Monday, September 28, 2009

Heath update 9/27/09

Had minor surgery last week so i'm medically i'm on leave, however...I wanted to let all of you know...that Stay will be back very very soon.
Have been writing the last part of the story.

When I start posting it, (Don't worry...Still have some chapters for all of you) The story will be done. That way, it'll be updated regularly for all of you.

Thanks for reading and i miss everyone's comments.

Shell xoxoxox


Anonymous said...

omg sweetie don't even worry about it! Silly girl ;)... just relax and take it easy..everyone will be right here waiting for you.

much love,
Ariel <3

Anonymous said...

Hope you feeling better!!!
Just thought I leave a comment for you to know there are readers outside!!!! ;-)))

Shelly said...

i just saw these..

Thanks everyone....will be very soon!!!

Beth said...

Hope you're feeling better. Don't even worry about the story. Just get yourself feeling better.