Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ch. 16

Everyone was speechless. Trina tried hard to catch her breath as she shook like a leaf.

Her face was pale. The emotions of what just happened rocked her to the core.

She leaned herself against Kendall. Kendall chuckled sweetly and touched her hand.

“I take it you’ve made up?” She asked her best friend.

Trina was speechless. Her eyes were eagerly waiting for him to hurry back so that they could continue where they left off.

She couldn’t say a word. All she could do was nod her head. Kendall turned to Doc who was speechless as well.

“Darlin, he’s never done that before. Couldn’t tell you why he did that.” Doc said.

Trina walked towards the stage entrance as the band performed. She could see all of them perform song after song flawlessly. When Bad Medicine began to play, Jon even motioned for Kendall to come out and dance with him.

Trina simply took in the whole experience. It was a great show. The show ended on a strong note with Jon and Richie singing not only the acoustic version of “Prayer,” but also “Never Say Goodbye.”

Everyone was silent. It was riveting to say the least. It was in a lower key than the crowd was used to hearing, but nonetheless the new arrangement was breathtaking.

Trina took in lyric after lyric. Jon looked over at her a couple of times and smiled warmly.

He was content. Purely at ease with the way he was performing. It was heartfelt, raw. It evoked memories for any and everyone that had ever been through what Jon’s muse had been through when the song was written.

As the song ended, Richie and Jon got a standing ovation. They said their goodnights to the audience and left the stage. The crowd roared wildly for them backstage. Trina clapped also as Jon and Richie got congratulatory hugs, kisses and handshakes.

Jon, in the middle of a sea of friends and family, couldn’t help but to look at Trina. She was grinning from ear to ear.

He walked over to her as the crowd began to go their separate ways.

“How did you like that?” he exclaimed.

“I loved it! Never Say Goodbye was done so beautifully.” She said.

“I decided to throw in a curveball. That was for you.” He said as he gently placed his lips on her forehead.

She suddenly jerked back. “Mmm. Thanks.” She said looking nervous.

He looked surprised that she pulled back so quickly. He tried to grab her hand as if to reassure her but she placed them over her stomach.

“I’m sorry. I just felt-“ Jon told her softly. Trina nodded her head.

“Oh no. I understand. It’s okay.” Trina laughed.

Jon felt awkward. He looked down at his sneakers for a moment. He nervously began to laugh at the situation.

“I think I should go shower and change. We’ve gotta be on the road in an hour.” He said.

“Okay.” Trina said.

“Doc said that we could stop at the Bowery on our way so that we can eat something and unwind a bit.”

“Good. I’m a little hungry.” Trina said. Jon couldn’t help but to get caught up in her eyes. She was already nervous about her task. He really didn’t want to add to her tensions by what he was doing. ‘Obie’s right. I move way too fast.’ He thought.

“I’ll be back in a few.” Jon said walking into the dressing room.

Trina closed her eyes. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to keep on talking to her. Kendall noticed her friend’s sadness as Jon went into the dressing room.

“You okay hon?” Kendall asked her.

Trina began to cry. She felt overwhelmed. “I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can.” Kendall said. Trina began to hyperventilate. “No, I can’t.” she told her.

“Yes. You can. Focus Trina. You worked hard for this. Focus.” Kendall insisted holding her hand.

“Did you see? He kissed me. Again? “ Trina cried.

“He’s a great guy just like you said.” Kendall replied. “He felt bad for snapping at you earlier.” Trina nodded. “I don’t think that’s the reason. I can’t explain it…you have to come with me. I can’t do this. ”

Kendall began to laugh. She took a stray hair out of Trina’s face and smoothed it back. “Honey, you know I can’t. At least not right now. “

“I need you Kendall. I can’t do this whole tour without you.” Trina pleaded.

Kendall looked across the hall as the dressing room door opened. Richie came out wearing jeans and football jersey. He walked over to Kendall and Trina. His happiness turned into concern as he saw Trina wiping her face.

“Aww. Trina honey, what’s wrong?” Richie said putting his arm around her.

Trina felt childish. “Almost time for us to go.” She told him.

“You excited hon? I know it’s going to be hard not seeing this one everyday but we’ll watch after you.” Richie said looking at Kendall.

“It’s not that.” She said.

Jon came out of the dressing room. His hair was blown dry; he wore jeans and a black t-shirt. The three of them watched Jon as he talked to Paul and Doc about the evening’s show and the upcoming one in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

Trina took a deep breath. She wiped the remaining tears from her face. She took out her notebook and pen. She glanced at Jon once more before opening the notebook.

Richie looked confused, as did Kendall.

“You’re not afraid of the big, bad wolf are ya?” Richie quipped. Trina glanced at Jon again and smiled.

“Dear God.” Richie said shaking his head.

“What?” Kendall asked him.

“He’s under your skin now.” Richie told Trina. Richie looked surprised. “What did the two of you do the other night when he left by himself?”

“Nothing.” Trina said. Obie came walking over to them. “Getting ready to leave folks.” Obie told them.

“I’d better go with the others.” Richie said. Trina nodded.

“Take care Kendall. See ya soon darling. It was great meeting you and Darryl.” Richie said.

Trina took a deep breath. She looked sadly at Kendall.

“Remember honey, focus. Kendall said. “You have a mighty task ahead of you. Have fun. Everyone loves you so much. I’ll join you as soon as I can.” She whispered.

“Okay.” Trina said. She gave Kendall a hug.

“Time to get to work Miss Trina.” Jon said walking over to both of them.

“Ready?” He asked her.

“Yes.” Trina said. At that very moment, she began to do what Kendall asked her to do. Focus. She had worked hard to get this job. She couldn’t let outside distractions prevent her from living her dream. Not now.

She had an early afternoon deadline for her journal entry for Rolling Stone. She knew she’d be up all night writing and re-writing until it was perfect.

Trina and Jon began to walk away from Kendall. Darryl had already left because of an early deadline he needed to meet. Trina waved at her.

Kendall stood there all by herself in the hallway, letting go of a life that she knew would never be the same for either one of them again.


Sunstreaked said...

Love how your showing that bond between Richie and Jon. And, yeah, Trina, life ain't NEVER gonna be the same!

Hope you post soon as this is so engaging!

Anonymous said...

I am so into this story! the way you write i can see everything very clear in my mind.

Love the journal entries! Sort of a story within a story very Shakespearian!

Alice Faye

Shelly said...

Thanks Alice and sunsreaked.

I'm having some formatting problems w/Blogger today. For some reason the 1st part of my sentences are getting cut off. My apologies to you and to everyone. Trying to fix it as we speak.

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

woohoo! we got 2 chapters! Cant wait to see what happends next.


Sedona Sunrise said...

Another great chapter!! Loving this story sooo much lol cant wait for more!

Anonymous said...

The chapter was great! :)