Saturday, January 26, 2008


Philly Spectrum-1988

Trina was nervous as she drove to the Spectrum. Her notebook had tons of questions for all of the guys. She now had listened to all four album several times over. She was intrigued with their storytelling. Especially on “Prayer “ and on another song “Livin in Sin” taken from their current album.
Trina attempted to formulate the story in her head but her byline could not come out. “What if they all think that I’m some groupie?” she thought. “What if my story sucked?” she asked herself again. She took another deep breath as she pulled into the Spectrum. “damn it Trina get a grip! You didn’t do all of this research day and night for three days to blow this. You can do this. Just an interview.” She reassured herself.
Trina parked her car into the lot. She looked at herself through the rear view mirror. She quickly took out her purse, grabbed her brush and quickly ran it through her hair. She took out some pale pink lip-gloss and began to apply the gloss quickly over her lips. With her eye makeup perfectly intact, she closed her eyes and counted to 10. She opened her car door and slowly walked into the back entrance. The back was abuzz with people. Roadies passing by with gear, wardrobe people flew by with trunks and trunks of clothes.
Trina continued walking through the hallways. Each door had a different label, wardrobe, catering, offices and finally publicity.
Noticing that the door was open, Trina peered in.
“If you’re looking for Heather she’ll be back.” A male voice said behind her. She turned around and there stood a guy with a ponytail, sweats and dark sunglasses on.
“Oh okay thanks.” She said.
“No problem.” He said. The man gave her a head to toe look and smiled. “So you’re here to interview the band?” he asked.
Trina looked through her notebook. “Yes I am. My name is Trina Logan. I take it that you’re one of the roadies?” she asked as she pulled out her pen. “What’s your name?” she asked.
“Frank.” He replied. “And I’m not exactly a roadie, but I do work for the band.
“Very nice.” She said. “So what do you do?” she asked.
“Oh a little of everything. I help Heather with press and promotion and Doc with making sure that the band gets to the venue on time and the ship runs right. You name it around here. I do it.” He said.
Trina began writing it down. The man glanced at his watch. “shit! I’m running late. Listen, I’ll go tell Heather you’re here. And then maybe later I’ll give you a quote or two.”
Trina smiled. “Okay. See you soon.”
”See ya later.” He said sprinting out as quickly as he arrived.
As she was formulating her quotes, Polygram’s publicity agent, Heather Ross came rushing through the door.
“Trina Logan?” Heather asked.
“Yes. Heather right?” Trina said.
“Yep. Jon told me that you were here. Sorry I’m late. I just needed to eat something.” Heather said.
“Jon?” Trina said. “I could have sworn he told me a little while ago that he said his name was Frank.” She said.
Heather laughed. “Oh no! He did it again!”
“What again? Jon who?” Trina asked.
“Jon Bon Jovi.” Heather said. “Frank is a nickname that Richie came up with a while ago.”
Trina was in shock. Her face ran hot. Heather continued to laugh. She put her arm around Trina. “Oh don’t feel bad. People do it all the time.”
“Oh my god. How could I be so stupid?” Trina said.
“Well he did have on very dark sunglasses.” Heather said.
“The voice. “ Trina said.
“Is much warmer in person.” Heather added.
“I can’t believe I that I didn’t recognize him.”
Heather continued to laugh. “Seriously don’t worry about it. Half of us barely recognize him when we see him. He liked your questions by the way.”
“Did he?” Trina asked.
”Yep. Said you really did your homework and he was looking forward to talking with you.”
Trina wiped her brow. She was relieved. “Phew.”
“Ready to meet them now?” Heather asked.
“Yes. Time to get this over with.” Trina said.
“The guys are great. Especially “Frank.” Heather quipped. Trina began to laugh. Heather brought her down to the stage area.
“Welcome to sound check. All we ask is that you watch; the guys are usually trying to work out their setlist and any kinks they have in the show. “ Heather said.
Trina watched as Jon without his ponytail and dark glasses on ran through song after song. It was minor but Trina did notice that Jon kept touching his throat.” Trina turned around to Heather. “Is he all right?”
“Oh yeah. Jon had a bout with laryngitis just before the break. It’s still probably giving him a little bit of grief.”
“That stinks that he couldn’t rest it for a couple of more days.” Trina said.
Heather snickered. “That’ll be the day. He’ll never cancel a show.”
“No?” Trina asked.
“Absolutely not. For Jon that’s disappointing a fan. And when he does that, he and band the disappoint themselves. “ Heather said.
”Interesting.” Trina said as the guys put down their instruments. Jon turned around smiled warmly at Trina.
“Hello Trina.” Jon said extending out his hand.
”Hello Frank.” Trina said sarcastically. She extended her hand and shook his.
“Told ya I do a little of everything.” Jon said.
“That you did. However, you left out the fact that you can also sing lead.” She said.
Jon laughed.
“Frank’s my nickname.” Jon said.
“Dean’s mine.” Said Richie waving.
Trina laughed.
“Well I see Jon and Trina have already met. Trina meet our keyboardist, Dave Bryan, Alec John Such, our bass player, Tico Torres, on drums and um. Dean aka Richie Sambora our lead guitarist.” Heather said.
Richie winked at Trina. The other waved in acknowledgement.
“Nice to meet all of you.” Trina said as she got out her notebook and pen.
“So your friends with Fletcher?” Jon asked
“Yes I am.” Trina said. She took her glasses from purse and began to leaf through her notes. Jon walked over and began to look at them too.
“Did you know he was going to write a book on me?” Jon asked.
“I heard about something he was working on with you.” Trina said.
“Piece of shit was going to write it without my permission.” Jon glared.
“Well, I wouldn’t do that to you.” Trina said.
“Well good or else I’ll sue your ass like I was about to do to him.” Jon said.
“Listen, I don’t want any problems. I don’t know what happened between you and Fletcher. I’m just trying to get this published in the Post. “ She told him.
“Why wouldn’t it be published?” Jon asked.
“Not good enough.” Trina said.
Jon looked agitated. He folded his arms and rolled his eyes. “Why wouldn’t it be good enough?” Jon asked.
”I don’t know. The interview hasn’t even started yet. Why the hell am I getting the third degree? “ She asked.
“You said that this story may not been good enough. Tell me why?” Jon asked.
“Because I’m afraid that I’ll miss something; some fact that would make things weak.” Trina said.
Jon took the notebook and leaf through the notes. He smiled.
“This story not’s going to be weak. You got some good stuff to work off here. I have a friend at the Post who told me that you were trying out for Fletcher’s position.” He told her.
Trina nodded her head. “True. But how did you know?”
“You don’t like disappointing people. We’re alike that way.” Jon said.
“No I don’t. I’ve heard that about you too also.”
“I don’t.” he told her giving her back the notebook. “Sorry about the inquisition. Good to see you stood up to me. I’ll be real honest; I don’t talk to people like I’m talking to you. You don’t have to be nervous around us. The guys and I put on our pants on one leg at a time just like you. No more Frank, no more beating around the bush. Ask me and the guys anything and everything you want.” Jon said.
“Thanks.” Trina smiled.

“How your voice?” Trina asked.
“I mentioned that you had a bout with laryngitis a few days ago.” Heather said.
“Oh, it’s all right. Better thanks.” Jon said sounding hesitant.
“Good. You wouldn’t want to disappoint these people coming in a couple of hours.” Trina said.
“I sure as hell don’t.” Jon told her. He couldn’t stop looking at her. He understood everything she was saying. There was a connection to her. He felt very comfortable talking to her even though he has only known her for less than ninety minutes.
“We don’t either.” Richie added. “These people used their hard earned money to see us.” He continued. “We put 110% into each and every show we do. “ Jon said. “There are no exceptions to that.”
“Okay, I’ll leave you alone with the boys. I can’t wait to read it.” Heather said. Walking off the stage. She turned around and noticed the interaction between Trina and Jon. She never saw Jon smile so much during an interview. “Thank god Dot’s not around.” Heather thought. “This could get ugly.”


Sunstreaked said...

Again, so much realism. Jon already into the music machine enough to be suspicious and the beginning of cynacism. Dot, a problem in this story. The bond between the guys. And Jon's voice, what was almost done to it because of the music machine.

It's almost like you might have been a fly on the wall for some of what "really" happened!

Great chapter!

Shelly said...

Carole, you made it!!!

Glad you like the story....Thanks so much for the comments!!!