Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ch. 25

-Hershey Stadium, Hershey Pa.

The band performed this show as if they were on auto pilot.

Although the crowd didn’t seem to notice, the band had covered all of Jon’s high notes.

Everyone watched nervously backstage, praying that no one would catch on to what was happening and praying that Jon’s voice didn’t go in the middle of the show.

Richie, after leaving Jon’s room earlier in the afternoon, had let Paul in on what was happening.

Despite, being angry at first, Paul understood that this break was the best thing the band needed.

He agreed to not let Doc know. At least for now. Doc was in the midst of some problems with Motley Crue and didn’t need this added onto his already full plate.

Trina was nervous. She hung onto every word, every song as if she were the one singing.
‘He was the doing the impossible for him. He was a taking a risk that he shouldn’t be taking. For everyone.’ She thought.

She continued to watch the performance backstage. Thoughts ran through her head.

‘Singing without a net. Any wrong sound or screech and that could be the end career wise. My god it’s both admirable and hopefully not the wrong decision…And I’m told I’m ballsy?!’

Despite her being nervous, she couldn’t help but to be angry at him for the way he had been treating her all day. She tried to make herself understand that it wasn’t her that he was mad at, but was having a hard time with all of this.

She thought they had found some common ground. Even becoming good friends. But the untrust he was feeling with her was becoming too much for her to handle.

Ally, who after setting up more meetings with her agent for most of the day, gingerly stood at the side of the stage watching Richie. As she passed by Richie, she snickered at Trina.

“Problems Ally? “ Trina innocently asked.

“Not with people like you.” Ally replied.

Trina’s blue eyes sharpened. “What’s that suppose to mean?” She asked.

“Congrats on making it to the inner circle. Not a pretty sight is it?” Ally snapped.

“Ally, do you always have PMS or is there actually a nicer person in there somewhere?” Trina asked.

Ally walked over to her. “What I’m about to say is nice. Stay the hell away from all of us. Leave now, before your naïve ass attempts to deposit a check it can’t cash.”

Trina retorted. “The last I knew Ally that this wasn’t Hollywood. Hell the brat packers don’t even run the show anymore in California. Your last hit was? When? My boss is Jon. If he wants me to leave then I go, if you don’t like that, well then go back to Hollyweird and be the queen of your damn universe!”

Ally laughed. “Tough one aren’t you? You and Miss Kendall better remember that pride comes before a fall.”

“And I’m so looking forward to your descent!” Trina fumed as Jon and Richie came off the stage. Despite their performance, the two of them could hear the women arguing from the side of the stage. Jon and Richie walked over to both of them.

“What’s going on?” Jon asked the two of them.

“Trina’s grown a set.” Ally snickered.

Trina was furious. She was done with her. She was beginning to think all of this was a bad idea. This isn’t what she thought it’d be.

“You’re such a bitch Ally! I’m going on the fucking bus!” Trina said storming out.

“What the hell? Ally, what’s going on?” Jon asked.

“You tell me and everyone else.” Ally said walking up to Jon. “She comes in with her friends, bats her blue eyes and wins you over in weeks. When other people get near you, you want no part of them. But yet you seduce and flirt with her. Manipulating everyone as you go. You do this so much that when something happens to you, she and everyone do and everything and anything in their power to cover your ass.” She scolded.

“Oh shut up Ally!” Jon yelled as he attempted to go onto the bus.

“What’s wrong Jonny? Truth hurt? I say let your voice go because Richie is ten times a better singer than you!” She told him.

Jon stormed towards Ally as if he was going to hit her and Paul stepped in the middle of them.

“Ally, I think after this break, you shouldn’t rejoin us. Jon, go see if Trina’s all right…Now.” Paul told him pointedly.

Ally turned to Richie. “And you! You’re helping out someone who didn’t even say thank you for covering up the abuse he’s done to his voice. Some friend he is. Priceless!”

“Get out of here.” Richie told her.

Ally snickered. “With pleasure. All you’ll do anyways is go calling Kendall to tell her what a bitch I am.”

“Out!” Richie said.

Ally walked out of the opposite end of the building.

Richie was speechless. He didn’t know what to say to Jon or Paul. Jon was livid.

“I’m sorry Jonny. I don’t know what-” Richie said.

Jon interrupted. “So do you think you’re better than me?”

Richie looked at him. “No. Jon stop!”

“Then why did she say that? Someone put it in her head.” Jon told him.

“Jon, Ally does and says what she wants. Just like Dot. Just like Trina. I can’t control her.” Richie said.

“You better. Because if you don’t, I’ll cancel the dates until you can.” Jon flared.

Richie glare went through Jon like daggers. “Excuse me? Don’t you ever give me an ultimatum Jonny. After all I’ve done for you. Believe it or not, I’m on your side. So is Trina. We just spent ½ of the afternoon proving it and I get this shit from you?”

Jon looked at him blankly. He knew that he had overstepped with Richie. Better for him to take it now rather than later.

Richie continued. “You know some of what Ally was saying was true. We bend over backwards for you. All of us do night after night and we don’t even get as much as a thank you from you. Before I say something I’m going to regret, I’m going on the bus!” Richie said storming out.

‘Oh God. What did I just do?’ Jon thought as he covered his throat. His throat was throbbing. 'What am I doing? They’re all trying to help but I just can’t accept it. This is my voice and my problem.'

His throat was really hurting him now. His time was limited. He needed to try to make this right before his voice went again.

‘God, my throat is killing me. It’s never hurt this bad…Oh my god!…Don’t clear your voice Jon. Don’t do it remember what the doctor said. Just let it hold so that I can apologize to Trina and everyone…Oh please…please.'

Jon was the last person on the bus. There was complete silence.

He looked over at Trina who was crying her eyes out while staring at the windows. He sat next to her in an attempt to apologize.

She looked at Trina arching her eyebrow. “What!” She yelled.

Jon sighed. He deserved the punishment she was about to dole out on him.

“Sorry about Ally. She had no right talking to you like that.” He told her.

“And you have no right treating me the way you have. Such a fucking hypocrite.” She told him pointedly.

“Go on.” Jon said.

“I felt bad for you. I knew something was wrong, but I said to myself. Okay, when he’s ready to open up. He will. I thought we were friends and had a lot in common. Obie, Juanita and the band all care about you, but you’re acting like a spoiled ass rock star that seemed to forget that there are others you that would be hurt if someone happened to you. Remember that? Guess I was wrong about you!” Trina yelled.

“Good for you Trina!” Obie chimed in as he sat across from the two of them. Jon quickly snapped his around to look at him.

“Truth hurting a bit? I hope to hell all of this is sinking in. You gave none of us a fucking thank you. Next time, I’m going to let Doc deal with you and let you suffer with the consequences. Tired of the temper tantrums. This day has been bullshit!” Obie said.

“Thanks Obie.” Jon said softly to him.

Obie gave him the finger. “Now I’m giving you the universal symbol. Whatever Jon. I’m tired. Wake me up when the stick is finally out of your ass!” He told his friend as he turned his back towards Jon’s face.

Jon’s look was empty. He knew he had messed up, but didn’t know how to fix it.
‘Shit! Great job asshole!’ He thought as he looked over at Trina who now had her back turned from him.

He then looked across to Obie who had also turned his back on him. At a loss, he tried to touch Trina’s shoulder, but she shrugged him off.

Suddenly his throat began to throb heavily as he tried to clear it, but the more he instinctively tried to clear it, the more it hurt.

‘Oh no. Not now. I have to make things right. No!’ Jon thought.

He began to cough as he felt fluid running down the back of his throat. He was petrified. He now felt that he was losing control of the whole situation.

What’s happening to me? This didn’t happen to me earlier this morning. Someone help!’ He panicked.

He was coughing uncontrollably now. Jon touched Trina’s shoulder once more in an attempt for help.

“Trin!” He muffled as the coughing continued.

Curiously, she turned around and saw him clutching his throat w/one hand and covering his mouth with the other.

She looked concerned as he began to gasp for air.

“What’s wrong?” She said.

Jon shook his head. He looked pale and scared. He took his hand from over his mouth and there was blood covering the palm of his hand and over his lips.

“Oh my god!” Trina yelled.

“Obie…Richie….Help!” She cried as she put her arm around him.


Anonymous said...

wohoooooooooo lurving this one miss shelly!!


calijovigirl said...

Holy can't leave us in suspense too long!!! great chapter!!!

Sedona Sunrise said...

Another great chapter! Think Ally needs some serious anger management and maybe Jon could join her for a while lol Loved it!

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You had to stop there, hadn´t you?? ;) I´m going to die waiting for the next chapter. Great job!! Laura

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Wow, your really making Ally seem so angry. Are you trying to make your readers hate her? The chapter was really good. Just please tell me Jon will be ok.


AliceFayeNC said...

I remember reading about Jon's nodes on his vocal chords, Would have to say he has ruptured one or several. Damn great chapter. when he started coughing knew the blood would follow! Had me holding my own throat! Yikkes.


Shelly said...

Awww thanks everyone!!!

More is coming!!

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May have you still holding your throat!!

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holy cow!! you just had to leave us great chapter shelly! more please!


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I loved the journal entry!! You are very gooood, and a great person, and beautiful, and smart... OK, OK I just want you to go on,(well, I dont´t know you at all, so maybe it´s true,... well I`m sure the smart part is true ;)!! Pleeeeaseee don`t make us wait to long!! LOL Laura (I must confess, I use LOL cause it`s the only one I remember :)

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Great chapter Shelly!, can't wait for more, hope Jon's gonna be ok! =)

Shelly said...

Thanks so much everyone!!!!
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I hope to have chapter 26 which will lead to Part III up in a day...maybe 2 or 3 LOL!!

Part III is going a mix of emotions just to give you a heads up, good and bad and some twists and turns for our main and supporting characters.

Thanks a lot.

Let me go and write or I have a feeling I'm going to get it if I don't!!! LOL

Take care and love all of you!


Sunstreaked said...

Oh my god! Holy hell! You captured the beginnings of the problems with the guys and their personalities so perfectly! Again I was RIGHT THERE, feeling for all of them. Damn, what a great job on this chapter, Shell!

Sometimes it's hard to remember that underneath everything Jon really is a good guy and by showing what he was thinking that came through.

And coughing up the blood - oh lord! Now I'm petrified for him and have to keep saying "it's a story, it's a story". Problem is, the way you write it, it feels SO REAL!

Great, great, great chapter!