Friday, November 21, 2008

Ch. 30

The next morning, Trina sat in her bedroom, working on some upcoming stories she had been assigned during Bon Jovi’s “hiatus.”

Stuck on a point she wanted to make while researching the band Skid Row, Trina got a call from Kendall.

“Thank god you called. I’ve got writer’s block.” Trina told her.

Kendall laughed at the receiver while also attempting to be busy at work.
“Good, so are you coming home soon?” She asked her best friend.

“Nope. I’m here in Jersey.”

Kendall gave the receiver a curious look, she then put it back up to her ear. Kendall had been talking a lot to Richie lately. She knew full well that Trina was in New Jersey. Concerned for her friend, she had to ask Trina for herself.

‘Why? Why go through all the trouble. For him? You barely know him?’

Trina told her about what happened over the last few days and Kendall acted surprised.
It still didn’t answer her question. ‘Why?’ She thought.

“So, now you’re staying with him?” Kendall asked her.

“Yes. Thank god I did. Jon’s driving Juanita crazy. He’s going stir crazy and to be honest, I think that I would going nuts if I were at home wondering how everyone was doing here.”

Kendall laughed. “I can only imagine. Is he trying to do other things?”

“I don’t know.” Trina replied shrugging her shoulders. “I saw Obie here earlier. I tried to tell Jon the other day and so did Obie, but-”

Kendall took a deep breath.

“I’m sure it’s hard for him. Working so hard on something that could be potentially taken away from you so easily…”

Trina interrupted. “And know part of it’s your fault. Why? Because he wanted to please everyone. Forget about himself.”

“To be a rock star…” quipped Kendall.

“He’s just grappling and juggling. Trying to hold things together. Ya know?” Trina told her.

“I know you’re helping him. Knowing you like I do.”

“I tried. Apparently my suggestions appeared to be too much for him to handle. Juanita though seems to think I got through to him.”

“I remember from reading one of your stories that he likes to have his hands in everything.” Kendall said.

“True.” Trina said.

“Don’t you think you guys pissed him off a little when you took whatever control he had away from him?” Kendall added.

Trina sat at the table in office. She looked at the blank sheet of paper in front of her.

'Maybe, but he would have been a lot worse to us if he didn’t want our help at all…Right?” she thought.

“Nah, he would have been even more angry than he was. At least I think so.” Trina told her best friend.

“You sure? And you coming up with a plan to cover everything up. Again it was something that he had no control of. Think about it sweetie?” Kendall told her.

Trina sighed. “I was only trying to help…”

Kendall reassured her. “Oh honey, I’m sure you were as everyone else was. Just give him time to let everything sink in for a bit and go from there.”

“You’re right.” Trina said. “Maybe he needs time. Kendall began to smile.

“Okay, on a happier note. I was talking to Richie and-”

Trina interrupted. “Ahem. Really?” Trina joked.

Kendall felt her face run hot. She turned around to see if her co-workers could sense her embarassment on her fair skin.

‘Phew. No one is paying attention to me. Good.’ She thought.

“Yes. Anyway, Rich told me that one of the band’s accountants recently left so there’s a um…position for me if I’m interested.”

Trina screamed.

“Oh my God!! Seriously?”

Kendall laughed out loud. “Yes. In fact, I have to speak with Jon for final approval and Paul’s already spoken to me about the position as well.”

Trina was surprised at all of this going on without her knowledge.

“Whoa, wait a minute. When did you talk to Paul?”

“He came to Philly before he left for home. I actually knew about what happened to Jon. Richie was devastated and needed a friend so I listened. He told me you were there and understandably bummed out. Then this position came up. It was all supposed to be a surprise but I wanted to give you the news now.” Kendall said.

Trina was beyond excited. She missed her friend terribly. They had always been there for each other good and bad. This would be no exception.

“This is so great. You’re a CPA. It’s so perfect!” She squealed.

“Finally, I’m able to use my CPA’s license for something and not wait for someone to either kick the bucket or retire around here.” Kendall whispered to her as one of co-workers walked past her desk.

Tears of joy welled up in Trina. If there was any other time she needed her, now was it.

“So when are you coming to see Jon?”

Kendall looked at the receiver calmly. “Tomorrow.” she replied.

Trina squealed again. This time so hard that Kendall had to take the receiver from her ear.

“Yeah. I thought you’d like that.” Kendall joked.

“Okay honey. Let me finish up here so that I can get out of here early.”

“Okay Kendall. See you tomorrow.” Trina said.

“Absolutely. Please, try to talk to him. Okay? Please. Be there for him.” Kendall said to her.

“I’ll try Ken. See you.” Trina said hanging up the phone.

During Trina and Kendall’s phone conversation, Jon had quickly slipped in and out of her room.

He had heard some of the conversation Trina had with Kendall. He realized that he did need to apologize for their talk not going so well a couple of nights ago.

He placed the note on her dresser. It was waiting for her as she continued to work through her block, eventually finishing her Skid Row piece.

The note stayed unnoticed on the dresser for a couple of hours as Trina finished out lining up her upcoming stories and speaking to her editors.
It wasn’t until she decided to go downstairs for dinner that she noticed the envelope titled Trina on the front.

The note read:

Trina, the other day when you talked with me about things needed to change, I realized how right you were. Did a great dealing of thinking and noticed that the John Francis Bongiovi that fought and worked hard for what I have is tired and for now a little broken.
Part of me is so upset that you saw me that way. I wanted you to see the fighter that was hungry for that record deal. Just like you were trying out for your position that night in Philly. I loved being with you as you cranked out story. That made us kindred spirits in a way. Thank you for not telling anyone mainly your editors about my voice. I realized that you could have but instead you went above and beyond to protect me. It meant a lot to me. So sorry for how I did and have been acting lately-Jon.'

Trina smiled as she took the letter with her downstairs. As she walked through the hallway, she noticed Jon sitting calmly in his office playing guitar.

Although he couldn’t sing a note, he appeared content playing an unknown song to Trina.

He was entrenched, his long fingers weaved through the chords with ease.

Trina stood at the door until he finished. She clapped.

'God, I hope he meant what he said.' She thought

“Very nice.” Trina said.

Jon nodded. He motioned for her to come in. She came into his office, she was amazed at how large it was.

It was full of pictures. Some were of him and famous people, but most of them were of people she’d never seen before. She presumed they were family photos, but couldn’t help to be curious how each person tied into his life somehow.

‘Wonder where I fit in?
’ She thought.

Jon watched as she continued to look around. She soaked in every picture, every award, platinum record. She stopped at the plaque he got for Slippery When Wet and smiled back at him. He smiled at her. He began to write in the notebook as she sat down across from. As soon he as was done writing, he passed to her.

He wrote: 'I take it you read the letter.'

She passed it back to him.
“Yes, I did. Apologies accepted.” She said.

He began to write again for several minutes. She tried to see what he writing, but couldn’t make out everything. He passed it to her with a deep breath. He wrote:

‘I don’t know where to start. You and Obie have my head spinning over how I was or I used to be. I see myself now with all of this. New house, new cars, new bike and I can’t help but to be proud of what I did.
On the other hand, I feel lost. I can write a song and instantly feel a connection to what I’m writing about. Lately for some reason, I can’t. In fact, I haven’t been able to for awhile now. Just seems lost

She passed the notebook back to him. Looking concerned she pursed her lips.
"You’ll find it again. Sometimes it’s good to leave something and then go back to it. No matter what, eventually it will all come back to you.”

Jon wrote for a bit. He passed the notebook back to her.

'When? And why did I lose it to begin with? Where did it happen?' He wrote.

She passed it back to him and shrugged. Trina replied.
“I don’t know. It’s up to you to find it again. All of us will support you, listen. But we can’t do it for you.”

He wrote for a moment. He passed the book to her.

'Trina, I can’t get rid of Doc. He made me. I tried to scale back as much as possible but people wouldn’t budge. The dates are iron clad.'

Trina passed the notebook to him.

“You’ll be fine. Just don’t talk before shows, after shows. Doc will get you a vocal coach. You’ll be able to do that.” She reassured him.

Jon sighed. He raked his fingers through his hair. He looked bewildered. He shrugged.

“Do you have to solve this today? You have several weeks to figure this all out. No one’s expecting you to fix this all overnight.”

He mouthed the word. ‘Thanks.’

“That’s what friends do.” She said.


Bayaderra said...

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Jon, relax and give it some time...Getting rid of Doc is not a bad idea though :)

AliceFayeNC said...

Loved it! Yes I do I truely do! Could see everything right in front of my eyes.

Got to move you into the 21st century so you can write it on the computer without being in long hand first!

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