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Ch. 43

Ch. 43

Everyone around the dinner table had great news this evening. Richie had gotten his solo deal and no one was more happier for him than Jon.

For now, Richie decided to concentrate on getting his friend better. The tour would be resuming soon and after that, Richie’s real work would begin.

Obie and Jon had spent the rest of the afternoon in the studio sifting through live recordings with the possibility of releasing a live CD. Trina was down there as well. Outlining a possible piece for Rolling Stone.

Juanita and Toby meanwhile made cookies. Lots of them so that Toby and his new found friends could sell them on the corner for a bit of pocket change.

"Jon, I figure that if I can make $100 dollars, I can pull my weight around here and get some of my own stuff for school." Toby said.

Jon was impressed by his acumen and ambition. He figured that if there was anyone who could do it, it'd be Toby.

"I bet you could buddy. I don't mind helping you if you need it." Jon told him.

Toby took a piece of fried chicken out of the bowl. It was his 3rd piece. Trina smiled as he took the chicken. His appetite was a healthy.

“I can do it Jon." Toby told him.

Jon gave him a high five. "Okay buddy."

"Toby, we got to go to the doctor's and get your shots for school after CPS comes tomorrow." Juanita said.

"Yes ma'am." Toby replied.

"So, no cookie selling until after lunch." Juanita told him.
"Okay. Jon, do you have to work tomorrow?" Toby asked.

"Some. Obie and I have some stuff to pick out. Would you like to help me?" Jon asked.

"What things?" Toby asked. "I never asked you what you actually do.”

Obie put a fork full of mashed potatoes in his mouth. He told the boy. “He 's a rock star Toby."

Toby giggled in disbelief. "No, he's not. I would have known."

"How?" Trina asked.

"You can't keep something like that a secret." Toby told her.

"I'm not keeping it a secret." Jon told him.

"Then what songs have you sung?”

Jon took a deep breath as he scanned his brain through the different songs he's performed over the years.

"Mmmm. Let's see. Living on Prayer, Runaway. Wanted: Dead or Alive." Jon told him.

Toby thought for a moment. He looked at Jon strangely.

Jon realized that Toby literally had no idea that he was the lead singer of Bon Jovi… Until now.

"Wanted: Dead or Alive? You're that Jon"." Toby asked.

Jon nodded "Yep."

Toby looked at Trina in astonished. Trina nodded. She pointed. "Jon Bon Jovi."

Toby's eyes got big. It explained the house, the bikes, the housekeeper.

"You're Jon Bon Jovi. And that means Richie is Richie Sambora." Toby pointed.

"Correct my little friend. " Richie told him.

Toby looked down at his plate for a minute. Suddenly, the smile he had turned to sadness. He looked at Juanita.

"Juanita, may I be excused." Toby asked her.

Juanita nodded. Everyone began to look worried. Toby got up and went up to his room.

Jon was alarmed. "What's wrong with him?" He asked Juanita.

Juanita replied. “I don't know."

"Maybe he needs some time to absorb everything." Obie told him.

Looking surprised. Kendall said. "I thought he knew."

He got up and put he and Toby's plates on the sideboard countertop. He turned around and said looking at Trina. “Me too. I've gotta talk to him."

"Do you want me to come with you?" She asked him.

Jon shook his head. "No I'll talk to him." Jon said as he exited the room.

Everyone sat silent for several seconds.

"Well that was enough to knock the wind out of a sail." Obie joked.

"Wonder why he got so upset?" Richie asked.

"Because he now thinks he's imposing. Big time rock stars... Why would they spend time with me? I‘m sure that‘s what he‘s thinking." Kendall told him.

“Let's not jump to conclusions." Trina told Kendall.

Kendall shrugged. "I’d bet the farm that he's feeling like he's been wasting everyone's time up until now."

"Why now? You'd think he would have thought so earlier." Obie said.

"He would have if he recognized Jon or Richie. But he didn't so-" Kendall said.

"Jon cares about him just as much as a father would love a son. That's shouldn't and won't change just because Jon's a rock star." Trina injected.

"Hopefully it won't. But don't be surprised if Toby bolts out of here. I did it with your family. Remember? " Kendall warned.

Trina prayed Kendall's theory was wrong. Period.

Jon attempted to walk into Toby's room. Since the door was partially open, he noticed that Toby sat on the edge of his bed quietly looking down at his feet.

With hesitation, Jon knocked on the door.
"Hey, can I come in for a minute buddy?".

Toby looked at him and nodded. Jon came in and noticed all the posters of motorbikes and athletes on Toby's wall. Toby had made this room his own and Jon wanted nothing more than for him to stay.

"Nice room." Jon told him as he continued to look around the room.

"You've never been in here before?" asked Toby.

"Not since you've been here. No. " Jon said as he sat next to him on the bed.

"I was going to tell you about the motocross on Saturday, but you're probably too busy to go." Toby told him.

Jon shrugged. "I’m not doing anything on Saturday. Where is it?"

"The new skate park. There having races all day. Winners get to go to Nationals in California."

"No kidding. I can go with you if you want. It'll be fun. You know how I like bikes." Jon reassured him.

His eyes began to flood with tears. "I'm not bothering you by being here?" Toby asked him.

"Toby, if I didn't want you. I would have had CPS come and take you instead trying to become your foster parent." Jon replied.

Toby's eyes widened. “You wanted to be my dad?"

Jon nodded. "I did. I still do. But, Juanita's going to take care of you as it looks for now. That's why CPS wants to talk to you both tomorrow."

"Oh." Toby said looking both surprised and relieved. "I can stay here?"

"You better stay here. I don't know what i'd do if you weren't here." Jon said.

"You'd be making out with Trina. Giving her "love eyes." Toby told him.

Jon laughed. "Love eyes?" He asked the little boy.

"When you look at her sometimes. You look all dopey and goofy.” Toby told him.

Jon looked stunned. "I do?"

"You do. Obie and I were laughing at you the other day. You were trying to give Trina a kissy." Toby laughed.

"A kissy?" Jon asked him.

"A kiss." Toby puckered his lips as if he were mocking a kiss.

Jon felt his face go warm due to the awkwardness of all of this. He asked the little boy.

"Do I really look like that?"

Toby nodded. "Worse."

Jon's face now was red. "Lordy. I gotta keep myself in check with you."

Toby agreed. "Be strong. Fight the power of the 'love eyes.' You can do it."

"I'll try. Man, I do really need to go on that motocross." Jon told him. Toby nodded. He put his arm around Jon. "Yep Jon. You got it bad."

Jon shook his head. "Man." he mumbled. "I can't believe i'm getting advice from an eleven year old."

Trina eavesdropped. She covered her mouth as she went back downstairs. ‘Love eyes?’ she mumbled. She giggled all the way down the stairs.


Bayaderra said...

LOL at "love eyes"!!!!! Jon do not fight the power! I say GO FOR IT!!!!
Very cute chapter Shell!!!
Hope everything goes well with the CPS and Toby gets to stay with Jon, Trina and Juanita!

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I was a giggling when I read Love eyes. Good thing Jon went looking for Toby.

Great chapter thought I was going to have tears rolling down my facw but the love eyes stopped that.

Felt like I was evesdropping too!

Look forward to more!


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love eyes??? LOL I would like to see that .
I love it how Jon is with Toby! HOpefully he really can stay.

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I hope Toby can stay with the gang.

Great Chapter Shell!

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Toby is a very smart boy...

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I love the interaction between Toby & Jon, but, this line took the cake for me:

Jon shook his head. "Man." he mumbled. "I can't believe i'm getting advice from an eleven year old."

Love The Chapter, Shelly!!!

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Fabulous chapter Shelly and great song choice;)

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