Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ch. 44

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He told Jon to stop looking at me with "love eyes" Trina told Kendall as the two ladies sat in Kendall's room.

Kendall, applying the last coat of red polish on her fingers. Carefully, placed the top on the bottle and gently screwed it shut.

"Love eyes? Aw, that's so cute." she said as she placed her hands palms down on the dresser. Did that scare Jon much" Kendall snickered.

Trina sat on the end of Kendall's bed. "I think it did a little. I don't think he was aware of how he looked until Toby pointed it out."

Kendall turned her torso towards her friend. She asked her friend. "Do you give Jon love eyes?"

Trina shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. Maybe. He's not exactly hard on the eyes."

"He isn't, is he? I gotta admit, he's cuter in person." Kendall told her.

Trina raised an eyebrow. Kendall laughed. 'Well he is." Her best friend admitted with a devilish wink.

"So is Richie. And he's so sweet. He really helped me before you came up." Trina said.

"He is very sweet...kind...talented....and gorgeous. Have you heard his demo yet?"

Trina nodded. "No."

Kendall took a deep breath at the thought of the words to one of the songs. Blowing on her nails in hopes that were dry enough, she got up and walked over to her bag.

She pulled out tape and placed it in the stereo's tape deck.

Trina listened attentively to the first bars of the "Father Time."

The words were hypnotic, beautiful.

Richie's voice was amazing. It was strong, soulful, brilliant. Trina was impressed. She looked at her friend and noticed the tears filling her eyes.

Kendall closed her eyes as the song continued. She mouthed the words along with Richie's.

Trina loved it. It was definitely a departure from Bon Jovi.

From the piano playing to lyrics that seemed to beg Richie's muse for more time was sensational.

"This is fantastic." Trina said.

"Isn't it?" Kendall said.

"The lyrics speak to you. I mean really to you. Don't get wrong. The lyrics that he and Jon write do too but-"

"These are more intense." Kendall interjected.

"Yes." Trina said.

"The song is great." Kendall stopped the tape. She put the tape back in her bag.

"Richie seemed more relaxed today." Trina added.

Kendall looked at her nails. Seemingly pleased that there were dry, she looked over them once more in approval. "Yes, he did. Think I overreacted the other day. Maybe like you said he did have a lot on his mind."

Trina nodded in agreement. "I told you so. Worried over nothing."

Kendall put her hand underneath her chin, thinking over the last few days with her friend and realizing that she was probably right. "I guess so. Hey, did you I tell you that he and I have a date tomorrow?"

Trina eyes raised again. "Yeah? Very nice."

"Yeah. It's a lunch date. Actually it's a picnic on the beach. We were going to a few days ago, but some things came up."

"Oh." Trina said looking smug.

"Oh? That's it. So, when's Jon taking you out?" Kendall asked.

Trina shrugged. 'I don't know. We're not exactly dating really."

"Not dating? A stolen kiss on the beach, another in the kitchen, the apparent make out session that happened before I got here? Okay." Kendall told her.

Trina shrugged. "Well, we're not technically. He's got a lot on his mind too. Between getting Toby settled and his voice back in top form. Dating me is an after thought."

Jon walked in the room unannounced.

"Why is that an after thought? You would never be an afterthought to me." He told Trina sitting next to her on the bed.

"You just have a lot on your mind that's all. With the tour and your voice...Now Toby." Trina told him.

"And you've been a big part in all of that." Jon reassured her.

"Yes. You're right Jon." Kendall said.

"Jon, no. You don't have to. Honest." Trina said.

"Kendall, what does she like to do besides jog?" Jon asked.

Trina's face felt warm as the two of them continued to talk about what she liked to do in her of her.

"Let's see. She likes movies." Kendall replied.

Jon smiled as he looked at Kendall eagerly. "Cool. What kind? "

Just then Richie knocked on the Kendall's door.

"What's going on?" He asked Jon.

"Just finding out what kinds of movies Trina likes so that I can take her out." Jon replied smugly.

" 'Bout time." Richie said to the two of them.

" 'Bout time?" Jon said.

"Should have done it months ago. Good to see things finally progressing between the two of you other than all of that back and forth."

"What back and forth?" Trina and Jon said together.

Kendall and Richie rolled their eyes. "Jon, Trina likes old movies. Like 'An Affair to Remember', 'Gone with the Wind', 'Imitation of Life'. Kendall told him.

Trina began waving her hands in front of all of them in attempt to get everyone's attention.

"Um, Hello. Can I speak?" She asked.

Kendall shook her head. "No."

"No?" Trina looked surprised.

"Because you'll say no." Kendall said.

"Why would you say no?" Richie asked.

Jon looked at Trina with a curious glance. "Why would you say no?"

Kendall cleared her throat. "Because, she'll feel like she's being placed on the spot."

Richie nodded. He was now standing next to Kendall. "Oh okay. I get it." He told Kendall.
Kendall tapped him gently. "That a boy. You're catching on." She told him.

"Maybe I won't." Trina refuted.

Kendall leaned back in her chair and grinned. She said to her friend "Now, you won't."

Trina was now getting confused. "Huh?"

"You won't because now you know you have to go." Kendall said with a wink.

Trina's eyes narrowed at her friend's sarcasm. She was annoyed with her with being called out on the carpet in front of Jon and Richie, but also knew deep in her heart that her friend was absolutely right. She turned towards Jon.

"I love movies. Old movies. New movies. Comedies, drama, action. I love to jog, love junk food as you know. I'm even trying to like football, although I don't think that's going to happen. But I do like hockey and a good boxing match. But most of all I love music and sunsets. It's that end of the day where everything in the sky is sooo beautiful between night and day. So peaceful."

"Don't forget about wine." Kendall said.

"Oh yeah. I love wine too." Trina said.

Jon looked overwhelmed at the mouthful she gave him. "Wow!" He said.

"I love books too. Romance, non-fiction, historicals. If the stories are well-told, I'm reading them." she replied.

"Okay. " Jon said. he looked over Richie who looked just as surprised as him.

Trina leaned back on the bed. She clapped her hands in agreement. "Okay, now I'm excited. What are going to do on our date?" She asked him.

Jon got up from the bed. He gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Ummm. I'll think of something."

He pointed at the door. Going to go and check on Toby. I told him that we can go some motor cross that he's been dying to go to."

"Oh, that's cool. So, he's okay?" Trina asked.

Jon nodded. "Yeah. he's fine. He was just nervous I think. And also I think with what I do, I don't think he wanted to burden anyone."

"What did you tell him?" Kendall asked.

"That I wanted to be his foster father and that they said no. But it looked like he'll be able to stay with us after all thanks to Juanita. I told him he wasn't a bother to us at all. " Jon told her.

"Why did they turn you down?" Richie said.

"My rock and roll lifestyle. Apparently CPS knows all about me from Page Six. "Jon said sarcastically.

Richie laughed. "Do they know you?"

"Funny that's how Juanita reacted. Anyways, I tried to tell them and they still refused. But, Juanita told Trina and I that they liked her and want to interview her about taking Toby in with her. "

"That's great." Kendall said.

"Isn't it? See, with everything that you were doing and then dealing with your voice. Do you think I give a rat's ass about a date" Trina told him as she gently touched his face.

Jon kissed her fingers.

"No. But, I think I can come up with something." Jon told her.

Trina looked at him with genuine interest.

'What was he going to?' She thought as she watched Jon walked out as quickly as he came in.

Richie, Trina and Kendall sat silent. All wondered what would happen next.


Bayaderra said...

Yay! A date! Finally!

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Great chapter Shell!

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They're finally going on a date! YAY!! Can't wait to see what Jon comes up with for their first date :)

Great Chapter Shell!!

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I agree with Richie and Kendall on the "back and forth"... Its about time for Jon to step up his game. Richie is making more progress with Kendall and she just got I cant wait for the date, hope its soon. Loved this chapter shelly.


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Great job Shell. Can't wait to see how this date plays out;)


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Fab story Shelly,

Love both Bon Jovi and Richies music, they are opposiates and yet they complement each other beautifully (if that makes sense)Love the story about their early days. Can't wait for the 'date' hope Jon does not stop making 'love eyes'. Please do not keep us waiting to long for more.

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I just found this and how happy I am that I did. This is the first chapter I've read and I am looking forward to reading previous and future chapters.

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