Monday, December 15, 2008

Ch. 32

Excited about seeing her best friend, Trina sprung out of bed.

As she lay in her bed, the clock's red numbers flashed 9 a.m Before she went into the shower, she went over the day's schedule.

Pay some bills… Call editors for some last minute edits on Skid Row story…Lunch with Kendall…’ She thought as she got up and went into the bathroom.

‘Wait a minute…Why didn’t Jon tell me that he was hiring Kendall? Who else knew? How long did they know? ’

As Trina showered, her natural curiosity couldn’t help but overwhelm her with different thoughts and feelings she was having for Jon.
How did people manage to keep that secret from me? I‘m the one who usually does stuff like this. Didn‘t they know I‘d be over the moon for Kendall. God, I missed her. I can‘t believe he did this for me. What do say? What do I do? Man, I have so much to tell her.’

As the last of the soap suds went down the drain, Trina quickly grabbed a towel from the shelf and wrapped it around herself.

Scanning the bathroom for her lotion, she realized she had left it on her nightstand, as she walked into the bedroom there stood Jon holding the lotion in his hand.

Seeing him there at first startled Trina half way back into the bathroom. Jon snickered.
“Oh my God!” She told him as she walked by him grabbing the lotion.

“Geez Jon every hear of knocking?" She asked him sarcastically.

He shook his head “No.” Trina rolled her eyes. She smiled as she walked over to the foot of the bed and sat down.

“So what brings you up here this morning?”

He passed her a piece of paper. It read, 'I have a surprise for you.’

Trina smiled at him as she began to put the lotion on her legs.
“If it’s about Kendall, I already know. Thank you.”

Jon watched her continued to put the lotion on her legs.

‘She’s got great legs.
’ he thought. ‘Wait a minute. Why isn’t she flipping out about me seeing her in wrapped in only a towel?’

Trina looked at him and continued to smile.

‘How did she know about Kendall? Did Richie tell her? Paul? Kendall? It was going to be a surprise…’

Confused, he looked at her with a blank stare.

Trina laughed. “I supposed you’re wondering how I found out? Kendall told me yesterday to cheer me up. I was feeling little homesick combined with a touch a writer’s block.”

“And me.” He mouthed.

Trina signed. “No. Not upset at you. I was feeling frustrated and helpless because none of us could help take your condition away. I needed a perk and she delivered like she can only do.”

Jon leaned against the bathroom door and grinned. He mouthed word “Happy?”

Trina leapt off the bed and into his arms.
“Happy? Very! Thank you Jon. Kendall’s so talented. You won’t regret it. She’s a CPA you know. She really smart. I did say she was talented right?”

Jon began to laugh.
He nodded his head ’Yes.’

Trina hugged him. Her blue eyes danced with joy as she looked him. It then hit him…

‘She was it. No fling. No fuzz. The real deal. That's all it took. Not a ring, not clothes or money, just being around her friend. Her excitement is so electric that I can feel it. Dear God there is no turning back.’

Without thought, his lips gently brushed hers. The last time she hesitated and pulled away from him. This time, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

His hands instinctively went around her waist, secretly taunting the towel to come off.

Their lips continued to welcome each other for several minutes. Each one enjoying the long awaited taste of the other. They became unaware of everything around him. So much so that the two of them never even heard Juanita yelling down the hall telling them that Kendall was here.

Wondering where Jon was, Juanita decided to knock on Trina’s door and let her know that her best friend was here.

“Trina darlin? Trina?” Juanita yelled opening the door.
Her eyes widened as she saw Trina wrapped in a towel with her arms wrapped around Jon.

Jolting the two of them out of their unison, both turned towards Juanita looking surprised.

Juanita gave the two of them a devilish grin.
“Ahem, sorry to interrupt, but Jon your 9 a.m. appointment is here.”

Jon turned to Trina wiping a strand of her damp hair away from her face. Trina smiled.

“Better not leave Kendall waiting. She hates when people are late." She told him softly.

He nodded. Even though he was happy Kendall was joining his staff, he didn’t want to leave Trina. Not now. Not ever. His fingers ached as he gradually pulled himself away from her.
Jon mouthed the word. “Okay.” Slowly, he walked towards the door. Juanita followed.

‘I don’t want to leave. All I want to do is Stay. Stay with you.’ he thought.

He glanced at her once more as she sat on the side of the bed and waved to him.

The minute he and Juanita left, Trina fell backwards on the bed. She was stunned as went over the last several minutes in her mind.

‘What the hell just happened? I’m supposed to be focusing… What am I doing?’

Jon walked quickly down the hall. Juanita followed behind him, all the while attempting to grab his attention to what she just saw.

“Jonny.” She said.

Jon let Trina’s words infuse his system. He would not let her down, he couldn’t hear anything else. He’d do whatever she wanted. She was all he cared about right now.

“Jonny!” Juanita stopping dead in the hallway.

Startled back into reality, Jon turned towards her. He shrugged his shoulders. He mouthed the words. “What?”

“Mind telling me what was going in there?” Juanita asked.
A devilish grin peered at Juanita. He mouthed the word. "No."

Jon winked at her as the two of them waltzed into his office. Waiting nervously for them was Kendall, who looked quite professional wearing a pink skirt with matching jacket. Her blonde hair swept in a ponytail framed her face perfectly.

On her other side was Richie who seemed just as nervous as Kendall.

Jon smiled warmly at Kendall as he down at his desk across from her.

“Hi Jon.” Kendall smiled. Jon wrote in his notebook for a minute and passed it to her

He wrote, ‘Don’t be nervous. I just want to talk you before you start.

Kendall passed the book back to him.
“Okay.” she said.
Jon looked at Richie and Juanita oddly. Curious as to what his glance was about the two of them couldn’t help but to ask “What? “ at the same time.

Jon wrote one word in large letters in the notebook. He smiled as he popped it up so that the two of them could see it plainly.

He wrote, 'Scram!'

Richie’s smile turned grim. Juanita rolled her eyes.
“What?” Richie asked. Jon simply pointed at the sign and grinned even longer.

“Why are you surprised? At least we don’t have to see him write another novel about the inner workings of Bon Jovi and how we’re a family and don’t talk to anyone that is not a part of the family.” Juanita quipped.

Jon rolled his eyes and wrote in his notebook for a minute. He passed it to Juanita. His note read,
Don’t you have something to do?’ he quipped.
Juanita propped down the notebook.
“Well, obviously you were a little too preoccupied with your houseguest for me to do my job which is following you everywhere.” She teased.

Kendall and Richie’s eyes widened.
“What is she talking about?” asked Kendall

Jon shot a sheepish look at Juanita. He could feel his heart nearly beating out of his chest and his face feeling flushed. Juanita laughed.

“I have done my job. Now I’ll go.” She said walking out.
Richie brows lifted. He was now curious as to what Juanita was talking about.
“What is she talking about?”
Jon waved goodbye to his friend. Richie rolled his eyes.
“Guess that’s an I’ll know later?” Richie asked

Jon nodded yes.

Meanwhile Kendall couldn’t help like Richie to be curious over Juanita’s words.

Before Richie left, he turned to Kendall.
“You’re in good hands. This will all be fine.” he reassured his softly.

“Thanks Rich.” She told him as Richie exited the room.

For several minutes Kendall watched as Jon wrote into the spiral notebook. He passed it to her and smiled.
She picked it up and began to read it. He wrote,
‘So glad that you’re coming to work here. Trina thinks the world of you. I understand that you’re a very talented person. I can’t wait to see what you can do for us.’

Kendall smiled slyly as she gave him back the notebook. “Thanks Jon. I appreciate this opportunity.”

Jon quickly wrote in the notebook and passed it back to her.
It read, ‘She’s happy you’re here. She knows.’

“I told her because she was upset over how she was being treated by you and also because she was missing home.” Kendall told him.

Jon looked at her blankly.
Kendall smiled warmly at him.
“Jon, I’m not going to try to think that I understand one ounce of what you’re going through. But regardless of this, Trina’s my friend, my very best friend. I think that’s its evident that she, Richie and everyone here cares about you.”

Jon nodded. He mouthed. “I know.”

“I decided to take to job also to make sure that she’s no longer hurting because of you.”

Jon looked strangely at her, scribbled quickly in the notebook and passed it to her. He wrote,
'That's the only reason?'

She looked at him. He looked at her with a uncomfortable grin on his face.

“Ha! Ha!” she joked
Jon laughed. He wrote for a second passed it to her.
He wrote, ‘I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her Kendall. I care about her very much. I wouldn’t have fired my accountant after finding out you were a CPA if I didn’t care about her.’

Kendall eyes widened as she passed the notebook back to him.

“You did what?” she asked.

Jon shook his head. He began to write in the notebook again. He passed it back to her.
He wrote, ‘He was bitching about life on the road. He was never the touring type anyways. To boot, it looks like he made some big mistakes. I did him a favor.'

“Oh.” Kendall said.
He winked at her.

He wrote for another minute and gave it back to her. The note read; “She and I are fine. We talked. Everything is okay between us.”

“Good.” she said as she passed the notebook to him.

He wrote quickly and passed it back to her. Jon wrote, 'Now you can go after Sambora and get the bitch Ally out his life.'
Kendall laughed as she passed it back.
“I’m here to work, but you’re all right Bongiovi. Just promise me you won’t hurt Trina.”
Jon nodded as he wrote, ‘I promise. Now you promise not to hurt Richie and we’re even.’

“Even!” she said getting up shaking his hand.
Jon wrote in the notebook ‘Welcome to the family.


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