Monday, July 28, 2008

Ch. 18

Trina was up at the crack of dawn.

Getting into Pittsburgh early this morning, she filed her story and attempted to fall asleep.

However, she couldn’t help that thoughts of Jon swirled in her mind. So much that any chance of sleep disappeared when the alarm came on.

She wondered how two people could have so much in common, but yet be so different.

Watching his poise through radio interviews and business meetings throughout the morning both impressed and attracted to him even more.

During a brief break before going accompanying the band to an in-store appearance and performance, Trina wrote in her notebook

Grace Under Pressure.’

Obie, needing a rest from setting up the show’s sound, glanced at the three words jumping off the page.

“Grace Under Pressure…. Not me today.” He said sitting next to Trina.

Trina looked up and acknowledged him. She continued to look at those three words.

“Yeah. Working on my next entry…” She told Obie.

Obie nodded. “Oh.”

“How does he do it? I watched him this morning do two radio interviews with DJ’s from 2 different stations asking him practically the same questions, and all he did was smile and answer their questions as honestly and as charming as possible. If that were me, I would have turned around and told Doc, “Oh my God, if I get asked that question one more time, I swear I’m walking out!” Trina said.

Obie laughed. “He can do it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s for the kids. He loves to write and perform for not only himself, but for them too.”

“It amazes me that he can simply turn that part off and then talk to all of you for ninety minutes about safety regulations, insurance, ordering a new PA system and what all of you want for lunch!” Trina said looking shocked.

“He’s like freakin' Sybil. I know. None of the band knows how he does it either. But, I guess when you’re the front man, you have to dabble in a little bit of everything.” Obie said.

“What does he like to do when he’s not tour? Do he have any hobbies? Does he like sports?” Trina asked.

“Dear God. Football. It starts in a couple of months and dear god watch out.” Obie said. Trina laughed.

“I’m dead serious. Jon loves football. Especially the Giants. It’s borderline scary on how much he loves the game.”

Trina smiled. “What else does he like?”

Obie glanced up at the sky, trying to think of anything else that his friend likes.

“Mmmm. Cars. He really likes cars. Classic ones. Especially Camaros and Porsches. He likes bikes too. In fact, he recently bought a Harley that I know he’s itching to ride when the tour is over. “ He said.

“Cars, bikes, football.” Trina said.

“Junk food. Pizza, really good wine, burgers, fries. To add insult to injury, load those fries up with cheese and he’ll love you for life.” Obie continued.

“He doesn’t seem so complicated.” Trina said.

“No. He isn’t. However, the business as crazy as it is complicates things constantly. Relationships, the paparazzi, tabloid bullshit all comes into play when probably all he wants to do is take someone out to dinner and a movie.”

Trina shook her head in disbelief.

Obie looked at her with a surprised look on her face. “So, he hasn’t asked you out yet?” He asked.

Trina was shocked that he would even ask her that. “Mmm. No. Why would he ask?”

“That Kiss. I’ve known Jonny for a looong time. Never saw him do that before.”

Trina looked at him nervously. “It was nothing…that kiss.”

“Okay.” Obie said looking strangely at her. “Really it was nothing. Just a caught up in the moment type of thing.” Trina insisted.

“Obie looked at her pointedly and sighed.

“It’ll happen again.”

Trina laughed. “No it won’t. “

Obie stood up.

“Trina, another thing you need to learn about Jonny is that he won’t stop. He’ll try to, but he goes through life by his emotions. If they take him to you, well, you’re in for a wild ride. Just have fun with it.” He told her walking away.

Trina’s mind swirled again with thoughts and questions. She looked down at her notebook once again. ‘Grace Under Pressure’ leapt off of the page at her.

She was now even more confused than when she first started all of this.


“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that she’s fine.” Richie said.

He was speaking to Kendall the phone. She had been worried about Trina, and he promised to update her regularly on how she was doing.

Richie was sitting in an empty office at a music store that was ½ a mile from the venue. He was waiting for his cue to join the others for an in-store appearance and performance.

He seemed to have hit it off with Kendall immediately as they have a couple of things in common. A love for music and a fierce loyalty for people they cared about.

Richie understood how close Trina and Kendall were. He and Jon shared a similar friendship. He didn’t mind calling her every now and then to assure her that Trina was fine. He got up for a second and went to a window that was on the other side of the office. There sat Trina writing in her notebook. He smiled and went back to the phone.

“She’s writing away as we speak. Obie must have gone back to work because I know he was with her a little while ago.” He told her.

A mumbled voice talked to him for a second.

“I will. I’ll let her know you’re thinking about her too. Take care hon.” Richie said softly.

As he hung up the phone, he heard a noise at the door. It was Ally with her arms folded, staring coldly at Richie.

“Who was that on the phone?” she asked.

“No one. Just a friend.” Richie told her.

He knew not to talk anymore about Kendall or anyone else he’d been previously involved with. That was always a sore sport for Ally. Whether he was friends with them or not.

Her eyes continued to cut through his like a razor.

“It sounded a little heavy.” She insisted.

“Not that big of a deal. Just a friend wanting to make sure another friend is doing okay.”

Ally rolled her eyes.

“Kendall can’t use her manicured nails to dial Trina herself?” Ally flared.

“We’re a little hard to reach during the day as you know.” Richie said. “Besides, I didn’t mind telling her quickly that Trina was okay. “

“I’m freakin’ sure you didn’t!” Ally yelled.

Richie got up as if to leave. The green-eyed monster that currently was Ally began to rear its head and he was in no mood for it.

“What the fuck is your problem Ally?”

“She’s my problem Richie. I’m shocked that you even remembered my name considering the way you’ve been behaving lately when she’s around.”

Richie began to walk towards the door.

“I have an in-store in about ten minutes. I’m in no mood to deal with this now!”

“Well neither am I, but shit, that’s the breaks now isn’t it?” She snapped.

“Haven’t you ever had a long-time friend that you’ve known for most of your life that is going through a major change and needed support?” Richie asked.

“Of course, but Kendall should call Trina. Why are you playing messenger?”

“What does it matter? Trina was upset about leaving her life behind and I wanted to let Kendall know what she was doing better today.”

Ally rolled her eyes once more. “Whatever. Next time you get her on the phone, you better tell her that if she has concerns about her friend, call her herself!” Ally yelled storming past Richie and out the door.

Richie walked into the back of the warehouse where by now the rest of the band was now gathered to head into the store.

With them, patiently watching from the sides was Trina.

Richie looked furious as he stood next to Jon. They waited for their cue to go on from the music store’s publicist.

Jon looked over at Richie, who was now dead silent. His lips were pursed, afraid that if he spoke of what happened, words would come out that he didn’t mean.

“What’s wrong?” Jon asked. He had never seen Richie so angry. Richie didn’t say a word. It was if he were a statue.

“That good huh?” Jon asked him.

Richie did look over at him and shook his head. “Yep.” He replied.

“What happened?” Jon asked.

“I called Kendall to let her know how Trina was because Trina has been going through a rough time with leaving her life behind and all…”

Jon suddenly wasn’t hearing the rest of Richie’s story. His face went from looking concerned for his friend’s well being to being worried about Trina. He took a quick glance at Trina watching all of them. He smiled gently at her and his look of concern turned to sadness.

“Is she okay?” Jon asked. “Shit. Maybe this was all too much. Then I went and kissed her.” Jon rambled.

“Weren’t you listening to me bro? I said she was fine.” Richie reassured him. “Anyways, I was telling Kendall and Ally comes in and starts spewing shit.”

Jon was still concerned over Trina. “Did I tell you that I kissed her? .Not once…but three times?” Jon told him.

Richie looked shocked. “What?”

Jon got nervous all of a sudden. He raked his hair with the palms of his hands. He nodded.

“When the hell did you do this?” Richie asked

“Once after the show, the other time at the Bowery.”

Jon looked over at Trina. He put his head down in embarrassment. Richie shook his head. “And you tell me to watch myself?” Richie snickered.

“I’m not the one with the girlfriend.” Jon replied.

“You had one a week ago.” Richie whispered.

“You have one now. A famous one who could go to the freakin’ tabloids at anytime and let you have it.” Jon said.

“I was being nice. She was concerned. I was concerned.” Richie told him. Trina walked over to them.

“Concerned about what?” she asked.

“Nothing!” Jon and Richie said at the same time.


Sunstreaked said...

Oooh my! Ally is right to be jealous, Richie is definitely interested in Kendall. And Jon, ya gotta know what you do women. You like Trina, ya sure you wanna turn all that charm and animal magnatism towards her?

Oh, btw, Jon - please do! ROFL!

Shelly said...


He's a tease that one...

Especially in this story!!!

Anonymous said...

Shelly you rock!!
So love this story, keep it coming girl!!

Anonymous said...

Just read this from start to finish. It's great!! You've really captured the problems that this tour brought to the band with Jon's voice and Doc feeding the machine instead of realizing a break was needed for everyone's sake. Great job.

Love that Obie is an intrical part of this story. You've captured his humor perfectly.

I think it's time Ally hit the road!! I can see Kendall & Richie have a lot in common with the music but also in how they care for their friends.

And Trina & Jon need to open up & let the feelings take them where they most want to be...together.

This is a great story & you're writing is brilliant!! I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Don't make us wait too long.


Shelly said...

Welcome Maria!!!

I always like to hear from new readers...

And I won't let you wait too long. Ch 19 is up as we speak!!

Lori said...

Loving your story!

Shelly said...

thanks Lori!

Glad you're enjoying it!