Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ch. 15

The band went on with their pre-performance rituals. Jon remained quiet as much as possible. He did do some vocal warm-ups along with some light stretching exercises. He also kept himself busy by playing his guitar or listening to Richie attempt to impress Kendall while forgetting that his girlfriend Ally was in the same room.

He glanced over at Trina. She was writing feverishly in her notebook. Every now and then he’d noticed that she’d watch the band, laugh at different interactions they had with one another and write them down.

It stirred him to watch her observe all of them while he realized he was doing the same with her.

‘There was no song or words for this.’ He thought. Everything about her intrigued him; from the way she wore her brown hair that cascaded down her back, to her blue eyes eagerly trying to capture every word, every moment.

He loved the way her mouth curled when she smiled and how passionate she was when she cared about something.

No one had ever said those things to him before like she did today. He needed to hear it and had to admit to himself that he got a little turned on by their disagreement earlier.

‘She actually cared about me. Not because I’m the main subject of her stories, but about me.’ He thought.

Jon continued to watch Kendall and Richie flirt with one another not realizing that Obie crept up behind him.

“Geez Jonny. She’s a beauty isn’t she?” Obie whispered. Jon looked over at Trina. “Indeed my friend.”

“No wonder you thought of underwear. Well granted my immediate thoughts would be on how to take her “out” of the underwear, but I can see why you mentioned it.” Obie rambled.

Jon looked sheepishly at Obie for a second. He had a sly grin on his face as he looked at Trina.

Her black jeans fit her petite body like a glove. As she got up to talk to Kendall, Jon couldn’t resist watching every curve from leg to thigh move in fluid motion. As she walked, the black shirt she wore framed her tight buttocks perfectly. He couldn’t help but to shift his body ever so slightly, grateful that his guitar had hidden his attraction for her.

“By the way, when you get your tongue from the ground, you have ten minutes to showtime.” Obie winked.

Jon looked at him in utter bemusement. Obie shrugged. “You have the rest of the tour. Slow down.” He reminded him.

“Slow down on what?” Richie asked walking over to Jon and Obie.

“Putting Casanova on a leash.” Obie said.

“Someone needs to put your ass on a leash.” Jon quipped.

“Never.” Obie said walking out. “I’ll be in the sound booth if you need me.” He told them.

“Need you? Need a new engineer. Bob Rock busy?” Jon teased. He looked towards Richie.

“Aww, Obie hitting a nerve?” Richie joked.

“No.” Jon said. “We’re just having fun. Like you’re doing. What the hell are you doing? “ Jon asked.

Richie replied. “Just talking that’s all. They’re nice girls, Trina and Kendall.”

Jon signed. “Don’t have to tell me. That’s why Trina’s here.”

Richie started laughing. “She’s got to you fast. I never saw you get that mad before at someone you hardly even know.”

“It won’t happen again.” Jon insisted.

“Sure it will. She’s under your skin now.” Richie told him.

“What about Ally?” Jon asked.

“What about her? Nothing wrong with talking Jonny.”

“Ummm. You’re doing more than talking my friend.”

Richie nodded. “Nah, just having fun.”

Doc opened the door. “Gentleman, ready to rock this house?” he asked.

The guys got up. Trina, Kendall and Darryl went quickly outside the door. Ally and other friends and family of the band had also gathered outside by the stage’s entrance.

The place felt electric. It intoxicated Trina as if she had been drinking for ½ of the night. If this were the feeling they all got every night, she’d need to go to rehab just for adrenaline alone.

Kendall could also feel their excitement. She couldn’t help but watch Trina barely contain her emotions.

Suddenly, one by one they came out. Each one giving their friends and families an assortment of high-fives and friendly taps on the shoulder.

The last one to come out was Jon. He bounced around feeding off the energy the crowd was making under his feet. It seduced him, he was ready to bring them all to bed and make them pop.

He gave high-fives to everyone. However, when he got to Trina, he simply smiled, bent down, cupped his hands around her face and firmly planted a kiss on her lips.

They kissed for several seconds. She couldn’t help but to respond back in kind. All of that energy mixed with the pure emotions of the moment made her want to hold onto him for dear life.

Jon pulled away. He smiled at her and went onstage.

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Oh my! Richie's flirting and Jon's falling. Love that kiss! Sounded so dang sweet!

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