Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Note!!!


Before I post Ch. 25/Part III within the next few days, I wanted to let you know that I'm toying with a lot of dates that the band did in fact play during this time period.

Giants was only the one show, and the date was June 11, 1989 (according to wikipedia-but sometimes that isn't always accurate. But to be honest, I remember it being some time in the summer of '89 just not sure if the date is correct. So if any of you beloved readers were there, let me know)

As I add more dates and venues to reflect the range of the story, I wanted all of you to know that they'll be of more changes like this as the story progresses.

And finally thank you!!

Thank you for reading. I have never had so much fun writing a story as this one. You all have made it a great ride and hope that in my future chapters that I can return the favor.

I'll be posting in a few days....Love you all...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Shell. I appreciate it.

I admire your attention to detail about the dates. If I could help you, I would but the 80's are a bit of blur as far as dates goes, lol. I remember the good stuff so not all is lost.

I love the story but you as the writer have to be happy with it too. I love this story. I can be patient.....if I have to be, lol. I'm hooked. No matter how long it takes, I'll be back.


Shelly said...

Awww thanks Colleen for that and I do love the story.

And I'll try not have all you wait...At least too long.

So Glad you're enjoying the story!

Anonymous said...

You got me hooked girlie!!
Can't wait for the next chapter!!


Anonymous said...

Giants was only the one show, and the date was June 11, 1989

This date is correct Shell :)

Shelly said...

Thanks anonymous... I appreciate it.


Sunstreaked said...

Grin - In the 80's during the beginnings of the Jovi heydays, I was busy raising babies - so that's where my memories are! But if I find anything you haven't discovered already on youtube, I'll send it your way.