Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ch. 19

-Civic Arena-Pittsburgh

After their in-store appearance and performance, the guys went through their pre-performance rituals for the concert.

Trina wrote in her journal about the day and what it meant to her. The others laughed and talked to their friends. Jon sat on the couch playing an instrumental version of “Shooting Star” on his guitar.

Trina, finished with her journal entry, sat down next to him. She placed her hand underneath her chin and simply listened to him play.

He was intense, playing each string capturing every chord as if he were speaking to him.

He looked over at her. He smiled gently and continued to play.

Trina continued to listen, however her eyes diverted to his. They were calm and warm. Looking so intensely on making sure every chord and key was dead on.

She enjoyed every minute of the private performance. It was then she realized it. ‘He was perfect.’ She thought. ‘Everything that anyone could ever want their lover or friend to be. Intelligent, strong, friendly, great with his peers…Handsome.’

‘He seems so unaware of how he looks, but at the same time aware of it. How does he do that’ She continued thinking. Her thoughts went quickly back to what he had said to her at the Bower about Fighting. ‘ Thank you for reminding me to fight.’ He told her. At this point, he’s proven to everyone that he’s more than capable of doing what needs to be done. Just let him do what he wants. What was the problem?’

He finished up the song. She clapped wildly.

“Thank you.” He said softly.

She smiled warmly at him.

“Well done Mr. Bon Jovi!”

Jon put the guitar down by the side of the couch. He leaned back against the couch, feeling his body relax a bit before going onstage.

“Do you always play before a show?” She asked.

Jon nodded “No. Just felt the need to tonight after that in-store.”

“That was a good rendition of that song.” Trina said.

“Thinking about adding it to one of the set lists the leg.” He told her.

“You should.” Trina insisted.

He yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Why not?” You encouraged me, now I’m encouraging you.” She insisted.

He took out a cough drop and popped it in his mouth. He pushed the cough drop towards one side of his cheek.

“All right. I will.” He told her.

Trina looked concerned as she saw the cough drops again. She picked up the wrapper that he placed on the table and began to play with it.

Jon watched her play with the wrapper. He was expecting her to say something, but to his surprise she didn’t. She simply put the wrapped in the garbage and smiled

Jon shook his head and snickered. ‘She’s definitely got me.’ He thought.

“Did you enjoy your first day on the job?” he asked her.

“Yeah, I did. It was fun. I’m exhausted and you all still have a show to do, but it was interesting watching you work.”

“Call me Sybil.” Jon quipped. “Well don’t because Obie does, but I like to make sure that everything in every area is going well.”

“Awww. Protector of all?” Trina asked

“Or none. Give or take the day. ” Jon teased.

He played with the cough drop in his mouth.

Trina had a stray hair falling from her face. He took his index finger and pushed it back. He looked her at with a curious look on his face.

“What?” she asked.

“How are you doing with all of this? I heard earlier today that you got pretty upset last night.”

Trina sighed. She nervously tucked her hair in the back of her ear.

“I’m better. It was just overwhelming leaving everyone and everything I knew. Kendall has been with me for 20 years. Darryl was the one who got me the job at the Post not to mention helping me prep for my tryout for my new job.”

“Understand. If this is too much-“

Trina interrupted. “Nope. It’s not. I felt better the minute we left Philly.”

“Well like you told me, you have a friend if you need one.” Jon said.

Doc opened up the door.

Time for the inmates to come out of the asylum….

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ch. 18

Trina was up at the crack of dawn.

Getting into Pittsburgh early this morning, she filed her story and attempted to fall asleep.

However, she couldn’t help that thoughts of Jon swirled in her mind. So much that any chance of sleep disappeared when the alarm came on.

She wondered how two people could have so much in common, but yet be so different.

Watching his poise through radio interviews and business meetings throughout the morning both impressed and attracted to him even more.

During a brief break before going accompanying the band to an in-store appearance and performance, Trina wrote in her notebook

Grace Under Pressure.’

Obie, needing a rest from setting up the show’s sound, glanced at the three words jumping off the page.

“Grace Under Pressure…. Not me today.” He said sitting next to Trina.

Trina looked up and acknowledged him. She continued to look at those three words.

“Yeah. Working on my next entry…” She told Obie.

Obie nodded. “Oh.”

“How does he do it? I watched him this morning do two radio interviews with DJ’s from 2 different stations asking him practically the same questions, and all he did was smile and answer their questions as honestly and as charming as possible. If that were me, I would have turned around and told Doc, “Oh my God, if I get asked that question one more time, I swear I’m walking out!” Trina said.

Obie laughed. “He can do it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s for the kids. He loves to write and perform for not only himself, but for them too.”

“It amazes me that he can simply turn that part off and then talk to all of you for ninety minutes about safety regulations, insurance, ordering a new PA system and what all of you want for lunch!” Trina said looking shocked.

“He’s like freakin' Sybil. I know. None of the band knows how he does it either. But, I guess when you’re the front man, you have to dabble in a little bit of everything.” Obie said.

“What does he like to do when he’s not tour? Do he have any hobbies? Does he like sports?” Trina asked.

“Dear God. Football. It starts in a couple of months and dear god watch out.” Obie said. Trina laughed.

“I’m dead serious. Jon loves football. Especially the Giants. It’s borderline scary on how much he loves the game.”

Trina smiled. “What else does he like?”

Obie glanced up at the sky, trying to think of anything else that his friend likes.

“Mmmm. Cars. He really likes cars. Classic ones. Especially Camaros and Porsches. He likes bikes too. In fact, he recently bought a Harley that I know he’s itching to ride when the tour is over. “ He said.

“Cars, bikes, football.” Trina said.

“Junk food. Pizza, really good wine, burgers, fries. To add insult to injury, load those fries up with cheese and he’ll love you for life.” Obie continued.

“He doesn’t seem so complicated.” Trina said.

“No. He isn’t. However, the business as crazy as it is complicates things constantly. Relationships, the paparazzi, tabloid bullshit all comes into play when probably all he wants to do is take someone out to dinner and a movie.”

Trina shook her head in disbelief.

Obie looked at her with a surprised look on her face. “So, he hasn’t asked you out yet?” He asked.

Trina was shocked that he would even ask her that. “Mmm. No. Why would he ask?”

“That Kiss. I’ve known Jonny for a looong time. Never saw him do that before.”

Trina looked at him nervously. “It was nothing…that kiss.”

“Okay.” Obie said looking strangely at her. “Really it was nothing. Just a caught up in the moment type of thing.” Trina insisted.

“Obie looked at her pointedly and sighed.

“It’ll happen again.”

Trina laughed. “No it won’t. “

Obie stood up.

“Trina, another thing you need to learn about Jonny is that he won’t stop. He’ll try to, but he goes through life by his emotions. If they take him to you, well, you’re in for a wild ride. Just have fun with it.” He told her walking away.

Trina’s mind swirled again with thoughts and questions. She looked down at her notebook once again. ‘Grace Under Pressure’ leapt off of the page at her.

She was now even more confused than when she first started all of this.


“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that she’s fine.” Richie said.

He was speaking to Kendall the phone. She had been worried about Trina, and he promised to update her regularly on how she was doing.

Richie was sitting in an empty office at a music store that was ½ a mile from the venue. He was waiting for his cue to join the others for an in-store appearance and performance.

He seemed to have hit it off with Kendall immediately as they have a couple of things in common. A love for music and a fierce loyalty for people they cared about.

Richie understood how close Trina and Kendall were. He and Jon shared a similar friendship. He didn’t mind calling her every now and then to assure her that Trina was fine. He got up for a second and went to a window that was on the other side of the office. There sat Trina writing in her notebook. He smiled and went back to the phone.

“She’s writing away as we speak. Obie must have gone back to work because I know he was with her a little while ago.” He told her.

A mumbled voice talked to him for a second.

“I will. I’ll let her know you’re thinking about her too. Take care hon.” Richie said softly.

As he hung up the phone, he heard a noise at the door. It was Ally with her arms folded, staring coldly at Richie.

“Who was that on the phone?” she asked.

“No one. Just a friend.” Richie told her.

He knew not to talk anymore about Kendall or anyone else he’d been previously involved with. That was always a sore sport for Ally. Whether he was friends with them or not.

Her eyes continued to cut through his like a razor.

“It sounded a little heavy.” She insisted.

“Not that big of a deal. Just a friend wanting to make sure another friend is doing okay.”

Ally rolled her eyes.

“Kendall can’t use her manicured nails to dial Trina herself?” Ally flared.

“We’re a little hard to reach during the day as you know.” Richie said. “Besides, I didn’t mind telling her quickly that Trina was okay. “

“I’m freakin’ sure you didn’t!” Ally yelled.

Richie got up as if to leave. The green-eyed monster that currently was Ally began to rear its head and he was in no mood for it.

“What the fuck is your problem Ally?”

“She’s my problem Richie. I’m shocked that you even remembered my name considering the way you’ve been behaving lately when she’s around.”

Richie began to walk towards the door.

“I have an in-store in about ten minutes. I’m in no mood to deal with this now!”

“Well neither am I, but shit, that’s the breaks now isn’t it?” She snapped.

“Haven’t you ever had a long-time friend that you’ve known for most of your life that is going through a major change and needed support?” Richie asked.

“Of course, but Kendall should call Trina. Why are you playing messenger?”

“What does it matter? Trina was upset about leaving her life behind and I wanted to let Kendall know what she was doing better today.”

Ally rolled her eyes once more. “Whatever. Next time you get her on the phone, you better tell her that if she has concerns about her friend, call her herself!” Ally yelled storming past Richie and out the door.

Richie walked into the back of the warehouse where by now the rest of the band was now gathered to head into the store.

With them, patiently watching from the sides was Trina.

Richie looked furious as he stood next to Jon. They waited for their cue to go on from the music store’s publicist.

Jon looked over at Richie, who was now dead silent. His lips were pursed, afraid that if he spoke of what happened, words would come out that he didn’t mean.

“What’s wrong?” Jon asked. He had never seen Richie so angry. Richie didn’t say a word. It was if he were a statue.

“That good huh?” Jon asked him.

Richie did look over at him and shook his head. “Yep.” He replied.

“What happened?” Jon asked.

“I called Kendall to let her know how Trina was because Trina has been going through a rough time with leaving her life behind and all…”

Jon suddenly wasn’t hearing the rest of Richie’s story. His face went from looking concerned for his friend’s well being to being worried about Trina. He took a quick glance at Trina watching all of them. He smiled gently at her and his look of concern turned to sadness.

“Is she okay?” Jon asked. “Shit. Maybe this was all too much. Then I went and kissed her.” Jon rambled.

“Weren’t you listening to me bro? I said she was fine.” Richie reassured him. “Anyways, I was telling Kendall and Ally comes in and starts spewing shit.”

Jon was still concerned over Trina. “Did I tell you that I kissed her? .Not once…but three times?” Jon told him.

Richie looked shocked. “What?”

Jon got nervous all of a sudden. He raked his hair with the palms of his hands. He nodded.

“When the hell did you do this?” Richie asked

“Once after the show, the other time at the Bowery.”

Jon looked over at Trina. He put his head down in embarrassment. Richie shook his head. “And you tell me to watch myself?” Richie snickered.

“I’m not the one with the girlfriend.” Jon replied.

“You had one a week ago.” Richie whispered.

“You have one now. A famous one who could go to the freakin’ tabloids at anytime and let you have it.” Jon said.

“I was being nice. She was concerned. I was concerned.” Richie told him. Trina walked over to them.

“Concerned about what?” she asked.

“Nothing!” Jon and Richie said at the same time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ch. 17

The group gathered at the Bowery for a late meal. Mark, the Bowery’s owner and former Bon Jovi staff member, had closed the bar so that the band could have some privacy.

Trina was starving. She feasted on chicken wings and French fries. Mark was giving her a glass of beer when Jon sat down across from her.

“Food is good here huh?” He asked her. He motioned for Mark to get him a beer as he watched Trina polish off more fries.
“These are great.” She told him as she continued to dip the fries into a white cheese sauce.

“It’s all about the cheese.” Jon quipped. “It’s addicting. I make sure that every time I come here I get a double-bacon burger and cheese fries.” He continued.

“Mmm. Good advice. Can’t believe this is my second batch of fries.” She told him. Her face suddenly felt flushed.

“You were hungry.” Jon said. Mark by then had brought over his beer and placed it on the table. He looked at Trina’s empty basket and smiled.

“Another batch Trina?” Mark asked.

“Oh no!” she said holding up her hand. “Any more and I’ll explode.” She said.

Jon laughed. He took a sip of beer and planted the glass back down on the table.

“Since we’ve established that you’re also a junk food junkie. Can we talk about what happened earlier?” he asked.

Trina took a long sip of her beer. She wiped her mouth off with a napkin that she had placed in her lap. She took a deep breath. She really was very hesitant to talk about this now.

“It wasn’t a big deal.” She replied.

Jon looked surprised.

“No?” he asked.

“I mean I understand why you kissed me.”

“Okay.” Jon asked.

She attempted to put an end to the discussion.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. All of that energy that crowd made tonight. Nerves. Completely understandable.”

“What if that wasn’t it? What if I genuinely like you and want to see what goes from here? ” He asked.

Trina looked shocked. She took another long sip of her beer, leaving the glass nearly empty. She needed to rationalize and like Kendall said…Focus. “Well Jon, I like you too. I mean look what you’ve done for me. You’ve been great.”

Jon smiled. “Thank you but-”

Trina became dismissive. “But, I have to focus Jon. I want to do the best job I can for everyone. I have deadlines, other assignments…”

“And you need to have a good time with all of this. Otherwise, none of this will make much sense. Now will it?” he told her.

“I guess.” She said.

“Listen Trina, I wouldn’t want to do anything that would keep you from doing your job.”

He looked down at his fingers, tapping the table nervously. “You and I have so much in common. You remind me so such of myself when I first started. You’re passionate, strong, and steadfast in what you believe in. Shit, seems like such a long-time ago when Polygram was trying to change my name to Johnny Lightning.” He told her.

Trina nearly spit out her beer.

“Johnny Lightning? Are you serious?” she asked him.

“Dead serious. And I fought them and won. And then it was the other time when I first got my record deal and I had to put a song on it that I hated.”

“Okay, kill me now, but I really haven’t had a chance to really take a listen to the first record. I know ‘Runaway’, but…” Trina said leaning back in her chair.

“She Don’t Know Me.’ I didn’t write that. In order for me to have the creative freedom I had and do to this day, I had to put that song on the record.” Jon said rolling his eyes.

Trina looked surprised. “I had no idea you didn’t write that.”

“It’s not me. Not a part of me. Not where my head was at when I wrote that record. Not even my style. So, I refuse to play it live.” He said.

“It’s not a bad song Jon.” Trina said finishing up her beer. Mark watched her empty glass. He quickly came over and it exchanged it for a full glass.

“No. But like you were telling me what you weren’t going to stand for earlier today with your writing is the same way I felt about that song. From that record, on, if I didn’t write it, I wasn’t going to record it. No one’s going to tell me what to add on a song I have no idea about ever again to guarantee a hit. I’ll write with others, perform with others. But I also want a say in what to write. Richie, Desmond Child are great with me that way.” Jon said.

Trina got it. She nodded her head in agreement. ‘Common ground.” She thought. It explained why he got that way at sound check. They shared more that she realized.

“You had to fight too.” She said.

Jon nodded. “Still do. You’d be surprised at some of the shit I go through sometimes.”

Trina reached out and touched his arm. “Well you’ve got a friend in me.” She said.

Jon smiled. “Good.” He told her as his hand met hers, their fingers interlocked with each other. Both now looked at each other as if they both now had a true understanding of the other.

“I guess that’s what the problem was with Dorothea?” Trina asked.

“Yep and then some. Not taking that. Not anymore.” He said.

“So what’s next?” She asked. Jon shrugged his shoulders. “Sleep and then Pittsburgh and god knows where else.”

“For me. It’s going to file my story, Pittsburgh and then bed. Goodnight Jon. Thanks for the talk.” Trina said getting up from her seat.

“No, thank you for reminding me to fight again.” Jon told her as he got up.

He walked over and gave her another kiss on the forehead.

Trina smiled. She can’t believe she is walking away from him. ‘What am I doing?’ she thought.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


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Ch. 16

Everyone was speechless. Trina tried hard to catch her breath as she shook like a leaf.

Her face was pale. The emotions of what just happened rocked her to the core.

She leaned herself against Kendall. Kendall chuckled sweetly and touched her hand.

“I take it you’ve made up?” She asked her best friend.

Trina was speechless. Her eyes were eagerly waiting for him to hurry back so that they could continue where they left off.

She couldn’t say a word. All she could do was nod her head. Kendall turned to Doc who was speechless as well.

“Darlin, he’s never done that before. Couldn’t tell you why he did that.” Doc said.

Trina walked towards the stage entrance as the band performed. She could see all of them perform song after song flawlessly. When Bad Medicine began to play, Jon even motioned for Kendall to come out and dance with him.

Trina simply took in the whole experience. It was a great show. The show ended on a strong note with Jon and Richie singing not only the acoustic version of “Prayer,” but also “Never Say Goodbye.”

Everyone was silent. It was riveting to say the least. It was in a lower key than the crowd was used to hearing, but nonetheless the new arrangement was breathtaking.

Trina took in lyric after lyric. Jon looked over at her a couple of times and smiled warmly.

He was content. Purely at ease with the way he was performing. It was heartfelt, raw. It evoked memories for any and everyone that had ever been through what Jon’s muse had been through when the song was written.

As the song ended, Richie and Jon got a standing ovation. They said their goodnights to the audience and left the stage. The crowd roared wildly for them backstage. Trina clapped also as Jon and Richie got congratulatory hugs, kisses and handshakes.

Jon, in the middle of a sea of friends and family, couldn’t help but to look at Trina. She was grinning from ear to ear.

He walked over to her as the crowd began to go their separate ways.

“How did you like that?” he exclaimed.

“I loved it! Never Say Goodbye was done so beautifully.” She said.

“I decided to throw in a curveball. That was for you.” He said as he gently placed his lips on her forehead.

She suddenly jerked back. “Mmm. Thanks.” She said looking nervous.

He looked surprised that she pulled back so quickly. He tried to grab her hand as if to reassure her but she placed them over her stomach.

“I’m sorry. I just felt-“ Jon told her softly. Trina nodded her head.

“Oh no. I understand. It’s okay.” Trina laughed.

Jon felt awkward. He looked down at his sneakers for a moment. He nervously began to laugh at the situation.

“I think I should go shower and change. We’ve gotta be on the road in an hour.” He said.

“Okay.” Trina said.

“Doc said that we could stop at the Bowery on our way so that we can eat something and unwind a bit.”

“Good. I’m a little hungry.” Trina said. Jon couldn’t help but to get caught up in her eyes. She was already nervous about her task. He really didn’t want to add to her tensions by what he was doing. ‘Obie’s right. I move way too fast.’ He thought.

“I’ll be back in a few.” Jon said walking into the dressing room.

Trina closed her eyes. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to keep on talking to her. Kendall noticed her friend’s sadness as Jon went into the dressing room.

“You okay hon?” Kendall asked her.

Trina began to cry. She felt overwhelmed. “I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can.” Kendall said. Trina began to hyperventilate. “No, I can’t.” she told her.

“Yes. You can. Focus Trina. You worked hard for this. Focus.” Kendall insisted holding her hand.

“Did you see? He kissed me. Again? “ Trina cried.

“He’s a great guy just like you said.” Kendall replied. “He felt bad for snapping at you earlier.” Trina nodded. “I don’t think that’s the reason. I can’t explain it…you have to come with me. I can’t do this. ”

Kendall began to laugh. She took a stray hair out of Trina’s face and smoothed it back. “Honey, you know I can’t. At least not right now. “

“I need you Kendall. I can’t do this whole tour without you.” Trina pleaded.

Kendall looked across the hall as the dressing room door opened. Richie came out wearing jeans and football jersey. He walked over to Kendall and Trina. His happiness turned into concern as he saw Trina wiping her face.

“Aww. Trina honey, what’s wrong?” Richie said putting his arm around her.

Trina felt childish. “Almost time for us to go.” She told him.

“You excited hon? I know it’s going to be hard not seeing this one everyday but we’ll watch after you.” Richie said looking at Kendall.

“It’s not that.” She said.

Jon came out of the dressing room. His hair was blown dry; he wore jeans and a black t-shirt. The three of them watched Jon as he talked to Paul and Doc about the evening’s show and the upcoming one in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

Trina took a deep breath. She wiped the remaining tears from her face. She took out her notebook and pen. She glanced at Jon once more before opening the notebook.

Richie looked confused, as did Kendall.

“You’re not afraid of the big, bad wolf are ya?” Richie quipped. Trina glanced at Jon again and smiled.

“Dear God.” Richie said shaking his head.

“What?” Kendall asked him.

“He’s under your skin now.” Richie told Trina. Richie looked surprised. “What did the two of you do the other night when he left by himself?”

“Nothing.” Trina said. Obie came walking over to them. “Getting ready to leave folks.” Obie told them.

“I’d better go with the others.” Richie said. Trina nodded.

“Take care Kendall. See ya soon darling. It was great meeting you and Darryl.” Richie said.

Trina took a deep breath. She looked sadly at Kendall.

“Remember honey, focus. Kendall said. “You have a mighty task ahead of you. Have fun. Everyone loves you so much. I’ll join you as soon as I can.” She whispered.

“Okay.” Trina said. She gave Kendall a hug.

“Time to get to work Miss Trina.” Jon said walking over to both of them.

“Ready?” He asked her.

“Yes.” Trina said. At that very moment, she began to do what Kendall asked her to do. Focus. She had worked hard to get this job. She couldn’t let outside distractions prevent her from living her dream. Not now.

She had an early afternoon deadline for her journal entry for Rolling Stone. She knew she’d be up all night writing and re-writing until it was perfect.

Trina and Jon began to walk away from Kendall. Darryl had already left because of an early deadline he needed to meet. Trina waved at her.

Kendall stood there all by herself in the hallway, letting go of a life that she knew would never be the same for either one of them again.

Ch. 15

The band went on with their pre-performance rituals. Jon remained quiet as much as possible. He did do some vocal warm-ups along with some light stretching exercises. He also kept himself busy by playing his guitar or listening to Richie attempt to impress Kendall while forgetting that his girlfriend Ally was in the same room.

He glanced over at Trina. She was writing feverishly in her notebook. Every now and then he’d noticed that she’d watch the band, laugh at different interactions they had with one another and write them down.

It stirred him to watch her observe all of them while he realized he was doing the same with her.

‘There was no song or words for this.’ He thought. Everything about her intrigued him; from the way she wore her brown hair that cascaded down her back, to her blue eyes eagerly trying to capture every word, every moment.

He loved the way her mouth curled when she smiled and how passionate she was when she cared about something.

No one had ever said those things to him before like she did today. He needed to hear it and had to admit to himself that he got a little turned on by their disagreement earlier.

‘She actually cared about me. Not because I’m the main subject of her stories, but about me.’ He thought.

Jon continued to watch Kendall and Richie flirt with one another not realizing that Obie crept up behind him.

“Geez Jonny. She’s a beauty isn’t she?” Obie whispered. Jon looked over at Trina. “Indeed my friend.”

“No wonder you thought of underwear. Well granted my immediate thoughts would be on how to take her “out” of the underwear, but I can see why you mentioned it.” Obie rambled.

Jon looked sheepishly at Obie for a second. He had a sly grin on his face as he looked at Trina.

Her black jeans fit her petite body like a glove. As she got up to talk to Kendall, Jon couldn’t resist watching every curve from leg to thigh move in fluid motion. As she walked, the black shirt she wore framed her tight buttocks perfectly. He couldn’t help but to shift his body ever so slightly, grateful that his guitar had hidden his attraction for her.

“By the way, when you get your tongue from the ground, you have ten minutes to showtime.” Obie winked.

Jon looked at him in utter bemusement. Obie shrugged. “You have the rest of the tour. Slow down.” He reminded him.

“Slow down on what?” Richie asked walking over to Jon and Obie.

“Putting Casanova on a leash.” Obie said.

“Someone needs to put your ass on a leash.” Jon quipped.

“Never.” Obie said walking out. “I’ll be in the sound booth if you need me.” He told them.

“Need you? Need a new engineer. Bob Rock busy?” Jon teased. He looked towards Richie.

“Aww, Obie hitting a nerve?” Richie joked.

“No.” Jon said. “We’re just having fun. Like you’re doing. What the hell are you doing? “ Jon asked.

Richie replied. “Just talking that’s all. They’re nice girls, Trina and Kendall.”

Jon signed. “Don’t have to tell me. That’s why Trina’s here.”

Richie started laughing. “She’s got to you fast. I never saw you get that mad before at someone you hardly even know.”

“It won’t happen again.” Jon insisted.

“Sure it will. She’s under your skin now.” Richie told him.

“What about Ally?” Jon asked.

“What about her? Nothing wrong with talking Jonny.”

“Ummm. You’re doing more than talking my friend.”

Richie nodded. “Nah, just having fun.”

Doc opened the door. “Gentleman, ready to rock this house?” he asked.

The guys got up. Trina, Kendall and Darryl went quickly outside the door. Ally and other friends and family of the band had also gathered outside by the stage’s entrance.

The place felt electric. It intoxicated Trina as if she had been drinking for ½ of the night. If this were the feeling they all got every night, she’d need to go to rehab just for adrenaline alone.

Kendall could also feel their excitement. She couldn’t help but watch Trina barely contain her emotions.

Suddenly, one by one they came out. Each one giving their friends and families an assortment of high-fives and friendly taps on the shoulder.

The last one to come out was Jon. He bounced around feeding off the energy the crowd was making under his feet. It seduced him, he was ready to bring them all to bed and make them pop.

He gave high-fives to everyone. However, when he got to Trina, he simply smiled, bent down, cupped his hands around her face and firmly planted a kiss on her lips.

They kissed for several seconds. She couldn’t help but to respond back in kind. All of that energy mixed with the pure emotions of the moment made her want to hold onto him for dear life.

Jon pulled away. He smiled at her and went onstage.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ch. 14

Trina joined the others at catering, the group feasted on grilled chicken breast, salmon and an assortment of salads and pastas.

Trina decided to grab a plate of salmon and pasta. She joined Kendall and Darryl at the table that was opposite of the band.

“Where have you been?” Kendall asked.

Trina grimaced. “With Jon.” She replied. Kendall’s excitement turned into sadness. “What is it?” she asked.

Trina nodded her head. “Nothing.”

Jon walked into the catering room. He was smiling as he grabbed a plate of chicken and some tossed salad.

He walked over to Trina, Kendall and Darryl’s table. He sat down as if nothing had ever happened minutes before between he and Trina.

“Everything all right?” He asked all of them as he parked himself next to Trina. “Not bad.” Darryl said. Jon smiled at him. He picked up his fork and speared through a piece of chicken. “Good, because I realized that I better eat something. I’ve haven’t had a thing all day.”

“So that’s explains the ugliness.” Trina said.

Jon put the chicken in his mouth. He shook his head. “Come again?” He retorted.

“Come again and attempt to censor my writing because of something you don’t like or want people to see.” Trina told him plainly.

Jon flared back.

“My band, my songs, my rules. If you don’t like it, then leave.” He told her bluntly.

Trina snickered. “You listen. This maybe your band, your rules and your terms; but if you want me to do this for you, I won’t tolerate being censored, dealing with freakin’ temper tantrums and most of all moody bullshit.”

Jon simply just looked at her.

“I’ve heard about you pulling shit like this to other people and I’m not going to deal with it. I have a contract and a verbal agreement to post and write what I like.” Trina told him pointedly.

Everyone was silent. Jon got up. He slammed his food down on the table next to her and stormed out of the room. Juanita quickly went running after him.

He sped up the hallway. Juanita had forgotten how fast he was. She tried to catch up but her middle-aged body simply could not do it this evening.

“Jonny!” Juanita yelled. Jon kept on walking.

“Jonny! God dammit! I’m too old for this shit. Stop! Now!” She yelled.

Jon stopped dead in his tracks. Juanita catching her breath eventually caught with him. She put her arm on his shoulder in an attempt to brace herself. “Geez, son. What is wrong with you?”

Jon closed his eyes and turned to her. “I’m sorry Juanita, I didn’t realize you were behind me.” He told her sadly.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked. She continued to hold onto him. She felt her leg muscles begin to cramp up as she began to massage the back of her legs. Jon looked concerned for his long-time assistant and long-time friend of his family.

“Aunt Juanita, I’m so tired.” He said.

“You? If this is tired that you just pulled in this hallway, then I want to know what the hell exhaustion is!” Juanita quipped.

“Are you all right Aunt Juanita?” he asked.

“Jonny, I’m fine. Just getting more worried about you by the minute.” She told him.

“I told you. I’m tired. I haven’t been sleeping much. My voice is acting up. Got this reporter here about to follow us around...” He said.

Juanita looked concerned.

“Backup for a minute. What’s wrong with your voice?”

Tears welled up in Jon’s eyes. “I’m losing-“ Jon told her. Suddenly, Doc came up behind Jon and interjected. “Losing his mind.” He told Juanita. Jon snickered. He took a deep breath, looked at his longtime assistant and gave her a peck on the cheek. Juanita looked angrily at Doc. She walked up the hallway and went into catering.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jon asked.

“No, what the hell are you doing?” Doc asked him. He continued, “Man, I know you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and the tour isn’t even close to being over. But you owe that lady in there an apology.”

“For what?” Jon asked.

“For treating her like you just did. You don’t re-nig on anything that pertains to this tour. She’ll write what she sees. You got that?” Doc told him.

“You want her to write about my voice problems?” Jon asked.

“Why not? You’re human aren’t ya?” Doc told him.

“And how are my fans going to react when she writes, ‘Oh my God. He opened his mouth and nothing came out!’ Jon told him.

“You yelling with that voice isn’t helping matters out right now either.” Doc said.

“If I want her to write about my voice, then I’ll tell her to write about it. How’s it going to look when people hear that I can’t sing?” Jon asked him.

His blue eyes appeared frightened and frustrated. Doc continued to push forward. He also listened and understood Jon’s point of view, but Jon was the one who agreed to all of the additional dates. He had to commit to them like it not. Doc, as much as he wanted to refused to back down.

“Trina as agreed will write what she sees. You will apologize to her. You will also apologize to her guests. Then you will calm down and get ready for your show. Is that clear?” Doc asked him.

Jon shot his manager a defiant gaze.

“Am I clear Jonny?” Doc said.

Jon rolled his eyes.

“You have a lot of nerve pulling a diva act when you have more people riding on you on this leg of the tour than the last one. Think of them and cut the bullshit. Now.” Doc told him as he walked back into the catering room.

Jon paced the hall for minutes. He knew Doc was right. He had a lot of people who needed him now. He couldn’t afford to be angry with himself for helping to create such a crazy schedule.

Trina came out. She watched him at the door, pacing frantically as if something spooked him. He noticed her out of the corner of his eyes, casually watching him with her arms folded in front of the door.

“You had no right to speak to me that way Trina.” He expelled.

“I have every right to. You said no limits and to write at will. I hadn’t even written a single word yet and here you are changing your mind before I’m able to do my job!” She yelled.

Jon stopped pacing. He raked his hair back with both hands. He felt his neck muscles slowly pull his head back; its searing pain couldn’t help but to tear through the back of his neck, eventually creeping through his temples. The weight of both the tour and the pace he had set for himself was already beginning to wear him down.

“True. I did.” Jon said, now rubbing the sides of temples in an attempt to alleviate the muscle tightness. Trina walked over to him. She attempted to touch his shoulders in a weak attempt to soothe the tension in his body, however; he winced in pain. She took her hand back quickly.

“Then let me do my job. I was wondering if you were all right at sound check. You seemed worried earlier. Like you do now. All I wanted to do was as a new friend see if you were okay.” She told him.

Jon closed his eyes. His temples throbbed. “I told you and everyone else, I’m fine.” He insisted. “I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier. It’s just that-“

Trina looked concerned again.

“It’s just that no one for awhile has ever wondered how ‘I’ was.” He continued.

“You’re been nothing but great to me. You encouraged me, let me call you at 11 pm, insisted that I buy a ton of underwear.” Trina joked. Jon began to laugh. “See, that’s why I was asking you. In just a short amount of time, you have become a friend. I had no intentions of writing about your voice. At least for now.” She said.

“Thank you.” Jon replied taking a deep breath. Trina smiled at him. “I’m sorry for getting in your face.” She told him.

Jon laughed. “It’s all right. I need a reality check every now and then.”

“Let’s start again shall we?” Trina asked. “Hi, I’m Trina Logan, music reporter for the Philly Post and Rolling Stone. I’m here to cover the Jersey Syndicate Tour.”

Jon chuckled. “Hi, I’m Jon Bon Jovi and cover away.” He told her. She extended her hand. “Truce?” she asked. He took her hand in his. “Truce.” He replied.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ch. 13

Richie?…Richie?” Obie asked. “Coming back to us soon?” he quipped.

Richie smiled at Kendall. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. All of the anger he had felt minutes ago disappeared when he saw her.

When he finished playing Kendall clapped wildly, Trina, Jon and Ally went over to him.

“Very nice.” Jon said.

“Hey Richie. How are you?” Trina said.

“Hey Trina.” Richie said.

Ally pointed at Darryl and Kendall.

“New fans?” she asked him. Richie smiled. “I guess so. Trying out some new stuff.” He said with a wink to Kendall.

Obie rolled his eyes. Trina walked over to Kendall and Darryl. She put an arm around Kendall.

“Richie, this is my best friend, Kendall and another friend and colleague of mine from the Post Darryl.” She beamed.

Richie couldn’t help but to smile at Kendall. She was beautiful. Her eyes were so attentive, yet attuned to his playing. It wasn’t anything he had experienced before without knowing the person. He extended his hand to her. Kendall smiled. “Nice to meet you. So you’re the famous Richie Sambora?”

“You mean infamous? ” Jon mumbled.

“You’re not kidding.” Obie said underneath his breath. He glanced sheepishly at both Jon and Richie.

“Ignore them.” Richie joked. Jon and Obie looked at him blankly. “I’m harmless. Do you play?” he asked Kendall pointing to his guitar.

Kendall nodded. “A long time ago.”

Richie began to understand a bit better at this point. “You seemed to be into it.”

Suddenly everyone especially Ally felt ignored. It was only Richie and Kendall onstage. No one else mattered.

“Yeah. I liked that chord progression you did. Is this new?” Kendall asked.

“Yeah. Just some stuff I’m tinkering with.” Richie replied.

Ally suddenly walked up in the back of him. She put her arm around his shoulder and held it tightly. “Well I like it too. “ Ally replied. Richie snickered. “This is Ally.” Richie told Kendall and Darryl.

“Ally Sheedy?” Darryl said.

“In the flesh.” She replied. “Huge fan. “ Darryl said. Ally had a sarcastic look on her face as she glanced at Richie. She tapped her red nails on his shoulders. As she turned around towards Darryl, she wore a smile from ear to ear.

“Thanks. I’m kinda taking a break for a bit. Doing some writing.” She said.

“You write?” Kendall asked.

“Yeah some.” She nodded. “In fact, Trina and I were comparing notes. I’ve got a book deal and I’m debating whether or to write a book of poetry or a full piece of hot fiction.” Ally continued.

“Oh.” Kendall nodded.

Ally’s smile quickly turned into an intense glare at Kendall “What do you do?” she asked her. Kendall suddenly felt embarrassed. Everyone on stage had some huge accomplishment except for her. She looked down at her feet. “Mmm, I work for the county. Just a clerk.” She said softly. Ally smiled gently.

“Nothing wrong with that.” Jon interjected.

“My mom’s from Pennsylvania. This state better be working right.” He winked at Kendall. Trina’s best friend smiled at both Trina and Jon. Trina looked over at Jon. She mouthed the words, ‘Thank you.’ He nodded.

“Okay folks. Time for sound check” Jon said putting his hands together.

He walked back to the front of the stage, the rest of the guys got into position as if they were on autopilot.

Tina, Darryl and Kendall watched from the sides as Obie and Ally left.

Jon was in good spirits. He joked with everyone as they went through song after son.

Jon took out a piece of paper from his back jeans pocket. Trina noticed it was the set list.

They practiced some more; Jon took out his pen and began to cross something out on the paper.

“Can’t make it?” Richie asked. Jon touched his throat. Jon looked concerned.

“Don’t worry. I’ll sing that part.” Richie reassured him.

“I’ll help too.” David chimed in. Jon looked over sadly at Trina. Trina smiled weakly at him.

“What’s wrong with his voice?” Kendall asked her.

“He was sick before this last stint in Philly. I heard. It affected his voice. But, I thought it was better. “ Trina whispered to her.

Jon continued to have problems hitting the high notes; however; Richie, David and Alec adjusted their vocals to accommodate the new key they had to rehearse in.

Jon kept looking at Trina. Who noticed something didn’t seem right compared to a couple of days ago at sound check. Kendall and Darryl sat watching and enjoying every minute of what they were seeing.

Obie brought Jon over a cup of tea. He continued to clear his throat. The band had one last song to practice… ‘Prayer.’

Obie, grab my acoustic please.” Jon told him. He looked towards the guys and nodded. Seconds later, Dave, Tico and Alec left the stage.

Obie came back with the acoustic. Two chairs were also brought for he and Richie to sit in. Richie turned around to their three guests. He tried to put a playful tone on a situation he knew could spell disaster for them later if they couldn’t get this arrangement correct.

“Now, you’re in for a treat. We’ve never done this son live like this before.” Richie smiled.

Trina looked cornered. Something was clearly wrong, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Jon, the professional, began to play. He sang the opening bars to Prayer in a lower tone than anyone heard before. It was quite good. Richie looked over at Jon and smiled. Jon, grateful that the lower keys and acoustic arrangement felt better for his voice, began to grin from ear to ear. The two finished. Trina and the other clapped gleefully.

Richie and Jon stood and bowed. Jon took one more sip of his tea. He gave the cup to Obie. The two walked over the Trina, Kendall and Darryl.

“And that was sound check.” Jon said.

“Nice job. Excellent acoustic performance.” Kendall said.

“Everyone’s in for a real treat tonight.” Darryl said.

“I agree.” Trina said.

Jon pursed his lips. He looked at Trina with a concerned gaze. He figured she sensed something was wrong. He took a cough drop from the back pocket of his jeans and popped it in his mouth.

“Everything all right?” she asked pointing to the cough drop wrapper in his hands.

“Oh yeah. Just effects from my laryngitis. I thought I could hit the high notes. Guess not tonight.” He said.

Trina knew he wasn’t telling the truth. He had hit the notes just fine the other night at both sound check and at the show. Something seemed very wrong.

“It happens.” Richie chimed in. “no worried. Anyone else hungry?” he said looked over at Jon. He tapped him on the shoulder.

“I am!” Darryl said. Trina chucked.

“What else is new?” Kendall said to Darryl. “Are you sure you want me to leave you here with him while I’m gone? Kendall whispered to Trina. Trina laughed.

Richie, Kendall and Darryl started back to where the catering room was. Jon lingered behind. He sat on a amp that faced the stage.

Trina walked over to him and sat down. Jon leaned against the amp. He put his hand underneath his chin. He began to watch the seats in front of him for several minutes.

She was debating weather or not to say anything to him. ‘If she did, would it anger him?’ If she didn’t ask a reporter then her bosses would be all on her if they found out there was something going on with his voice later on.

He moved the cough drop alongside the inside of his mouth. His throat was feeling better. He couldn’t help but to continue to watch the empty seats in the arena.

‘What if its goes tonight? What if the arrangements don’t work? If my throat closes tonight, what am I going to do?’ he thought.

His mind kept running through these scenarios. Each one he tired to answer them as best as he could, however there was no guarantee. The more he thought about what could happened tonight, the more he became concerned. ‘It’s all I know how to do.’ He thought.

“You’ll be fine.” Trina spoke softly to him. He turned to her sadly.
”Listen, I don’t know what happened out there. And if I’m overstepping tell me so.”

Jon whispered. “No, you’re fine. “

“What’s wrong is more than you getting sick isn’t it?” she asked.

Jon looked sadly at her. “Nope. I was sick.” He told her.

Trina looked at him blankly. “You were fine the other night-“ She said. Jon suddenly got defensive.

“Shit happens. My voice does that. Goes in and out. Happens to everyone.” He snapped.

“Okay.” Trina said. Jon got up. He looked at her angrily. “This doesn’t go in your reports understand?” Trina nodded. “No problem. “ Jon rolled his eyes. “If anyone asked. I’ll be in the dressing room. Not hungry.” He said storming out.

Trina watched him leave. He slammed everything down in his wake. ‘There is something definitely wrong.’ She thought.

Over the last couple of days, he had been nothing but nice to her. Right now, he was angry and frightened. More to this story; more now that she thinks she wanted to know.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ch. 12

1988- Philly Spectrum Night 2

‘Okay, after one last day of packing, paying bills out, more packing and settling things with my landlord until I get home, I have to wonder if the guys do all of this before they leave. Eight months is a long time. I’m both saddened and excited at the same time. Excited for the unknown, saddened to leave friends and family behind.’ Trina wrote in her reporter’s composition book. She decided that she’d treat herself and Kendall to manicures and pedicures before tonight’s show.

Trina could hardly contain her happiness. She eagerly put pen to paper as she waited for her toenails to dry.

Kendall couldn’t help but watch her friend scribble about. She was happy and that made Kendall happy for her.

“Coming up for air soon?” Kendall asked her friend who was still with fervent pace putting pen to paper.

Kendall looked down at her own toenails that were also drying. ‘Shit, they’re still wet.’ She thought to herself. ‘ She looked over at Trina who was still lost in her writing.

“Oh Trina, Trin-a?” Kendall said.

“Okay. How I can get your attention? Ummm, I’ve decided that I’m going with you. I quit my job and I’m going with you. How do you like that? Seeing me all the time?”

Trina continued to write. Kendall looked stunned. “Okay, not coming with you, but I am going to marry Richie Sambora.”

Trina looked up at her.

“Now that got your attention!” Geez, you know how long I’ve been talking to my wet toenails?” Kendall quipped. Trina closed her notebook and smiled.

“I’m sorry, but I wanted to start writing about everything. How I’m feeling, why I’m feeling it…today. “

Kendall gave her friend a curious look. “All we’re getting are mani’s and pedi’s.” She said.

“But it’s more than that. It’s the last time that we’ll be able to do this for a while. Everything is about to change. I want to savor what you and I are doing. How we are getting ready. How you’ll make fun of me for met being too preppie. Then I’ll get on your about dressing too slutty… ”

Kendall cleared her throat. “I look good in those mini’s thank you.” She reiterated. Trina chuckled.

“I’m not going to argue with you on that.”

“What are you really excited about? The job or him?” Kendall asked.

“Kendall, he’s got a girlfriend. “ Trina insisted.
”And look at the opportunity he gave in return for you helping him out with that girlfriend.”

Kendall said. Her look had gone from happiness to concern.

“What are you getting at?” Trina asked.

“Look, you’re talented. God knows that. You deserve all of this. I’m only saying-”

Trina interrupted her. “Is he doing this to get back at everyone? Especially Dot?” Trina sighed. She stood up and walked across the floor now that her toenails were dry. She sat down in the empty chair next to her friend. “Did I wonder why all of this happened? Sure. But when you meet him later, you’ll change your mind.” She continued.

“He’s going to be taking my best friend away for awhile. He needs to know who he’s dealing with.” Kendall eyes flared.

“God, there’s that green-eyes monster. Calm down. I’m going to be okay.” Trina added.

“Not you I’m worried about.” Kendall said.

“Kendall...” Trina said.

“Trina, you don’t know him.” Kendall said.

“Neither do you. “ Trina insisted.

“Rock stars have a reputation.”

“And when have you heard of JBJ in a bad light?” Trina asked her.

Kendall sighed.

“Listen, I know you’re trying to stop me from going. You’re worried that something will happen and that I’m never coming back. I love you and things will be just fine. It’s a job Kendall. That’s it. Once I’m done I’ll be back reviewing bands for the Post and harassing you to bring me more cinnamon coffee.” Trina added.

“Conversation over. You’re right. I’m concerning myself over things that I have no control over.” Kendall said.

“Yep. Live for the moment.” Trina said.

Kendall looked at her red toenails. She wiggled them. “I think they’re dry. Think the guys will like them?”

Trina laughed. “Who cares, I do.” She told her friend as they shared a hug.


It was early evening at the Spectrum. As usual, the back was abuzz of the night’s upcoming performance.

Despite the craziness, the band remained calm. For most of the afternoon, they stayed in their dressing room. They worked out, ate a little, rested.

Jon to his credit; hardly said a word. He kept to his himself by reading and practicing his antique harmonica, a gift from Doc McGhee.

Actress Ally Sheedy, who was Richie’s girlfriend, was looking over some scripts when she came into the dressing room.

The other guys were off doing various things, when Jon was there with Ally.

The cameras didn’t do her justice. She was pretty with shoulder-length brown hair and huge brown eyes.

Unfazed by her celebrity status, the guys thought she was a perfect match for Richie.

Ally watched Jon as he continued to practice his harmonica. “Working hard or hardly working?” she asked him. He looked up and smiled.

“Hardly working.” He replied. “I’ll be working enough in the next few hours to last everyone else in this freakin circuit a lifetime.”

Ally chuckled. She sat on the couch next to him.

She put several scripts down next to her and kept one on her lap. She began to leaf through it.

“So Dot’s gone?” she asked him continuing to leaf through the scripts. Jon looked up at her. “Yes she is.” Ally took a deep breath. “I tried to warn her. It was her own fault. I told her she was meddling where she shouldn’t.”

“She sure did.” Jon said.

“So what now?” Ally asked him.

“Play…Play…Play…” Jon smiled.

“Hey Jon, have you ever thought of doing movies?” she asked him.

Jon snickered. “Nah, seriously don’t think it’s my scene.” He said. Ally put her script down. “Oh I don’t know. You got the looks, the presence, the talent…I’ve seen your performance backstage. You’re very good.” She reassured him.

“Good at singing and playing an instrument doesn’t mean I can translate that on a movie screen.” Jon said.

“Sure it does. You have talent. Next time we’re in L.A. you should go to a screen test with me.” She said.

“No way!” Jon said laughing.

“Why?” Ally asked.

“I remember those whack jobs when I was with Diane. No. Way!”

Ally smiled. “Okay. You win… For now.” She winked at him. “I just wondered if you ever thought about other stuff, other than music?”

“Not at the moment. This is my current girlfriend, wife and muse for now. Well, at least until the tour ends.

“After?” Ally asked him.

Jon began to mull it over. For the first time in his music career he had no idea about what he’d do once the tour ended.


Trina, Kendall and Darryl arrived at the Spectrum.

Kendall parked as per instruction by band management on the side lot reserved for official band staff and road crew. Waiting to greet them were Obie O’Brien, Polygram’s publicist, Heather and Jon Bon Jovi’s personal assistant, Juanita McGregor.

“Hey there Trina! Welcome to McGhee Entertainment and Officially to the Jersey Syndicate Tour. May I present to you, two other very important people responsible for the band, engineer Obie O’Brien and Jon’s personal assistant, Juanita McGregor. She’s a long-time family friend of Jon’s.

“Glad to meet both of you.” Trina said walking over to them both. Obie and Juanita smiled widely. Obie grabbed her hand. ‘She was beautiful.’ he thought. No wonder Jon got giddy when he spoke to her. Trina wore a pair of blue jeans, a long-sleeved black T-shirt with matching belt. She left her brown wavy hair down flowing freely framing her face.

“Well hello there. “ Obie said. “We didn’t meet the other day.” He continued. “No we didn’t. So you’re the engineer?” Trina asked.

“And I make Jon and rest of those guys sound sooo good-“

Juanita interjected. “He wishes he had that power. Hi darling, I’m Juanita.”

Juanita was a large African-American woman. Her brown eyes were jovial and warm. Her dark brown hair was wrapped in a bun. Trina warmed up to her quickly. Juanita and Obie seemed down to earth and kind.

“Hello Juanita. These are my friends. Darryl and Kendall.” Trina said.

Juanita walked over to Kendall and hugged her. Kendall began to laugh. Trina and Darryl looking bemused.

“Obie, keep Sambora away from this one.” Juanita said.

Obie laughed. “I have a feeling darling, that’s going to be hard to do.” He replied.

Kendall wore a black mini-dress sheath with a black leather jacket, red belt and shoes to match. She also decided to wear her hair down.

“Well then do something…” Juanita quipped. Kendall began to look worried. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked.

Obie, Heather and Juanita laughed.

“Oh my god no!” Juanita said. Obie looked her over from top to bottom. “Kendall, you’ve done everything right. “ Obie said with a wink.

“Oh.” Kendall said. Her eyes suddenly opened wide.

Trina smiled. All of them began to walk into the arena.

“Our wardrobe lady, Spanky will have someone get your stuff Trina.” Obie said.

The rest of Bon Jovi’s staff greeted the six of them. Trina couldn’t keep up. Person after person coming up to her all seemed like a blur. All were friendly and helpful.

The whirlwind continued as Obie and Juanita took Kendall and Darryl one-way and Heather took Trina into the Bon Jovi offices.

Trina began to take out her notebook and pen. She put them back when Heather brought her into an area where both Doc and Paul shared an office. The two men sat waiting beaming from ear-to-ear.

“Don’t put that away on our account.” Doc said. “How are you Mr. McGhee?” asked Trina.

“Oh hell, call me Doc. I feel like I’m an old man when someone calls me that.”

Trina laughed. “Okay Doc. How are you Paul?”

Paul laughed. “I’m fine Trina. Welcome to the belly of the beast.”

“Feel free to write down anything and everything you see. Good or bad.” Doc said.

Trina nodded. “Okay. Is there anything off limits?”

Jon walked in. Still in his street clothes,” he looked rested and more relaxed than she witnessed the other night.

“Nope.” Jon replied. “Write at will Miss Trina.” He winked. Trina eyes lit up. “Hey there.” She said. Jon gave Paul a piece of paper.

“Here’s the set list.” Jon told him. Trina couldn’t help but to lean over and look at it. The two men looked up at her and began to laugh. Trina looked up, her face felt flushed.

“It’s okay babe.” Jon reassured her. “No worries.”

“Now do you always go by this? Or does it change?” Trina asked.

“Oh it can change. I can give the management and the guys this, and then decide at the last minute to do something different.” He replied.

“Very nice.” Trina said.

“Keeps everyone on their toes.” Jon her.

“And he lies to do that.” Doc chimed in.

“Ain’t that the truth!” Obie said waltzing through the door. “You ready for sound check Boss? Told Trina’s friends they could watch.” He said.

“I’ll be right there.” He said.

“Trina, feel free to use the inner sanctum here to write, vent, yell scream. Whatever.” Jon said walking towards the door.

“Thanks Jon.” Trina said.

“Coming” He asked

“Yes.” She replied. She quickly followed him out. The two didn’t speak, however she noticed Jon’s demeanor quickly change from easy going guy to all business in a matter of seconds.”

She couldn’t help but to watch the transformation. His pace was quick and deliberate, he was no longer on his own time. He was on everyone else’s and seemed to be mindful of that.

By the time the two of them walked to the stage, Obie had Kendall and Darryl front and center showing them everything. They seemed so excited to see something that very few people do.

When they saw Trina and Jon, Kendall couldn’t help but to run over to her friend.

“Oh My God. This is outrageous!” Kendall said. Trina and Jon laughed.
“Well here is more outrageous for you. Jon Bon Jovi, meet my best friend Kendall.” Trina quipped.

“How are you Kendall?” Jon said. Kendall was speechless. He was even more handsome in person than in all of those pictures. His eyes were so blue, his skin was perfect and the hair was nothing but an endless sea of waves.

“Hmm. Hi there.” She said. Jon and Trina laughed. “Hi.” Jon replied. He flashed a smile at her. Kendall became numb. “Hi.” She replied back. She continued to stare at him. “Did anyone ever tell you that you have the most perfect teeth?” Kendall asked him.

Trina was stunned. “Kendall!” Jon let out a huge laugh. “Trina, it’s okay. Kendall came back to reality. She couldn’t believe that she said that. It was involuntary. Her mind wanted to say the right thing, however her mouth did the opposite.

“Oh my God. I’m sorry.” She said looking at Trina. “Think I’ll sit now.”

Kendall said slinking away from them. Trina and Jon couldn’t but laugh. “I can’t believe she commented about your teeth!” Trina said.

“People have commented on worse things about me.” Jon said.

Darryl came over. “Hey Jon. I’m Darryl.” “How are ya man?” Jon said.

Darryl looked around the stage again. “This is insane.” He told him.

“It sure is.” Jon said.

“What a rush to see all of this from this angle.” Darryl said.
“It’s a drug. Nasty one. Nothing comes close to it. Not even sex.” Jon replied. Trina looked at him. Jon shrugged. “It’s true.”

The rest of the band came in one by one. Trina and Jon introduced them all to Kendall and Darryl.

The last to come in was Richie, who came in with Ally. As Ally went over to talk to Jon and Trina, Kendall and Darryl decided to sit and take in everything they were seeing.

Richie put on his guitar. He began to tune it. He waved over at Trina and Jon. He played for a few minutes, but noticed something wasn’t quite right. He tried a few chords, and still didn’t seem satisfied.

Kendall and Darryl watched as Richie called for his guitar tech, Lumpy. Lumpy came out tried a couple of chords. He stopped for a minute, attempted to just the strings. He also wasn’t satisfied with the sound. He left the stage. Richie became agitated. He shook his head, his hands flew up in frustration.

He went over to his guitar rack, which was next to where Kendall and Darryl were. Richie saw Kendall watching what she was going to do next. That was it. He couldn’t help but to watch her also. His frustration turned to curiosity. Obie walked over to him.

“You all right? Guitar is not working for you?” Obie asked. Richie grabbed his Les Paul and turned towards him. “Not the right sound.” He replied as he put the Les Paul on and began to play. “Now that’s better.” He said to Obie. “Lumpy, told me to grab this one instead of the Gibson.”

“He knows his shit.” Obie said. Richie continued to play and smiled. “Indeed he does my friend.” Richie said turning to Kendall.

She was mesmerized. She put her hand underneath her chin. His concentration intrigued him. He was so intense. She had never seen that before in anyone else except for Trina.

Darryl watched the trance-like state between the two of them go on for a minute or two. Darryl decided to pull Kendall up for air.

“Hello?” Darryl said. Kendall continued to watch Richie. He was beautiful, tall and lean. His long hair shook in unison with the chord progression. His eyes were closed, feeling every movement, every beat. She couldn’t help but to keep her eyes on him. Darryl tired to get her attention again.

“Hello? Hello? Kendall?” Obie came over and saw Kendall looking at Richie. “Uh-oh.” Obie said. Darryl looked at him. Obie looked at Richie continuing to perform his private concert for Kendall. “Uh-oh?” Darryl asked. Obie said. “I knew it. It’s too later. “ Obie looked over at the front of the stage where Ally, Jon and Trina continued to talk.

“The lightning bolt. Its hit…Hard.” Obie said. His eyes widened

Richie continued to play for Kendall. Kendall smiled in admiration. Obie shook his head. “This is all the tour needs. More Drama.” He thought.