Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ch. 11

Part II.

Everyone ride on the Karma Train…

Trina came home jubilant. She spent the rest of the afternoon and evening leafing through piles of material that Fletcher had given her earlier.

Mc Ghee Entertainment had also given her plenty of reading material. It was interesting to say to the least. They had given her the tour itinerary for starters. She was floored when she saw the schedule.

Leave Philly, 2 am,

Arrive in Pittsburgh Coventry Hotel.

Autograph Session/Acoustic Performance -Strawberries, 10am-2 pm. Performance from 1-2.

Lunch 2-3pm

Radio interviews 3-4 pm

Sound check 5-6 pm

Dinner, 6-7 pm

Meet & Greet 7-8pm

Pre-performance meeting 8:30-9 pm

Showtime 9-?

Trina was tired just looking at the remainder of dates. Pittsburgh, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Florida. Florida in itself had 3 nights. There was a break for two days, followed by stops in Nebraska, Iowa and Washington.

‘Wow! All of these dates have their schedules so detailed. No wonder he’s having voice problems. When do they sleep?’ Trina thought.

A knock at the door interrupted her research. “It’s open. Come on in. “ said Trina.

Kendall opened the door. “Come on in?” she asked her. “For all you know I could have been an axe murderer or something.” Trina looked at sarcastically at her.

“Please.” Trina said.

Kendall waltzed in and shut the door behind her. She couldn’t help but glance at the suitcases, files, notebooks and pens. The smile gave slowly gave way to a frown.

“So it’s true.” Kendall said pointing to the suitcases. Trina nodded. “Darryl called you?” Trina asked.

“No, your mom did.” Kendall said.

“Oh.” Trina said going back to her research.

“How long are you going for?”

“For now. Eight months. I’ll be home on and off between then. “

Kendall’s eyes flared. “Are you kidding me? Eight freakin months?” She propped herself down on Trina’s couch. “Who’s brilliant idea was this?”

“Apparently Jon’s or someone from McGhee Entertainment. Jon did tell me last night that he was tired of people asking him questions about his hair and ass all the time.” Trina said.

“And because you didn’t, he’s letting you follow them around for eight months?” Kendall asked. She looked concerned. Trina had seen that look before.

“Kendall, it’s more than that. “ Trina told her. “They’re giving me unprecedented access. They’re going to let me write about things that people want to know about these guys, but are afraid to ask.” She continued. Trina looked her at her friend sadly. It seemed that Kendall wasn’t convinced.

“Eight months is a bit much don’t you think?” Kendall asked.

“Not with this schedule.” Trina said giving her the itinerary.


Russia.” Kendall read.

“Ken, I’m going to be in Rolling Stone!” Trina yelled.

Kendall began to cry. “I want you here.” She whined. Trina put her arm around her. They had been inseparable for 20 years. This would be hard on both of them.

“You can visit you know. Meet the guys.” Trina said as she wiped the tears from Kendall’s face.

“Jon is great Kendall. You’re really going to like him.” Trina told her.

“I don’t like him now. Eight months is a long-time.”
Kendall sighed. “I guess I’m being selfish. I want you to still be with me. I don’t know what that’s like not seeing you every day. Besides, someone’s got to save me from Darryl.”

Trina chuckled.

“I think you’ll be fine. Both of you…. I just can’t pass this up. Just think of all the things I can do. I can travel-“

“Get Jon Bon Jovi to notice me. “ Kendall interrupted her with a wink.

“I can report.” Trina said.

“On Jon Bon Jovi…” Kendall quipped.

“Ahem…On the band. “ Trina retorted.

“And Jon Bon Jovi!” Kendall said.

Trina laughed. She gave her friend a smack on the arm. Kendall let out a huge belly laugh.

“See, I made you laugh.” Trina said.

“Because you’re all about Jon Bon Jovi right now!” Kendall said.

“You have three weeks of vacation. You can join me now and then. “ Trina said.

“I also have 2 weeks of personal too. I love working for the county. Just for that. “ Kendall said.

“Then?” Trina said.

“Then? I better start planning my vacation around Jon Bon Jovi’s schedule!”

Kendall and Trina laughed once more as they both wiped away tears. They hugged each once more.

“Come with me to the show tomorrow. I’ll take you back to meet them.” Trina said.

Kendall rolled her eyes. “I guess I should finally meet the bastard that’s taking away my best friend.” Kendall snarled.

“We can get pampered. Manicures, pedicures. I’ve got to get my hair done before I go. Oh, I didn’t tell you about my advance did I? Trina said.

Kendall shook her head. “No.”

Trina opened up her checkbook. Kendall looked at all the zeros. She was in shock. She turned and looked once again at Trina. Trina grinned.

“Rolling Stone. That’s not even including my new salary as music reporter for the Post. However, I did tell Tony and Liz that I’d throw in interviews with Skid Row and Bad Company also. Everyone seemed fine with that. “ Trina said.

“That’s a lot of zeros. “ Kendall said. Trina closed her checkbook. “Yes it is. So what do you say? Spa day tomorrow?”

Kendall sheepishly grinned. “Oh hell yeah! Spa day, Spa Night!” Trina let out a huge belly laugh.

“Oh my God I’m going to miss you terribly.” Trina said beginning to cry.

“Right back at ya.” Kendall said.


Jon secluded himself in his hotel room for the rest of the day.

His feelings were, the less people saw of him, the better, for himself and his voice.

He refused to answer any more questions about Dorothea. She was gone now; the animosity she had instilled left with her.

He couldn’t wait for Trina to join them.

Since seeing her this afternoon, he watched her jubilance and excitement. It reminded him of when he got his own record deal. Eager, driven and happy. He was looking forward to see her take on things.

Richie entered his room. He sat on the foot of the bed watching Jon leaf through a book.

“Whatcha reading?” Richie asked.

“Book on the American Revolution.” Jon said. “Actually, I haven’t read it yet. But it looks interesting. “ Jon told him.

“Very cool.” Richie said.

“You ever want to challenge something so bad that you’d risk everything for it?” Jon asked Richie.

Richie looked down at the bed for a few seconds. “Can’t say that I have Jonny. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. I guess. The Colonists were so excited about starting their new life here. But on the other hand, England tried so hard to keep them under their rule, never trying to find middle ground with them.” Jon said.

“The Colonists won at the end Jonny.” Richie said.

Jon looked at the book. He placed it down on the side of the bed.

“What’s this all about Bro?” Richie asked with a concerned look on this face.

“Everything and nothing.” Jon said.

“Is it Dot? “

Jon looked sadly at his friend.

“Some of it. You know we broke up right?”

“Hell, I saw that coming a mile away. She was her own worst enemy. “ Riche told him.

“You’re not pissed at me for what I said at last night’s show?”

“No. I was shocked at first, but even Ally said. ‘Well maybe she’ll realize that she can be replaced.’ Nothing in this world lasts forever Jon. “ Richie reassured him.

“I’m so happy Trina agreed to come out with us Richie.” Jon eyes leapt with joy. Richie smiled.

“She seems cool. I dig her. “

“I’ve been thinking so much about her. All of the excitement she must feel. I went with her to the Post. I saw a rough draft of that review that everyone’s talking about. I liked what was printed, but her rough draft was better. I want her to bring that first-time passion and enthusiasm to our story. It brought back memories seeing how happy she was when she found out about her new job and the adjoining Rolling Stone deal.”

“You went to the Post with her?” Riche asked.

“Yeah. Went to the Bowery too.”

“Hey, how is Mark?”

Jon smiled. “He’s good. The place is nice. “

“Good for him. Nice guy. Retired on a good note.” Richie said.

“True, I definitely don’t want to be in my seventies doing our gig in some lounge. Going out on top is a good thing. “ Jon said. Richie looked at him strangely.

“Hey, are you thinking of stopping this?” Richie asked.

Jon sighed. He shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe for a little while. The grind is getting to me a bit. “

“The guys and I are with you on whatever you do decide. “ Richie said.

“Thank you. “ Jon said. “I get so worried that my voice one of these nights will just stop.”

“No! Don’t think like that. “ Richie told him. Jon looked worried.

“I can’t help it. I’ve been hiding out here all afternoon for fear of talking when I don’t want to.”

”Then don’t talk. Chill out. Rest. There’s no law that says you always have to be the one to say things on behalf of the band. We’ll help you in any way shape or form. Besides, Trina’s stories will solve a lot of this too. Give yourself a break.” Richie told him.

“Easier said than done.” Jon said.

“With that attitude, your voice will go. Relax. “

Meanwhile, Obie walked in. “Jonny, Trina line one. “

Jon turned around to the phone. He picked up the receiver and pressed a button.

“Hello?” Jon said.

“Hi.” said Trina.

“Hey. “ Jon said. His face suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree.

“I wanted to call and thank you for this opportunity.” Trina said leaning back on her couch.

“Oh babe. It was no problem. You earned it. You’re going to have a blast.”

Trina giggled. “Looking forward to it. Hey, the reason why I’m calling is to see if I can get a backstage pass for my friend Kendall. Well, she’s my best friend. We grew up together and-“

Jon began chuckled. “Sure. No problem. I can’t wait to meet her. “

Jon turned around. He noticed Richie and Obie staring at him , whispering amongst themselves. Their arms were folded as they both shared a look of sarcasm towards Jon.

“Thanks Jon, I appreciate it. “ Trina said.

“You almost packed?” Jon asked. He gave the two of them a sarcastic grin and threw a pillow at Richie.

“Not yet. Got a good start on it though.” Trina said.

“Good. Just make sure you bring all the notebooks you can carry and underwear. Plenty of underwear. “ Jon said.

Richie couldn’t help but to give Jon an odd glance. After all these years, he had never seen Jon act this way towards anyone.

“Underwear? What the hell? You don’t even wear any? “ Richie whispered. Obie couldn’t contain his laughter any longer; it just erupted and continued for the next several seconds.

Jon’s eyes widened.

“Is someone there with you? “ Trina asked.

“Ummmm. No. It’s just the T.V.” Jon told her.

“Listen, I better get going. It’s getting late and I like to try to get a good night’s sleep before a show.” He continued.

Trina looked at her watch. “Oh my god it’s almost eleven. I’m so sorry.”

Jon laughed. “It’s okay.”

“So sorry. Okay. Sleep well. Good night.” Trina said.
”Good night babe.” Jon said as he hung up the phone.

He turned around to Richie and Obie who by now were laughing hysterically.

“Goodnight babe?” Obie said taunting Jon.

“Babe? How professional are you?” Obie continued.

“I’m a rock star. That particular word being used in that manner is completely acceptable for people like me.” Jon smirked.

“There’s the Jon I know and love. “ Obie said.

“And where did that nice guy we just saw go?” Richie asked.

“Left for the night. Like the two of are going to do now.” Jon told both of them. Obie continued to laugh.

“You were particularly giddy on the phone. Your eyes were dancing, your face lit up like a freakin’ Christmas tree. I’m surprised that you didn’t go and buy her extra underwear. “ Richie said.

“Why don’t you go buy some for Ally?” Jon smirked.

Richie smiled. “Nah, seeing you this excited over someone is priceless. This is going to be fun.”

“I’m happy for her. “ Jon retorted.

“Okay bro tell yourself that. Meanwhile I think I’ll get Ally out of her underwear. “ Richie said.

Jon shook his head. “You’re an ass.”

“Absolutely. Goodnight.” Richie said getting up from the bed and walking out of the room. Obie stood there looking at him.

“What?” Jon asked. “Haven’t you tortured me enough?” he continued.

“You tend to go too fast. Slow it down. Let her know you before you leap.” Obie said walking to the door.

Jon looked at the phone.” Underwear? I can’t believe I fucking told her to buy underwear! “ He said covering his across his face in embarrassment.

Richie was right. He needed a breather, even if it’s hiding out in a hotel room. Anything to make sure that his voice stayed intact, he was going to do for the rest of the tour. And that meant having a bit of fun. Especially with Trina.


Anonymous said...

great how you are setting this story up!!! did i miss the journal?!?!

Shelly said...

It's at the bottom under the comments section, but I think I'll move it to the side so that you can all see it better.

Sedona Sunrise said...

Love this story! Can't wait to find out where it's gona go

Anonymous said...

The chapter was great. I totally love the idea of the journal, I hope you post more of that. :)


Anonymous said...

I found you on Topix and fell in love with your story! Great dialog I could see what you were saying and that makes a story great! Will now have youo bookmarked and will be checking each day for new chapters!

Once again great story!

Alice Faye

Sunstreaked said...

This whole set up sounds like so much fun! Richie is cracking me up and I like hearing more from Obie. The brotherhood is coming through strongly and Jon is hysterical - telling her to bring lotsa underwear! ROFL!

So good, Shelly, so damn good!