Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ch. 45

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In his family room Jon was winding down with a bottle of wine taking in the silence. It had been hours since he had seen anyone and figured that everyone had gone to bed.

He glanced at his watch. It was 12:30 a.m. For some reason, he was wide awake, praying that if he had watched a late movie, sleep would eventually come.

As flipped through the various late night talk shows and weatherman pretending to be this years 'it' men, one of his favorite movies came onto the screen, 'The Godfather.'
Jon observed the first moments of the film intently as the Corelone family gathered for a wedding. As the innocent moment within the close yet very successful family begins to take shape, we begin to see not only a caring family, but glimpses of what is “The Family.“
He studied the movie with not only admiration of author Mario Puzo, but also for the actors Francis Ford Coppolla brought to the screen thanks to Puzo's gift for storytelling and creating great characters.

He didn’t hear Trina come in or even sit down next to him for several minutes.
She watched him as he continued to look at the film. The similarities were mild but certainly there. To her, some of this could be Jon’s own story in a way.
When Marlon Brando appeared on screen directing Robert Duvall’s character on the art of persuasion, Trina leaned against Jon’s soft chest. She didn’t say a word. All she did was wrap the two of them up with a brown throw that was draped over her side of the couch.
Watching her fit snugly against him, he played with her long, brown waves, toying with each curl.

“Can’t sleep?” He whispered.

Trina replied. “No. I couldn’t. Thought I’d escape for a little bit.”

“Escapism is good. I try to do that now much as possible.”

She continued to hold onto him, taking in his intoxicating voice.

“May I come with you?”

He chuckled. “Absolutely.”

As she lay there taking in every part of him. She thought.
‘Just us. No Kendall…Richie…Toby…This is just…Perfect…Peaceful…Comfortable.’

His body began to ache as they continued to hold each other closer.
His head gently rested on the top of hers as he attempted to concentrate on the movie. That action proved fruitless.

He loved how she felt against him, the fragrance of her hair, the way she made him feel like it was the two of them and no one else.

His fingers involuntarily touched the sides of his arms, his steel blue eyes for several moments never wavered from the television screen.

Trina looked up at him tenderly. Her blue eyes showed a warmth and openness towards him that when he did finally look at her he found himself drawing her into a kiss.

Their lips met each other with such urgency that their bodies were ready to be finally united.

His lips parted impatiently for her as he lay her down on the couch.

Her hands without delay began to slide themselves underneath his T-shirt and down the small of his back. Her fingers loved the smooth feel of his skin underneath them.

Amazed by her boldness, Jon gasped for air. In an attempt to not get lost in his passion, he smiled affectionately at her.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?”

Her fingers moved from the small of his back to tracing the fine features of his face. Mischievously, she replied. “You? You’re the rock star?”

He laughed as began to play with her hair once more.
“True. But just so you know, I tend to be a one-woman guy.”

Trina sighed. “Well, lucky me.”

Jon lowered himself over her affectionately. He bent down and kissed her again. She wrapped her arm around his waist, enjoying how they rested themselves on the small of his back.

He felt his body strain itself underneath her. He braced himself as his hands slid on other each side of her.

They continued to kiss each other passionately against the blue hue of the large screen television set.

Trina, feeling the strain of his body against hers, slowly began to unbutton top of his jeans. He groaned with approval.

“I take it you want that slumber party?” He teased as he kissed the sides of her neck. She moaned.

“Yes, please.”

Jon hands began to move from the couch to underneath her t-shirt, touching her soft-flat tummy.
She left her thighs locked into his comfortably. The feel of his shaft gradually hardening against her cotton sweatpants was becoming unbearable. She arched herself towards him closer.
By now, his hands had freed her breasts from its prison of a bra. Playfully, he lifted her shirt up and began teasing her breasts as they grew harder with every touch.
The friction of him against her was driving her to insanity, She needed him so much. As her body began to rock itself to his, the two of them were so wrapped in their need to be with each other that they didn‘t hear Toby come in, tapping Jon on the shoulder.

“Jon, I need help.” Toby cried.

Jon was still kissing Trina, oblivious to the little boy.

Out of the corner of one of her eyes, Trina noticed Toby sitting on Jon’s side on the edge of the couch. He was sobbing and tapping Jon.

She was mortified.

“Jon!” Trina snapped as quickly pointed at Toby who was crying uncontrollably. Thankfully, hidden to an extent, she pulled down her shirt with one stroke.

Jon looked at her as if he was in daze. “Huh?”

She mouthed. “Toby.” his eyes grew wide at her as he gathered his thoughts.

“Toby?” he mumbled.

Trina nodded.

Jon smoothed back his hair and slowly turned towards the boy. Toby was continuing to cry hysterically.

Jon was concerned. He sat next to him and draped his arm around him.

“Buddy, what’s wrong?”

Trina, also worried about Toby quickly jumped off the couch, kneeling in front of him. She began wiping the tears that ran endlessly down his cheeks.
“Oh sweetie. What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I had a dream that they were going to take me away again.” Toby cried.

“Who Buddy?” Jon asked.

“CPS. They hate me. They hate you. They hate me living here.”

Trina hugged him as did Jon.

“No! I won’t let that happen. Juanita is going to be right here taking care of you.”

“That’s right Toby. Jon and Juanita will fight them. You’re not going back to a home. We all love and want you here so much.” Trina reassured.

“You do huh?” Toby asked.

“Yes we do. This wouldn’t be home now with you. I love you Toby.” Jon told him.

Toby held onto Jon as hard as he could. “Love you Jon.”

Tears ran down Jon’s face. He kissed Toby on the top of the head. Toby began to cry again, this time tears of joy. His little body shook from exhaustion.

Jon and Trina pulled from him, they both still held onto him gently until Toby’s body calmed down. Jon wiped Toby’s tears away one last time.

“Take a deep breath for me Toby.”

Toby did was he asked. Trina smoothed his hair back. After several seconds, Toby stopped shaking. He began to smile at Jon. Jon smiled back warmly.

“Okay now buddy?

Toby nodded.

“Good. It’s really late. Let’s get your back to bed okay?”

Toby nodded. Trina kissed him on the cheek.

Jon got up from the couch with Toby. He looked at Trina.
“I’m going to settle him back in. We’ll make a pit stop and grab some warm milk in the kitchen.”
Trina understood completely. She nodded her head. “Okay.”

He whispered in her ear. “Slumber party’s over?”

“For now. But there better be other invites.” She winked.
He chuckled as he kissed on the cheek. “Goodnight babe.” He told her as he walked Toby up the stairs. She blew a kiss to Toby who was waving as he and Jon left the living room.

“Night.” She told them both.

She plopped herself back down on the couch and watched the rest of The Godfather.

The Corelone’s lives at this moment were unraveling, much like her own self-control.

What are you going to do come tour time? God…I can’t restrain myself. To be honest, I don’t think I want to…Bad dreams suck!’ she thought.


Bayaderra said...

Oooops.... Caught in the act...well, almost!
I say: Jon tuck Toby in and continue with the slumber party, but this time take it to a bedroom and lock the doors :)

Anonymous said...

Ooops they got caught, well almost. Jon taking him and holding him then tucking him...aww. At least he didn't say that the slumber parties were over period.

SilLee said...

I agree with Bayaderra, don't stop tonight's slumber party, just take it to the bedroom where they can lock the door!

Poor Toby, he's sooo scared of the CPS! Hope the meeting with them goes good!

Great Chapter Shell!! :)

Melodie said...

Great chapter, I loved it! Can't wait to read more!

JohnnaJovi said...

Almost got caught in the act, but, Jon should have continued the Slumber Part w/Trina after he put Toby to bed!

Can't wait to read more, Shelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Shell-
Another great chapter (as usual). Its a shame they were interupted, maybe they will be able to slumber on date night? I Hope Juanita is able to secure her custody of Toby soon so he can be at ease, poor little thing. Hope you can post again soon I always miss this story so much in between new chapters.


Shelly said...

Thanks everyone!!!

BTW...On June's temptation, i posted a sneak peak into "someone's" date called "The Beach"....

To see it, go onto!!!

Great Jovi site run by really great friends!!!

Another chapter...Coming....(not saying when in case i "lie" LOL!!!