Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ch. 10

“Trina! Trina! Wake up honey!”

Darryl said looking excited.

Trina was fast asleep on the couch. It was late morning. By the time she got home, had a bite to eat and showered, it was three in the morning. The editors were nice enough to let her sleep in this morning due to her having the late night assignment.

She would work the afternoon shift today and await the editor’s decision regarding her tryout.

Darryl had the cover of the arts and entertainment section in his hand.

Trina had done it. Her review made the front page along with a photo that one of the staff photographers stopped to get earlier on last evening.

Darryl beamed with pride as she slept. Luckily she had given both him and Kendall a key to be used for emergencies.

“Bon Jovi: The Truth Lies Within Its Fans.” The headline read.

Darryl continued to watch her. Kendall knocked on the open door. She was grinning from ear to ear. Darryl motioned for her to come in.

Kendall in her other hand had a huge cup of cinnamon coffee that she placed it on the coffee table.

The two watched their friend continue to sleep.

“She’s out cold.” Kendall laughed.

“Yes, she is. Did you see it?” Darryl asked.

Kendall nodded. “Yep. I already got several papers in the back of the car for our friends back home. ”

“It’s great.” Darryl said.

“Yeah it is. Hear anything about the position?” Kendall asked.

“I bet we hear something when she goes in this afternoon.”

Kendall went over to Trina. She knelt down beside her. She took the coffee from the table and waved it underneath her nose. Trina’s eyes began to flutter. “Wake up sleepy head.” Kendall whispered.

“See, I knew the whiff of that coffee would do it.” She continued.

“Congrats honey.”

Trina’s eyes slowly opened. The smell of that coffee permeated throughout the apartment.

Attempting to focus, Trina saw Kendall kneeling next to her and Darryl watching over her.

“Good morning.” She said sitting up on the couch.

“Good morning.” Darryl said. Trina raked through her wavy-brown hair with her fingers.

“Am I late for work?” Trina said, appearing startled.

Darryl nodded. “Nope. We just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your front-page review!”

Trina sipped the coffee that Kendall gave her. Darryl placed the arts section in front of her. Trina nearly spit out her coffee.

“They gave me front and center for a review?” she asked.

“It’s great Trin! Everyone at work is talking about it. “ Darryl said.

“Really?” she said still in disbelief.

“Yes.” Darryl said.
“I really thought they’d put it at the bottom or to the side. This is-“

“Fantastic! Why downplay this? They wouldn’t have put it here unless it were that good. “ Kendall interrupted.

“He’s great.” Trina said looking at the photo of Jon. “He made everything so easy.”

“I take it he’s not as temperamental as people say?” Darryl said. Trina nodded.

“I think it’s complicated. I wouldn’t want to deal with ½ the shit he seems to be going through.” She continued.

“Really?” Darryl asked.
”There’s a lot more to his story. I don’t think I’ve seen scratched the surface.” Trina said.

“You know I heard a rumor that he was at the Post last night.” Darryl said.

Trina acknowledged him. “Yes. It was this morning. We went out for a drink.”

Kendall’s eyes flew open. “You did what?” she asked.

“He had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend which that in itself is a long story. He needed some space. So, we went to a bar that a friend of his owns. After that we went to the Post. He only stayed for like 20 minutes. “ Trina said.

Darryl looked surprised.

“That’s all? “ he asked.

“He’s as real as you and me.” Trina said. “Only his problems are displayed on covers like this one for all to see. You’d like him. He’s doing one more show here before they go to Pittsburgh.”

“Hell, I should go.” Darryl said.

“Definitely, I’m probably going to go and see what kind of tickets I can get last minute.” Trina said turning to Kendall. “You game?” Trina asked taking another long sip of her coffee.

Kendall couldn’t help but wonder about her friend’s sudden personality change. “Sure. I’ll go with you.” She told her.

Trina beamed “Great!” she said looking at her watch. “Oh Geez, better start getting ready for work. I’ve got a ton of clippings to mail out.” Kendall smiled. “I have a bunch of papers in the back of my car for everyone back home.”

Trina walked over and hugged her friend.

“Oh thank you!” Kendall giggled.

“You’re welcome hon.” Kendall glanced at her own watch. “I have to get back to the office. Let me know about tickets okay.” Kendall said. Trina nodded.

“I better get back too. There’s a city council meeting going on in 30 minutes that I can’t be late for.” Darryl said.

Trina walked over to him. She gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you.” She said. “For everything. You went out of your way for me. I’ll never forget it. “

“That’s what friends do.” Darryl said.

He and Kendall walked out of the door.

Trina looked at the article one last time. She couldn’t help but stare at it in amazement when taking one last sip of her coffee. She beamed from ear to ear.


Obie O’Brien decided to give his best friend Jon Bon Jovi a wake-up call.

He opened up the door and noticed that the room looked like a cyclone hit it. There were clothes and shoes thrown all about. In the middle of the chaos, lay Jon, the towel still wrapped around his waist, sprawled across the bed sleeping soundly.

Obie laughed hysterically. Hearing the laughter, Jon began to move. He looked up at his friend for a few seconds trying to gain focus for the day. He propped himself against a pillow.

“And a good morning to you Sunshine.” Obie winked. Jon gave him a snarky grin. “I thought you’d want to see what your drama produced last night.” Obie told him. He threw the arts and entertainment section to Jon. Jon looked it over and began to smile.

“She did it!” Jon said.

”It’s a great review. Paul and Doc said that it’s one of the best reviews we’ve ever got. “ Obie said.

“It’s true. “ Jon said.

“Where did you go after the show?’ Obie asked.

Jon flashed him an angry look.

“Whoa. It’s me now. I’m not going to rat you out or anything. Just worried about you.” Jon rolled his eyes.

“Just needed a break.” Jon replied.

“Where’s Dot?” Obie asked.

“Gone. She left early this morning.”

“She’ll be back though. Right?” Obie asked.

Jon shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

Obie looked at him solemnly.

“I’m sorry.” He replied.

“No it’s fine. It was a long time coming.” Jon said.

“You’re not kidding. Man, she was on the warpath with Dave and Richie last night. “

“Really? What happened?” Jon asked.

He propped himself up even further on the bed.

“Just Dot being Dot. You know her, insulting everyone. Not thinking before she says stuff.” Obie said.

“It figures.” Jon said rolling his eyes yet again. “She gave me some shit before she left. After sleeping on it, I’m glad it’s over. Things would have just kept on going from bad to good, bad to good. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Ain’t that the truth? So boss, what now?” asked Obie.

Jon shrugged his shoulders. He looked at the review. He began to study it for several minutes.

“Jonny? What ya’ thinking? “ Obie asked. Jon snickered and gave him back the paper.

“Have Doc or Paul call the Philly Post. Ask them if we can borrow Trina for the rest of the tour. After that have one of them call Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone, make sure that he gets a copy of this. Tell him that Bon Jovi will exclusively be documenting the second leg of the Jersey Syndicate tour for them. No more interviews from this point on with anyone else.”

“Okay.” Obie said walking to the door. Jon got up from the bed and began to get ready for the day.

“What are you going to do? “ Obie asked.

“Go to the Post and congratulate my new friend.” Jon said.


Trina walked into the office with interpretation.

She noticed people smiling at her nervously, whispering amongst themselves while watching her. Most of them were hiding behind notebooks and files trying not to say anything at all.

She sat down at her desk and began to leaf through the clips that the editors had put on her desk for her to work on.

“Bon Jovi: Are they Just Slippery? Or Just All Wet?” read one headline. Trina continued to leaf through more of the articles. “What Jon Bon Jovi likes!” read another headline.

Fletcher, the Post’s outgoing music reporter stopped at her desk. He looked at the clips and threw them back down.
”They don’t get it do they?” He asked her.

Trina looked up at Fletcher.

“ Nope. They sure don’t. “ She said pointedly.

“Very nice job young lady.” Fletcher beamed.

“Thanks Fletcher. Your comments mean a lot to me. Thanks again for all the research material.” Trina said.
”Well, make sure you keep all of that. I guarantee you some of it will come in handy.” He said.

Trina looked confused.

“Why, Fletcher these are your old notes. Jon, I’m sure will come around to a book when things slow down. “ Fletcher shook his head.

“Dear Trina, there will be no book.” He replied.

“Jon’s just stressed out-“Trina said. Fletcher interrupted.

“Trina, you got the job.” Fletcher said. “I came out here to get you.”

Trina felt the blood rush away from her face.

The entire newsroom began to clap wildly. Trina’s mouth dropped open. Fletcher put his arm around her laughing. “Congrats dear!” he said.
”Thanks everyone! Oh my God!” She yelled.

Fletcher helped her up. The two began to walk the couple of feet to the managing editor’s office. As they walked, people shook Trina’s hand and congratulated her.

The Philly Post’s managing editor, Tony Wynn, and Arts Editor, Liz Bessons, were waiting eagerly for her at the door.

As she and Fletcher got to the door, Liz hugged her. Tony gave her the high-five.

“Well done Kiddo!” Tony said.

“Trina, so proud of you. Welcome aboard! “ Liz said.

Fletcher turned to her. “I think you’re going to like your first assignment. It’s one that I wished I had. Congrats again.” He said giving her kiss on the cheek.

As Tony and Liz invited her in Tony’s office, there are on and adjoining couch sat Jon, Paul Korzilius and Doc McGhee. Jon smiled and waved at her.

Trina, I know you’re met Jon. But allow me to introduce you to two principal players of the Jersey Syndicate, Doc McGhee and tour manager Paul Korzilius.” Tony said.

“Hi, nice to meet you both of you.” She said extending her hand to both of them.

The two acknowledged her. Tony and Liz sat Trina down across from them.

“Okay.” Trina said. “Now, I am intrigued. What’s going on here? ” She asked.

“Trina, before you start with us. Mr. Bon Jovi has requested that you work exclusively for them between now and the rest of the tour. “ Tony said.
“You’ll be writing a diary of sorts on the tour. A first-person account of what life is like on the road.” Liz said.

Trina looked over at Jon. “Trina, your fresh perspective on the band would be open the door to old and new fans. It’d be your tale, your thoughts and observations.” He told her.

“All of this because of a review?” Trina said.

“I told you last night. Oh, I mean this morning that you got it. You brought an account to people that they’ve never seen before. This is why you’d be and only you would be perfect for this. “ Jon said. Paul and Doc looked at him blankly. Jon shrugged his shoulders.

“Trina, were going to not only post the Diaries here at the Philly Post, but Rolling Stone has also agreed to post the Diaries. “ Doc said.

Trina sunk back in her chair. “Wow!” she said.
Tony and the others chuckled.

“How long is the rest of the tour?” she asked.

“The second leg is 8 months.” Paul said.

“Hmmmmm. That’s a long time.” She contemplated

“Yes, we know. But we take breaks Trina. A week here, or a couple of days there.” Jon said.

“Wow!” she trembled. “Rolling Stone? They really liked my review?” she asked in disbelief.

Doc chuckled.

“Jann Wenner himself said it was great. He’s looking forward to seeing more from you. “ He told her.

Trina took a deep breath.

“Okay.” She said.

“I’ll do it. “ She said turning to Jon. His eyes seemed to leap with joy. Tony practically jumped out of his chair.

“Great!” he said.

“When do I start?” she asked.

“Tomorrow. Second night at the Spectrum.” Jon said.
”Guess after work I’ll be packing.” She said.

“Guess so.” Jon said.

Trina got up. She headed towards the door. The men on the couch stood up.

“Thank you all for this opportunity.” She said.

“Now this is a great fucking day for rock and roll.” Paul quipped. All of them laughed.


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