through the rear view mirror. She quickly took out her purse, grabbed her brush and quickly ran it through her hair. She took out some pale pink lip-gloss and began to apply the gloss quickly over her lips. With her eye makeup perfectly intact, she closed her eyes and counted to 10. She opened her car door and slowly walked into the back entrance. The back was abuzz with people. Roadies passing by with gear, wardrobe people flew by with trunks and trunks of clothes.
Trina continued walking through the hallways. Each door had a different label, wardrobe, catering, offices and finally publicity.
Noticing that the door was open, Trina peered in.
“If you’re looking for Heather she’ll be back.” A male voice said behind her. She turned around and there stood a guy with a ponytail, sweats and dark sunglasses on.
“Oh okay thanks.” She said.
“No problem.” He said. The man gave her a head to toe look and smiled. “So you’re here to interview the band?” he asked.
Trina looked through her notebook. “Yes I am. My name is Trina Logan. I take it that you’re one of the roadies?” she asked as she pulled out her pen. “What’s your name?” she asked.
“Frank.” He replied. “And I’m not exactly a roadie, but I do work for the band.
“Very nice.” She said. “So what do you do?” she asked.
“Oh a little of everything. I help Heather with press and promotion and Doc with making sure that the band gets to the venue on time and the ship runs right. You name it around here. I do it.” He said.
Trina began writing it down. The man glanced at his watch. “shit! I’m running late. Listen, I’ll go tell Heather you’re here. And then maybe later I’ll give you a quote or two.”
Trina smiled. “Okay. See you soon.”
”See ya later.” He said sprinting out as quickly as he arrived.
As she was formulating her quotes, Polygram’s publicity agent, Heather Ross came rushing through the door.
“Trina Logan?” Heather asked.
“Yes. Heather right?” Trina said.
“Yep. Jon told me that you were here. Sorry I’m late. I just needed to eat something.” Heather said.
“Jon?” Trina said. “I could have sworn he told me a little while ago that he said his name was Frank.” She said.
Heather laughed. “Oh no! He did it again!”
“What again? Jon who?” Trina asked.
“Jon Bon Jovi.” Heather said. “Frank is a nickname that Richie came up with a while ago.”
Trina was in shock. Her face ran hot. Heather continued to laugh. She put her arm around Trina. “Oh don’t feel bad. People do it all the time.”
“Oh my god. How could I be so stupid?” Trina said.
“Well he did have on very dark sunglasses.” Heather said.
“The voice. “ Trina said.
“Is much warmer in person.” Heather added.
“I can’t believe I that I didn’t recognize him.”
Heather continued to laugh. “Seriously don’t worry about it. Half of us barely recognize him when we see him. He liked your questions by the way.”
“Did he?” Trina asked.
”Yep. Said you really did your homework and he was looking forward to talking with you.”
Trina wiped her brow. She was relieved. “Phew.”
“Ready to meet them now?” Heather asked.
“Yes. Time to get this over with.” Trina said.
“The guys are great. Especially “Frank.” Heather quipped. Trina began to laugh. Heather brought her down to the stage area.
“Welcome to sound check. All we ask is that you watch; the guys are usually trying to work out their setlist and any kinks they have in the show. “ Heather said.
Trina watched as Jon without his ponytail and dark glasses on ran through song after song. It was minor but Trina did notice that Jon kept touching his throat.” Trina turned around to Heather. “Is he all right?”
“Oh yeah. Jon had a bout with laryngitis just before the break. It’s still probably giving him a little bit of grief.”
“That stinks that he couldn’t rest it for a couple of more days.” Trina said.
Heather snickered. “That’ll be the day. He’ll never cancel a show.”
“No?” Trina asked.
“Absolutely not. For Jon that’s disappointing a fan. And when he does that, he and band the disappoint themselves. “ Heather said.
”Interesting.” Trina said as the guys put down their instruments. Jon turned around smiled warmly at Trina.
“Hello Trina.” Jon said extending out his hand.
”Hello Frank.” Trina said sarcastically. She extended her hand and shook his.
“Told ya I do a little of everything.” Jon said.
“That you did. However, you left out the fact that you can also sing lead.” She said.
Jon laughed.
“Frank’s my nickname.” Jon said.
“Dean’s mine.” Said Richie waving.
Trina laughed.
“Well I see Jon and Trina have already met. Trina meet our keyboardist, Dave Bryan, Alec John Such, our bass player, Tico Torres, on drums and um. Dean aka Richie Sambora our lead guitarist.” Heather said.
Richie winked at Trina. The other waved in acknowledgement.
“Nice to meet all of you.” Trina said as she got out her notebook and pen.
“So your friends with Fletcher?” Jon asked
“Yes I am.” Trina said. She took her glasses from purse and began to leaf through her notes. Jon walked over and began to look at them too.
“Did you know he was going to write a book on me?” Jon asked.
“I heard about something he was working on with you.” Trina said.
“Piece of shit was going to write it without my permission.” Jon glared.
“Well, I wouldn’t do that to you.” Trina said.
“Well good or else I’ll sue your ass like I was about to do to him.” Jon said.
“Listen, I don’t want any problems. I don’t know what happened between you and Fletcher. I’m just trying to get this published in the Post. “ She told him.
“Why wouldn’t it be published?” Jon asked.
“Not good enough.” Trina said.
Jon looked agitated. He folded his arms and rolled his eyes. “Why wouldn’t it be good enough?” Jon asked.
”I don’t know. The interview hasn’t even started yet. Why the hell am I getting the third degree? “ She asked.
“You said that this story may not been good enough. Tell me why?” Jon asked.
“Because I’m afraid that I’ll miss something; some fact that would make things weak.” Trina said.
Jon took the notebook and leaf through the notes. He smiled.
“This story not’s going to be weak. You got some good stuff to work off here. I have a friend at the Post who told me that you were trying out for Fletcher’s position.” He told her.
Trina nodded her head. “True. But how did you know?”
“You don’t like disappointing people. We’re alike that way.” Jon said.
“No I don’t. I’ve heard that about you too also.”
“I don’t.” he told her giving her back the notebook. “Sorry about the inquisition. Good to see you stood up to me. I’ll be real honest; I don’t talk to people like I’m talking to you. You don’t have to be nervous around us. The guys and I put on our pants on one leg at a time just like you. No more Frank, no more beating around the bush. Ask me and the guys anything and everything you want.” Jon said.
“Thanks.” Trina smiled.

“How your voice?” Trina asked.
“I mentioned that you had a bout with laryngitis a few days ago.” Heather said.
“Oh, it’s all right. Better thanks.” Jon said sounding hesitant.
“Good. You wouldn’t want to disappoint these people coming in a couple of hours.” Trina said.
“I sure as hell don’t.” Jon told her. He couldn’t stop looking at her. He understood everything she was saying. There was a connection to her. He felt very comfortable talking to her even though he has only known her for less than ninety minutes.
“We don’t either.” Richie added. “These people used their hard earned money to see us.” He continued. “We put 110% into each and every show we do. “ Jon said. “There are no exceptions to that.”
“Okay, I’ll leave you alone with the boys. I can’t wait to read it.” Heather said. Walking off the stage. She turned around and noticed the interaction between Trina and Jon. She never saw Jon smile so much during an interview. “Thank god Dot’s not around.” Heather thought. “This could get ugly.”


Trina sat in the family room of her apartment in total confusion. She has applied for the music writing position and based on her clips, her editor thought she’d be a perfect candidate for the position.
Like Darryl had told her, the story that she editors needed from her needed to be an original.
So what did she do? She blurted out that she’d try to land an interview with Bon Jovi, thanks to Darryl. Great idea, if you were familiar with them. Craziness if you’re trying to sift through what was fact and what was fiction.
Trina looked endlessly at clip after and clip. “Did Jon really get married recently? Is Richie seeing Ally Sheedy like everyone is saying? Was Alec really playing horribly onstage?” The questions continued to pour out of her and onto her notebook.
A knock at the door for the time being quelled the rumor mill flowing through her head. She took off her glasses and went to the door. There stood Darryl and her best friend Kendall. Each one had two large bags with them.
Flabbergasted, Trina looked at them both.
“Geez Trina, don’t invite us in.” Kendall said flying through the door. She walked into the kitchen and put the bags down on the countertop.
Darryl followed her in.
“Ya know? We bring reinforcements.” He said as he put the down the bags on her coffee table.
Trina shut the door behind them. She walked over to the coffee table. Darryl began to take out several tapes. She looked closer and then picked one of them up. Darryl smiled.
“That’s their latest one, “ he told them. “ I got it a year ago. They can’t keep this in the stores right now. If you lose it, I’ll kill ya.” He said with a wink.
“All of these are Bon Jovi?” “ Trina asked.
“Yep. There’s only four of them. But, here are some imported interviews, straight from the man himself and I also bear a gift from Fletcher.” Darryl said taking out of the bag a large accordion folder. Taped to side of it was a message. “The joy is in taking the ride…Good luck Trina! -Love Fletcher.”
Trina smiled “Aww Fletcher. I’m going to miss you.”
“We’re definitely going to miss him. At the staff meeting earlier tonight, the Entertainment editor got a call from McGhee Entertainment.
“And I got the interview?” Trina squealed.
“You sure as hell did!” Darryl screamed.
“Whoo-hoo!” Trina screamed as she jumped up and down. She ran into the Darryl’s arms and propped a big kiss on his lips. “Thank you! Thank you my friend!!! Man do I owe you big!” she yelled.
“Thank me after you get the position. You have a lot of work to do.” Darryl said.
Kendall had taken some wine glasses from Trina’s cabinet. She smiled proudly at her friend. She took the wine out of the bag and proceeded to pour it into the three glasses. Kendall knew how hard Trina worked for a break like this. Sure they have been other positions, but with Fletcher’s support. Trina could begin a great career with a lot of opportunities.
Beaming with pride, she gave Darryl and Trina their glasses.
“I think this calls for a celebration.” Kendall said walking briefly into the kitchen to grab her glass and back into the family room. She held up her glass in a toast.
“Here’s to good fortune my friend. You worked as hard as anyone for this kind of opportunity. I wish you success and much happiness. “ Kendall said.
“Here, here. Oh and much luck in getting Mr. Bon Jovi to open his mouth. “ Darryl said holding his glass up.
“Huh?” Trina said. She held her glass up, took a quick sip and put it down.
“They may be the most successful group around right now, but they’re private as hell.” Darryl said.
“You don’t have to tell me.” Said Trina. “I’ve been looking for all kinds of stuff on them. As you can see, all I’m getting is shit from Page six.” Trina said.
‘You don’t want to talk to them about this kind of stuff. Especially Jon. The interview will end before it can even start. So, this is why Fletcher thought you could you use this.” He pointed at the folder.
Trina began to sift through the folder. In it was the band’s itinerary of not only tour dates but of a couple of hotels they were staying at. Also in the folder were audio tapes filled with interviews that Fletcher had done with the band, there were photos, dozens of news articles and what looked to be a couple of notebooks. Darryl picked one of them up to show Trina.
“Now these can never be shown to anyone. These when you see them will really show you want the band is all about.” Darryl said.
Trina took one of the notebooks out of the folder and began to leaf through his.
“They look like notes to me. Are they from those tapes?” Trina asked.
“No. Those tapes haven’t been transcribed yet. According to Fletcher, there’s about thirty hours of stuff on them.” He said.
“ Well hell, why didn’t Fletch just write a freakin book with all of this?” Trina said.
“He was going to, but Jon stopped it.” Darryl said.
“Why?” asked Kendall
“Really. I bet it would have been a best-seller.” Trina said.
“To be honest, I can’t see them doing it. They’re such a young band with so many years ahead of them. You combine that with how private the band is and you’ve got nada.” Darryl said.
“Understandable.” Trina said.
“Well I don’t.” said Kendall.
“I want to know what makes a band like that tick. It takes a special group to hold this type of thing together. “She continued.
“There’s another question for me. “ Trina said running to her notebook and pen. She scrawled on the notebook. “What makes this band, the band we know and love?” she wrote. She put the notebook and pen down.
Darryl began to took through what Trina had sprawled throughout her family room. He began to crumple it up and throw it in the garbage.
“What are you doing?” asked Trina.
“You’re not going to find what you’re looking for in this crap. Your story is in these tapes and notebooks. Fletcher’s notes are fantastic. This is your way in.” Darryl said.
Trina signed. “Okay.”
Kendall walked back into the kitchen. She began to take out several take-out boxes.
“Well since the guys will be here in three days, we e decided to help you with your homework. My gift to you is from Ming’s. “ Kendall said.
“Chicken Lo Mein? Beef And Broccoli? How about Vegetable Lo Mein?” Kendall continued.
Darryl began to open the first tape aptly titled “Bon Jovi” and put it in her stereo.
When Trina heard the first bars of the song “Love Lies, “ she sat down on her couch motionless for a minute. The smell of the beef and broccoli had decided to take over for a brief period of time. She had forgotten to eat. Surely this would carry her through the night. “I’ll take Beef and Broccoli.” Trina said. Darryl finished picking up Trina’s notes that were scattered throughout the floor.
Trina seemed mesmerized by the song. She leaned back and took in every word, every chorus. She smiled.
“It’s good huh?” asked Darryl.
Jon’s voice was hypnotic. The lyrics told a story that was rarely told anymore. Trina couldn’t help but wonder where Jon’s head was when he wrote this.
“Huh?” Trina asked Darryl.
Kendall laughed as she put the food in front of her. She glanced over at Darryl.
“Look like Jovi found another fan.” She told him. Darryl threw the last of piece of scrap paper he had in his hand into the trash.
“And so it begins.” Darryl said.

Ch. 2

Jon Bon Jovi was looking at himself in the bathroom mirror of his New Jersey apartment he shared with longtime girlfriend Dorothea Hurley.
It was the first of a three-day break. Rare indeed for a man whose band had sold 12 million records.
He literally slept most of the day . Exhausted, he knew this tour wasn’t going to end anytime soon.
Jon continued to look at his face in horror. It was bloated. Heavy dark circles appeared like a mask around his famous blue eyes. His famous long, brown hair was swept in a ponytail. He touched his chin and noticed a two-day growth..
But most of all, he could barely speak. His throat was killing him. It was a constant pain .Before it was only when he sang, now, the pain was so severe that he could hardly let out a whisper.
Dorothea watched in the corner of the bathroom. He looked broken and battered. Unfortunately, the tour wasn’t even close to being done. She got up and walked alongside him. She put her head on his shoulder. Jon closed his eyes. He hated how he looked and most of all, how he felt.
“Good afternoon baby.” Dorothea said.
“Is it?” he whispered.
Dorothea nodded. She glanced at her watch. “It’s 2 pm.”
“2 o’clock? Geez, I was supposed to go over to mom’s house this morning. Why didn’t you wake me?”
“Because your mother came here. Took one look at you and decided that it could wait. “ She said.
He touched his throat. The pain was agonizing. “I have to see the doctor about my voice. My throat is killing me.” He told her.
“It needs rest. Just like you. You shouldn’t keep trying to talk.” Dorothea replied.
“It’s more than my voice Dot. Look at me. I’m sick. I’m sick all the time now. These steroids they’re giving me I swear are doing more harm than good.”
“It’s stopping your throat from swelling up Jon. Look, you have to keep on going. People paid and worked very hard at their own jobs just to see you and the other guys. You can’t stop now.” She said. “I need a break. I really don’t feel great. I could postpone things a month or two. I think everyone would understand. “ He told her.
Dorothea signed. Jon simply could not take a break right now. If he did, the doctor’s would make him stop for awhile like he said so that he could rest his voice. To her that meant dealing with Jon’s parents, Carol and John Bongiovi, day in and day out. Dot was in no mood for that. The two of them didn’t like her in the first place and she’d be damned if those two were going to give her a rough time about what Doc and his team were giving Jon and the other band members to keep on going on this tour. If she kept him on the road and within her grasp, she wouldn’t have to listen to them. She could be with him and let things in their relationship continue to flourish.
“Baby, just get some rest. Then see how you feel in a couple of days. You’ll feel better before Saturday’s Philly show. Really you will. Trust me. “ She said.
Jon looked at her through the reflection of the mirror. He smiled weakly and walked away into the bedroom. Dorothea watched him go back to bed without saying another word…
Meanwhile at McGhee Entertainment, Doc McGhee and his team were finalizing press for the next leg of the Jersey Syndicate tour.
Doc was very proud of the band. Their success surpassed even his wildest dreams. Since the tour was already sold-out, his team needed to focus on more press and a follow-up album. This afternoon, he was fielding offers from MTV, Much Music in Canada, Rolling Stone and the Philly Post.
Sitting in his office, Doc and tour manager Paul Korzilius began to sift through the offers.
“Here we go. Rolling Stone wants to do a cover story on Jon. “ Paul said. Doc rolled his eyes. “Dear God. Jon will shit a brick. Tell me the guys would be in it too?” Doc smirked.
Paul shook his head. “Nope. No other band members. Just Jon.”
Doc signed. “I figured that. Tell them yes. I’ll just have to explain it to Jon.”
Paul agreed. “Yeah. He can’t turn this down. Rolling Stone’s a big deal. Especially a cover story. It can introduce him to new fans. “
Doc said. “Yep. Sell more records. Sell more tickets for him and the guys. But he really hates doing these types of stories. To be honest, I’m almost afraid to ask him.”
“Do you want me to?” Paul asked.
Doc shook his head. “Nah. I want to talk to him about more overseas dates.”
“How’s his voice?” Paul asked.
Doc looked down at the Rolling Stone proposal. “Very raw. He could barely whisper the other night.” Doc said.
Paul frowned. “Could it hurt to keep them off the road for a month?”
”I’d love to. And it wouldn’t hurt. Not at all. But unfortunately these dates are contracted. We can’t get out of them. And Paul you know him. He wouldn’t cancel or postpone these dates if his life depended on it.”
“It may if he keeps up these crazy-ass schedule.” Paul replied.
“Dot says that he can handle it. Jon says he can handle it. So do the guys. What am I going to do?” Doc said.
“You as his manager and friend can make him stop.” Paul said.
“And run the risk of him firing me? Paul, people besides myself would lose their jobs too. Do you want me to explain to a roadie’s wife and kids who are expecting food in their stomachs and a roof over their head that they’ve been let go?”
“True. “ Paul said. “However Doc, Jon’s got to understand that he as the front person has to come first. Those people can be without a job. God forbid if Jon forbid keels over from exhaustion or a doctor tells him, no more singing. Period. “
“You’re preaching to the choir here. I agree with you. But he wants what he wants.” Doc said.
“Am I preaching? Or is this whole grand-scale spectacle you?” Paul asked. “You oversee the Skids and Motley Crue. This team isn’t entirely dependent on Jovi. “
“No. It’s not. But the boys are the Number one Rock Band in the world, they have the number one album in the world right now, but most of all to promote that album, they have the number one tour of the year. Again. Those dates were made months ago, like these other ones we’re about to make. To put on a tour of this magnitude, we have to add more people to our staff. Some of these people are dedicated exclusively to Bon Jovi. Jon wants to go back and do some dates again to promote the new single. Are you getting it now, more dates to set in stone, more money for the staff to provide for their families. Paul, I love him. He’s like a brother to me. But Jonny himself set up these mandates. Not me. A lot of people have a lot riding on him. In my heart of hearts I know he needs a break, however, unfortunately it’s a luxury and the other members can’t afford until after this tour is over. “ Doc refuted.
Paul sat there motionless. He was fond of Jon as a friend. He hated what this touring schedule was doing to not only him, but the rest of the guys. He does understand Doc’s point of view. His staff members have families dependent on Jon and this band until the tour ends. But is anyone really talking to Jon about this. He didn’t know how to feel at this point. So he decided that for now he needed to separate himself and do his job the way Jon would want him to. For the first time, Paul had to not care and just hope for the best.

Ch. 1.

And so it begins….

After three years of writing obits, updating the daily police blotter and taking various calls from people who wanted their 15 minutes of fame, Trina Logan needed to do something else.
She tried to be patient, she tried to do everything that was asked of her but still she was working the afternoon shift at the Philly Post. A place where she watched both friends and enemies get further than her.
“Maybe I’m not pretty enough.” She told her friend Darryl one day at lunch in the company’s break room.
Darryl, one of Trina’s best friends and one of the Post’s best reporters, hated when his friend got down. Unlike her personality, he attempted to cheer her up.
“What? Trina, you’re pretty. Where’s this coming from?” Darryl asked.
“Julie Gibson got the TV reporter position.” Trina said.
“So? Do you really want to watch TV 24/7? I know I couldn’t do it.” He replied.
“Trina look a bite out of her sandwich and put it down.
“It’s something different. I could have interviewed celebrities, got to wear cool clothes, got to see shows before anyone else-“
“And it would have drove you insane!” Darryl interrupted as he took a sip of his iced tea.
He was quick-witted and kind. Trina could always trust his opinion. Good or bad, right or wrong. Darryl was always someone she could count on. He gave Trina a blank stare. She pursed her lips. Although, seemingly agitated, she knew he was right.
“So what if it did? It’s my insanity. It’s more money. It’s the beginning of something.” She retorted.
He shook his head.
“You are so stubborn. You are a good writer Trina. You and Julie are two different animals. She may be pretty, but she would runaway from her own shadow. You? You need people. You feed on your observations, your need to inform others. When you do that, the stories you translate are great. Watch her stuff. It’ll be like this… ‘It was a good show. Watch for this show on Saturday night. Catch ya’ on the flip side!’” Darryl said mimicking Julie’s soft voice. Trina let out a huge laugh.
“Okay, you got me. “ she said. “So what am I going to do?” she asked.
“There’s a music writer position going up. Fletcher’s retiring. “ Darryl told her.
“Really? What kind of clips do they need? “
“An original. So that is proves that you can think on your feet and meet a deadline.” Darryl said.
“The position hasn’t gone up yet. “ Darryl continued. “You’re hearing this through the grapevine.”
“It isn’t official yet?” Trina said.
“Nope. Fletcher told us all during our staff meeting before lunch.” Darryl said.
“Hmmmm. An original piece….” Trina thought as she took a potato chip out of a small plastic bag, she looked at the chip’s shape. It was an individual, an original. Just like her.
“Bon Jovi’s playing at the Spectrum on Saturday.” Darryl said.
Trina laughed.
“Oh yeah. Like they would let me into that show.” She snickered.
“Why wouldn’t they?” Darryl asked.
Trina stood up in front of Darryl and twirled herself around. She was petite with long, brown wavy hair and huge blue eyes. She showed off her Khaki’s and white sweater as if she was gearing up for a Versace fashion show.
“You look gorgeous.” Darryl said. Trina smiled back. She took her glasses from her purse and put them on.
“Now tell me again. Do you think Bon Jovi’s people would let me in? I’m telling ya, the collegiate look is in. “ she quipped.
“All they would care about is how you portrayed them. I doubt Jon Bon Jovi would care about how you looked. “ Darryl said.
“Well he’s fucking gorgeous. Dear God.” Trina told Darryl. “Aside from the fact that I know who he is; I don’t know a single song of theirs. “ she said.
“You don’t know any of their songs? “ he asked. “What the hell planet have you been on?”
“I don’t know. I’m into Duran Duran, stuff like that.” She said.
“You do not know ‘Wanted?”
“Wanted what?” she asked.
Darryl sighed. “His temples suddenly began to throb. He took his fingers and began to slowly massage his them.
“Dead or Alive…Wanted. Do you know Prayer?” Trina looked at him blankly. She nodded no.
“Wow!” Darryl said.
“We got some work to do.” Darryl said getting up suddenly and putting on his jacket.
“Where are you going?” Trina asked.
“Going to help you out. I’ll be back.” He said as he sprinted out of the break room.
“Trina walked back to the table. She took another potato chip out of the bag. “Prayer?” she asked out loud.
“Umm. Trina that would be “Livin on a Prayer.” Said Julie Gibson coming up from behind her. She took Trina’s potato chip from Trina’s hand and popped it into her mouth.
Pretty with long blond hair and blue eyes. Julie turned around and glared at her. “Hell, call me a wallflower, but at least I know Bon Jovi songs. “ Julie said walking out.
Trina couldn’t stand her. She knew she had more talent in her little finger than Julie had in even one brain cell. She would provide to everyone that she could do this and get that job. Her time was now.