Monday, January 28, 2008


Jon and the rest of the band were getting dressed for their performance. Their adrenaline was flowing as he and the guys heard the crowd trickle into the Spectrum. Jon had changed simply into a pair of black leather pants and a tie-dyed vest. To complete their regular before stage routine, he and Richie were finishing their vocal warm-up when Dorothea stormed into their dressing room.

She had also changed her clothes. Wearing a white mini-skirt with a body hugging green tunic, Dorothea was a pretty woman with petite curves and long brown hair. Her brown eyes that used to show warmth had lately become inattentive. Her personality had negativity these days that Jon couldn’t put his finger on. Lately she was angry. All the time. He didn’t know why, but he knew he needed to talk to her about it. But now wasn’t the time to do it.

“We’re getting ready to perform Dot.” Jon said.

“So? Richie, do you and the guys mind if I talk to Jonny for minute?” she asked.
”We go on in 10 minutes Dot. I don’t have time for this now.” Jon repeated.

“Well you can make time to bear your soul to a reporter you’ve never met before, but don’t have time to talk to me?” she snapped.

“Not now I don’t. What the hell is wrong with you?” Jon asked.

Richie, uncomfortable with the situation stood up and started towards the door.

“Where are you going? Jon asked.

“Out of here. She obviously has some stuff on her mind, so we can give her a minute to say her peace.” Richie said motioning the guys to follow him to the door.

The guys began to get up and follow Richie. Jon stood up and yelled.

“It can wait. Everyone get back here. We come here together; we all leave together. Dot, we’ll talk later.” He told her.

Dorothea glared angrily at him. She walked past the guys and stomped out the door. Richie was speechless.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Richie said.
”Today the interview with Trina. Yesterday it was because I made a doctor’s appointment. Tomorrow? Who knows.” Jon said.

“She’s been like this for weeks.” Richie said.

“I know. But I couldn’t tell you what it was because it changes every day. She started an argument with Trina earlier for no reason. “

“What was it about?” asked Dave

“Over how Trina was asking the questions. She literally was trying to tell Trina what questions to ask me.”
”Seriously” Dave asked

Jon nodded.

“Is she a reporter?” Richie asked.

Jon snickered. “That’s what Trina said. And to her credit, she held her own. She didn’t let Dot get to her.”

“Good for her.” Richie said.

“Maybe you and her just need to chill out for a bit. Get some space between you.” Richie continued.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should.” Jon said. shrugging his shoulders.

Doc walked in the dressing room. The guys looked at him and smiled.

“What’s up?! Ready to do this?” Doc asked.

Jon jumped up. “Yep. Time to rock this place up!” “

One by one the boys trailed out of the dressing room. At the door stood their tour manager Paul, with walkie-talkie in head counting heads making sure that no one was left behind.

Trina like other friends and family watched the band walk to the stage. Standing motionless next to Trina was Dot. Trina smiled at all of them as they walked by. Jon touched her arm and smiled back. Dot rolled her eyes and walked away.

“Gentleman! You know what I said to myself? “ Paul yelled. “I said “Self! What a great fucking day..For Rock and Roll! “ They all yelled as one by one the band went out on cue. As Jon waited for his cue, he turned and looked at Trina. “Have fun out there!” she yelled.

“I’ll talk to you later! Thanks!” he said running onto the stage.

The guys played for 3+ hours. The show was spectacular. Trina watched as Jon interacted in different levels with the fans. He played to some as he walked on a ramp, danced with others that he plucked from the audience. Trina was impressed at how he human he was during their interview and this larger than life showman at this moment.

Richie walked over to his side of the stage and interacted with the fans as well.

For their last song of the night, ‘Silent Night,’ during the intro, Jon made his way back to the front of the stage. Something suddenly gets thrown up at him, curious; he picks it up and begins to smile.

“What is it man?” Richie asked.

Jon’s eyes widened. “Oh my!” Jon said holding up a matching set of a purple bra and panties.

The crowd went nuts. Jon began to laugh. “Oh man!” he said.

“Hey Rich, take a look at these.” He told Richie, holding up the bra and panties for everyone to see.

On each cup the words “Fuck me.” And one the panties, “Jon!” Appeared in black marker. “Well…” as Jon read.

“Damn man, talk about being subtle.” Richie said laughing.

“This was all right.” Jon said. “I applaud her for knowing what she wants.” He continued. The crowd went nuts.

“But I have to say…I’m sorry baby.” He said putting his hand over his heart. “I’m taken.” He continued “But, you know what? Never say never! “He said with a wink to the girl. Trina couldn’t believe what she just heard.

Richie was stunned. He knew Jon and Dot were having problems, but nothing that would make him say something like this. Jon turned around to Richie. Richie nodded his head and re-lead the band into ‘Silent Night” Jon threw the bra and panties back into the audience and began to sing the song.

Meanwhile backstage Dot had watched everything from the side of the stage with tears rolling down her cheeks. “That motherfucker!” she screamed. “How could he?” she sobbed. Trina stood motionless. Doc ran over to her. “Dorothea, honey I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way we’re all thinking.” He said.
”Bullshit!” she screamed.

“I’m sure Dorothea it’s all a huge misunderstanding.” Trina said to her in an attempt to make her feel better.

Dorothea’s eyes flared daggers at her.

“What the fuck do you know about it? Or anything for that matter? Why don’t you go back to your little newspaper and tell everyone that Jon Bon Jovi is an ungrateful piece of shit!” Dot cried.

Doc escorted Dorothea back into his office.

Trina was speechless. Several minutes later as Jon and the rest of the band were done, Jon was acting as if nothing had happened. He attempted to talk about how great the band sounded, however, Richie, Trina and the rest of the band members stood in pure silence.

“What?” Jon said.

“What? What the fuck was that?” Richie asked. “What was what?” Jon asked.

“Never say never? You stand there and disrespect Dot like that.” Doc asked him.

“Oh that.” Jon snickered. “She had it coming. “ he said.

“I know you’ve been having problems with her, but c’mon Jon. She’s in my office bawling her eyes out!” Doc said.
Trina watched Jon’s face gradually turn from one shade of red, to another.
The jovial blue eyes she saw earlier had now turned into ice. He was furious.

“Who the fuck cares. Maybe she needed to realize that I may not be around her always.” Jon said.

“You don’t mean what you’re saying Jonny. For as long as I’ve known you it’s always been you and her.” Doc said.

Jon sighed. “Maybe it’s time for a change. Shit, I haven’t been single for a while. Hey Rich, need a riding partner?” Jon asked.

Richie had by then changed into his sweats and sneakers.

“Jonny, you know I would if I could. But Ally would have my head. Especially the way you and I are.” Richie said. “Before you do this, is there any way you can work this out with Dot?” Tico asked.

Jon looked surprised at his old friend.

“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you all hear me before the show and what she did to me and to Trina? The thing is this is now going on all the time. I’m tired of it. She needs to check herself!” Jon yelled.

He briefly glanced at Trina.

“Hey Trin, wanna go for a drink” he asked.
Trina’s eyes widened
“Mmmm, I have to get back soon. I have a deadline.” She said.

He reached out his hand. “C’mon don’t worry. I’ll get you back to the church on time.” He joked.

Trina watched everyone with cautious. She was hesitant, but found herself taking his hand and walking out the door.

The two went sprinted by everyone. As they went past everyone, Jon saw Dot out of the corner of his eye in Doc’s office. She sat face down sobbing uncontrollably. Part of him wanted to stop, but now he had nothing to say to her. He turned around and gazed at Trina who was still appeared stunned by this.

“Did you drive hon?” he asked her. Trina nodded as they exited the arena and into the parking lot. He glanced over and noticed some fans huddled in the rear corner of the lot. The last thing he wanted at this moment is to stand around and sign autographs. He put his head down and began to jog. Trina was a few feet behind him. “Okay, which one is your car?” he asked.

Trina quickly looked as around for it. “It’s the red Honda.” She told him.

Jon began to run. The fans noticed him and Trina in the parking lot and began to follow him.

“Trina, throw me your keys. Quick!” Jon yelled as she quickly took the keys from her purse and threw them to him. She was a couple of feet behind him as Jon got into the car. When he started the ignition, he looked up and saw them surround the car. A couple of them knocked on the window. Jon shook his head. Quickly, he let down part of the window. “Sorry guys got an emergency. I have to go now. Okay?” Jon told them. The fans backed off of the car. “Thank you.” He told them as Trina got into the passenger seat and Jon zoomed off.

She tried to catch her breath. Talk about being surreal. No one would believe this if she told them.

“Holy shit!” she said. “Do they always swarm you like that?”

“Yeah.” Jon said. “I’m used to it. They were nice kids. I would have shit a brick if I saw Elton or Bruce in the parking lot back in the day. Put yourself in their shoes.”

Trina smiled. “True! Kind of bizarre to say the least.” She said beginning to laugh.

“Yeah for them I guess it is.” Jon smiled.

The two of them were on the highway. With Jon driving for several minutes to points unknown.


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Sunstreaked said...

Doesn't sound like Dot has Jon's best interests at heart and if she understands the music industry as much as she says, she wouldn't have gone ballistic at Jon joking with the crowd.

Still so vivid with the descriptions - still feels so right and like I'm getting to be that fly on the wall!

Great dialogue and I can really see things happening.