Friday, March 6, 2009

Ch 37

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While Jon and Trina continued to talk and soak in the sights and sounds of the beach in front of them, Kendall and Richie shared not only a towel, but their growing feelings for each other.

“So, how much longer do you think we’ll be off the road?” Kendall asked.

Chuckling, he took his finger and gently wiped a stray blonde hair from Kendall’s face.

“I’m guessing another month. Then..”

“Giants .”She said

“Indeed.” Richie laughed.

Kendall couldn’t help but to stare at the length of him. His corded thighs shimmered with sweat and sand. Their bronze color had mesmerized Kendall.

She continued to watch him. Her thoughts couldn’t help but to wonder what it must be like to be with him.

His thighs…God, they look so hard, so warm….It must be nice to be underneath him…Feeling him…Taking him in….What the hell is wrong with Ally? Shit….I’m tempted to straddled him and ride him off into the sunset myself.” Kendall thought.

Seeing her staring at him, Richie decided to tease her a bit. He wanted to take his time with her, however his desire was about to overcome any sane thoughts he was having.

He shifted himself slightly in front of her so that his blank swim shorts displayed a slight bulge against his thighs.

Kendall’s eyes could not stop looking at it or the rest of him. For her own growing need was making her body warm with anticipation.

“Kendall?” Richie asked her softly.

Kendall eyes continued to concentrate on Richie’s body. Her body was aching for him.

Slowly he bent towards her face. He firmly placed his lips on hers. Her mouth loved the warmth of his breath and the sweet taste of his lips.

His lips parted hers a little more, enjoying every ounce of her.

“Richie>” she whispered.

“Not yet darlin.” He told her as his hand touched her golden waves.

Her hand inched itself from around his waist to the small of his back. He continued to kiss her, loving how her body felt against him and the warm sand.

His tongue played her lips, teasing, wanting her more. It was during this emotional yet fun interplay, that his conscience gradually began to interject some reality into him.

You can’t. Not now. You’re just getting to know her…Stop.’ he thought.

Discreetly, her hand went his down his swim trunks. His skin was smooth as her fingers played with the the curve of his buttocks.

He gasped. He needed to stop. He was losing control.

Whispering to her. “Gotta stop baby. No more now.”
He began to kiss her harder.

‘No.” she whispered. “I want you so much.”

He pulled away. He took her hand from his swim trunks and placed it back gently on the towel.
He lay on his side, attempting to gain what little sanity and sense of self he had left.

Kendall looked upset. She understood why he pulled away so quickly, but for her he didn’t have to.

Richie was still trying to catch his breath.

“What is it?” He asked.
Her eyes began to fill with tears. “What did I do? Did I do something wrong?”

Richie closed his eyes for a second. Her never wanted to hurt her. She was different than anyone he had ever been with. He wanted to take his time with their relationship.

“No. Kendall, you didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, you were doing everything right. It’s just that-” he attempted to explain.

“Just that I’m not like the other girls you’re used to?” Kendall asked.

“And that’s a bad thing?” he asked her.

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“It’s not. It’s what I need. I’ve never met anyone like you. You like me for me. And not because of who I am or what I do.” .

The tears flowed down Kendall’s face, in an attempt to reassure her, Richie gently began wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Yes I do. " she told him.

“Yes. I care for you a lot. Just want to take this slow and get to know you a little better.” He said.

Kendall was relieved. “Okay. I can do that too Rich."

Richie smiled. “Good” he said.

As he turned around to Jon and Trina, they were clearly enjoying being members of an audience. Seeing that he noticed them, their faces quickly turned red and their heads snapped towards the crashing waves of the water in front of them.

“Glad you enjoyed the show.” Richie told them. “If you want, Kendall and I will make sure that we call you if and when the deed is in progress so the two of you can have a front row seat.” He teased.

Trina mumbled. “Count me in.”
Jon let out a huge belly laugh as the two looked across the beach.

“You all right Trina?” Richie joked.

“I’d be better if there wasn’t a cliffhanger.” She said winking at him.

Kendall’s face turned red. She began to laugh. She was happy that Trina seemed to be finally relaxing for a change.


As the rest of the day progressed, the four talked amongst themselves and enjoyed the beautiful day.

When sunset descended over the beach reflecting a lavender hue, the four shared an evening picnic of pasta, shrimp and wine that Richie had gone to pick up earlier in the afternoon.

Trina never saw Jon so relaxed. He had truly enjoyed the day.

She knew he hadn’t had many days like this. She couldn’t help but to be curious about how different things would be between the two of them when the tour restarted.

Trina looked at him as they watched the sun continue to set over the beach.

“This has been fun.” she told him softly.

Appearing relaxed with a hint of bronze that defined his eyes, he smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

Trina smiled. “So, after this what do we do?”

Jon turned to her. He grabbed his notebook and pen. He wrote for a moment and passed it to her

He wrote. 'Do about what?'

She looked over the note and smiled.
“Everything. You getting back to work…The tour? You can’t do what you’ve been doing to your voice…Getting Kendall up to speed.”

Jon laughed as he scribbled in the notebook. He passed it back to her and shrugged.

He wrote. 'Aren’t you going to ask about us?'

Trina took a deep breath. “ I was getting to that.” she told him as she passed the notebook back to him.

Jon was in a very good mood. He was comfortable. He looked almost peaceful. As much as his voice was on his mind, today, it didn’t matter.
He could concentrate only on this moment. Just her.

He wrote to her for a minute and smiled. He passed it to her.

'Today has been great. Let’s just concentrate on you and I….tonight…and that’s it.'

Trina smiled and nodded in agreement. "Okay.” she said.

Jon bent down over her. He brushed his lips gently against hers.

Her taste combined with the warm ocean wind, nearly took his breath away.

He gently pulled from her. Lying back on his towel gazing at the night sky, he never felt more at ease or secure in years.


Bayaderra said...

LOL, Richie...keep the beach at PG-13! Loving the blossoming feelings between Jon and Trina!
More Shell!!!!

johnnajovi said...

WOW!!!! But, I am like Trina when she said "I'd be better if there wasn't a cliffhanger." How true!

Need More, Shell!

Meggy said...

Jon seems to relax with Trina's company. I am looking forward to more.

Sedona Sunrise said...

Loved it! Wonder whats going to happen tonight as Jon said. Cant wait for more!

SilLee said...

WOO two chapters!!!!

Loved them both!!!
I can't wait to see whats going to happen between Jon and Trina the rest of the night!!

Great Job Shell :)