Friday, March 6, 2009

Ch. 36

As the guys roared through the suburban streets of New Jersey, Kendall and Trina couldn’t help but to fall in love with the town.

It reminded them of home. Perfectly built homes, factories and stores of all shapes and sizes lined the neighborhood streets.

Kids, playing in the backyard in a attempt to keep cool from the early summer heat, glanced at the young man and woman flying down the street effortlessly.

Trina couldn't help but to sense how his ease. He was truly happy to be home.

His body began to ease beneath hers as they continued to ride.

He’s so comfortable. Jersey definitely suits him.’ she thought.

Building by building they passed.

I wonder what’d he be doing if he wasn’t a rock star? Would he like the men walking out of the factory greeting their family from a hard-day’s work? Or would he be like the businessman hurriedly running out to his BMW praying that if he’d made it to his next appointment on time, would I still be there to greet him? How would he be different? How would we be different?’ Her thoughts spun as they made it to the beach.

The beach was busy as the four of them off of the bikes and unpacked their bags.

Amazed that the fans and beach staff left the guys alone, Kendall and Trina felt at ease with Jon and Richie.

Fans waved and said hi in passing but for the most past they left Jon and Richie alone.

Kendall walked up to Richie as they made it to their section of the section.
“Kinda busy huh?”

Richie put his sunglasses on. “Yeah. It’s all good.” he smiled.

“I can’t believe no one bothered you or Jon.” Kendall told him.

Richie shook his head. “Nah. We’re regular people here. Just Richie and Jon. No one is better than anyone else.”

“Do you guys come here often when you’re home?” she asked him.

“Not as much as we used to. The beach parties here at night used to be insane. Last time Jon and I came down for one we literally wound up having a mini-concert for the kids. It was pretty cool. We sang, ‘Love for Sale,” and some other stuff. It was craziness. Played till like 4 in the morning. "

Kendall giggled. “I bet.”

“He and I do that every so often. Breaks up the day to day shit. It’s home, laid back. Sit, lie here at the beach. Drink and play. What’s better than that?” Richie said.

Kendall nodded. “I get that.”

As Jon and Trina joined Richie and Kendall to their secluded spot at the corner of the beach, The four of them simply unpacked their towels and sat around for a bit.

Trina sat next to Jon. She took off her T-shirt and jeans to reveal the black bikini she was wearing.

Jon gasped. The black looked stunning against her ivory skin.

‘I’m loving the beach.’ he thought as he continued to watch her take out a bottle of suntan lotion from her bag.

Her legs were toned and slender as she poured the suntan lotion generously over her legs.

Since she hadn’t been in the sun for a long time, she refused to have any part of her burned to a crisp. Jon watched her smooth the lotion down her taut thighs and down her legs.

The lotion along with the sweat showed with detail every muscle, every curve.

She moved up to her flat stomach, rubbing the lotion into every cut and curve.

Never keeping his eyes off of her, Trina rubbed the lotion onto her arms and over her chest.

‘She’s beautiful.’ Jon thought. ‘She’s as beautiful on the outside as she was in the inside.’

He tried to understand what happened earlier. Things were fine before then. Maybe she didn’t care for bikes, maybe it was what happened earlier in the morning. God only knows.

‘Are we always going to go back and forth?’ he thought as he looked across the sandy beach and towards the water. He was glad to be off for the first time in a while and just relax.

He couldn’t remember the last time he did this.

He watched people walking by him, seemingly absorbed in their own lives, playing with their children, talking to one another. Having fun.

Jon watched Kendall and Richie talk and laugh endlessly about nothing in particular.

It then hit home for him.

'I have nothing to do for a couple of weeks. Tour’s on hold, appearances on hold, there is nothing to do. '

He turned to Trina who was looking at him watch everyone else. He smiled weakly.

“The ride was nice. I got a little neurotic before. I’m sorry.” she told him.

He mouthed the words. “A little?” he asked.

“Guess it’s been awhile since I’ve relaxed a bit.” she said.

Jon nodded. “Me too.” He whispered. He turned back around continued to people watch. Trina joined him.


Bayaderra said...

Hey Jon! You did not offer Trina any help with her suntan lotion?!?!?!? What's wrong with you buddy?

johnnajovi said...

No wonder I adore Jon & Richie! Richie made the comment "Nah. We're just regular people here. Just Richie and Jon. No one is better than anyone else." I love the comment because it is so true! In real life no one is better than anyone else you either like that person or you don't!

Still reading and enjoying so thank you, Shelly!

Shelly said...

Hey Johnna!!! Welcome!!!

Thanks for the lovely comments.

Glad you like the story.

Shell. Definitely more to come...I really think everyone will enjoy the next few chapters....

They'll be more up soon!!!