Thursday, July 3, 2008

Author's Question for Readers

Okay. I've decided to leave this to all of you.
I need some feedback if you'd be so nice to give it to me....Sorry....Please?

I've started writing Part II of the story.

Question is, would you like to see just Trina's Reports that she's filing for the Philly Post and Rolling Stone from here on out ? Or Would you like just like the story to continue to move in the way it is? Or would you like to see both?

Comments, comments please!!!

Thanks everyone for all the e-mails, pm's and comments on this story...I'm having a blast writing it!

Chapter 11 should be up very shortly.

Take care and all the best!!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful story!! Can't wait for more!!! I think both would be great but of course I would read any way you decided!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this story. Can't wait for more. Anyway you write, I'll read it.

Anonymous said...

love the story! no matter what I will read it. cant wait for the next chapter! love ya!

lajovibaby said...

i would like both or to leave it how it is.....its a great story for sure...having a blast reading it!!! ;)

Joviswoman said...

I've already told you my feelings honey!

Love the story, characters(Not Dot yuck, or Doc*shiver*)

Gail x

Shelly said...

LOL Thanks everyone...

OMG Gail you crack my ass up!!!
You know I love ya!! LOL!!!